My Day

A poem about a really bad day.

Carefree, I opened my eyes to a new day.
Hoping, perhaps, that getting up on time was a good sign.
Rising out of bed, I found some clothes to change
Into before I hit the shower. I got myself prepared
So that I could go outside somewhat presentable. The unlikable image
Tainted my mirror, but I got ready for school
Anyway. I slapped on my hat and headed out the door.

Crying inside, I desperately wanted a way out. Frustrated, I slammed the door
Hard behind me. Praying to God, I asked him to please let the day
Run smoothly. I knew the storm clouds above me were a bad sign.
I Ignored intuition to seek shelter. I figured the weather wouldn’t change
Significantly enough to affect my walk. Just in case, however, I got prepared
To make a mad dash. Falling ever slightly, the raindrops invoked an image
Attributed to disbelief. Failure surrounded me, as I ran to school.

Cold and frigid, I finally reached the ever distant school.
Hopelessly shaking, I opened up the cafeteria door.
Reaching for a warm treat, I realized I left my wallet at home. Gone was the good day
I was hoping for. My stomach yearned for nourishment, growling as a sign.
Stressing badly, I thought a return trip home could possibly change
The way my day has been going. I knew I wasn’t prepared.
After all, the rain was now pelting down intensely. I saw my image

Chanting insanely in the street puddles. The image
Heroically dashed into the rain, leaving the comfort of the school
Rapidly behind him. Shaking uncontrollably, I finally reached my front door.
I grabbed a new change of clothes, my wallet, and an umbrella. “This day
Sucks!” I thought to myself. Ironically, I laughed and said to myself, “To watch a sign
Toy with a sane mind, is to watch a blind man count change.”
Attention at full, I raced to class, finally prepared.

Carefully listening through all my classes, I prepared
Horrendously for the night ahead of me. The image
Rose of myself doing nothing but homework that night. I couldn’t believe how this school
Impressed upon me an unbelievable amount of hardship. My bedroom door
Slammed lightly as I came home from school for the day.
Turning the fan on high, I laid in bed hoping for a good sign.
A sign, perhaps, of a future that brings meaningful change.

I lay there, alone, with my door closed.
I seclude myself in darkness, resting from a long day. But I
See her… She’s there — Only keystrokes away. And I’m never prepared how
Her presence, if only for a second, can change a day full of torment
Into a day full of smiles.

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