My Grandma's Possessions

My grandmother just recently passed away in July of 2006. One of the odd things about her passing was all of the possessions she left behind. I remember visiting her on occasion and just marveling at all of the various nicknacks she had accumulated throughout her long life. Every time I visited, I looked upon these precious and wonderful items in awe.

After her funeral, we were instructed to take whatever we wanted from her house because most of her possessions were either going to be sold in a garage sale or thrown away. I only had a little bit of room left in my suitcase, so I sifted through her many possessions knowing I would only be able to take a few back home. For some reason — without her — the possessions just weren’t as precious and wonderful as I thought they had been on earlier visits. Her nicknacks and possessions were just stuff — stuff I couldn’t take back on an airplane if I wanted to.

Since my grandmother passed, her possessions were no longer her possessions. In essence, they belonged to nobody. She spent her whole life collecting furniture, clothes, crystal, rings, and jewelry; the only worth I found in many of the possessions were sentimental. Unfortunately, you can only fit so many sentimental possessions into a suitcase.

I hope my grandmother doesn’t mind that I take little consideration of her old possessions. Hopefully she’s more interested in other, more eternal things that she can hold onto forever. Possessions are just things and we can’t take these things with us when we die. The only thing we can take with us is our belief in God and the Son. Thankfully, that is more than we could ever need.

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