My Favorite Glee Songs – Season 1

My sister did something evil last year, which was turn me on to the music/drama series Glee.

After watching several episodes, I admit I became emotionally invested in the characters and the songs they sing.

Here are several I really enjoyed out of Season 1.


  1. I really like this TV series… Hope that they speed up the release of it… Don’t you think??

  2. I pegged this from the Fox website:

    TV-14 – McKinley High makes it to the Sectionals / GLEE returns with ALL-NEW episodes on TUE 4/13/10

  3. NOT evil…..just expanding your couch potato experience 🙂

  4. I wasn’t interested in Glee at first till my friend pressured me to watch a single episode, just to try it out. Like you, I was instantly hooked to the characters and the songs they sang.

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