My Brother and Me!

Jacob and RonaldAlthough I went to Stratford, Texas this past weekend to see my grandma, it was a really good opportunity for hanging out with my dad and brother.

As you can see, I have the groovy long hair. You know you like it!

12 thoughts on “My Brother and Me!”

  1. Whoa, someone went back to the 70's and came back a Hippie! Yikes! Anywho, I know why the hair is long, and it's a good reason. 🙂 Glad you have fun hanging with the family. cetroyer

  2. hahaha… you almost look gothic! all you need is some eyeliner!! MWAH! and jakie-poo looks like he has bulked up a bit… or maybe is just because he is standing next to your scrawny butt!

  3. Hi Ronald…hair is too long..LOL…you were so close to Springfield and you didn't come to visit??? Hope all is well there, say Hi to Sarah 🙂

  4. My hair is awesome! Okay, so maybe it is a little long. What's going to happen is I'll cut it short and then people will tell me to grow it out again. It's one of those lose-lose situations.

  5. Heh… Ron is making up for all the hippie Soldiers out there who currently have buzz cuts!! That and Sarah likes practicing her braided hair styles on Ronald…. the word is mum on makeup and nail polish 😛

    p.s. sorry to hear about your g-ma man. I'll definitely keep your family in my thoughts and prayers

  6. Dude Im buff Sarah!! Ha and Ronald pay your respects to John Lennon for me.. lol.. umm that weekend was awesome.. glad that u came and we need to get together more often!

  7. this website really sucks now. Oh come to think of it, it always sucked haha. where are all the pictures??

  8. Hi Ronald, just wanted to respond to your article. Glad you had fun when you visited family. Love the picture, love the hair….but most of all….I love your “free spirit”! Continue to be you! You are wonderful!


  9. DAS »

    Wow, it’s not everyday I’m called wonderful. You should see some of my other post comments for some of the more common names 🙂

    BTW, my hair is much shorter now. Very similar to the illustration in my header.

  10. Well, ya know in the 60’s and 70’s both types of hair were accepted.
    Now that I have hair past my shoulders and heading down my back, I’m being asked if I Am str8 or bi…where most people assume with short hair I could be gay…lol
    Well, on thanksgiving I was greeted with the best comp. a hot woman, nice chest too, but she was beautiful, found me to be HOT, and in that time, nothing could be done about it…if ya know what mean.
    And yes, i have the rocker look, lean bod, tatt’s and a great smile…it cost me a lot….lol

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