My Friend and Girls

A humorous paragraph about a desperate friend.

Ronald Huereca
Ms. McCloy
Grade: 50/50

My friend Jason tends to rationalize optimistically when it comes to girls. He is the type of person that will meet a girl, exchange a few words with her, and then walk away thinking she likes him. In reality, when he brags about girls, he either overestimates their enthusiasm or totally misinterprets the situation altogether. For example, one evening I was on the patio when he ran outside to tell me about a girl he met at G.N.C. “I was shopping at G.N.C. and this girl kept talking to me. She was being too nice.” I replied, “Jason, she was doing her job.” He shook his head and said, “She’s hot too, and I probably got a good chance of landing her in bed. I’m going to get her number.” Before I could raise my hand to object, Jason was out the door walking over to G.N.C. He came back a few minutes later with his head low. “Well?” I asked. “She has a boyfriend.” Jason’s feelings were hurt for a few days, but this incident didn’t stop his antics. On another occasion, my friend’s thinking was so irrational that he starting dressing up to go on a date with a girl that didn’t even know he existed. “Jason, where are you going?” I asked as he was dressing up. “This girl I met at work said she was going to the bar later on, so I’m going to meet her,” Jason said. “She asked you to go to the bar with her?” I asked, investigating his logic. “She was begging me to go, dude. Bye.” I didn’t have time to respond as he walked out the door. A short while later, Jason came back into the apartment with a disappointed look on his face. “Was she there?” I asked. “Oh, she was there. With another man,” he said sadly. “So what?” I protested. “It was her husband.” I thought Jason had learned his lesson, but the worst was yet to come. The worst instance of his irrational thinking was when he asked a girl out at work. “She came in again,” Jason said. “Who came in again?” I asked. “The girl! The one I’ve been telling you about.” I didn’t recall any girl, but I nodded in agreement anyway. “Well?” I asked. Jason explained, “I asked her out, but she said she wasn’t ready for a boyfriend yet. She’s so cute dude. I know she’s the one and I’ll wait for her until she is ready. I’m going to call her tomorrow.” I argued, “Why would you call her if she isn’t ready for a boyfriend?” “Because she might be ready tomorrow,” Jason said with a smile on his face. I silently protested, but knew I could not affect his decision. Jason called her everyday for one week and asked if she was ready for a boyfriend yet. After this last incident, I realized Jason would never change. Sadly, my friend will always rationalize when it comes to girls.

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