Monthly Survey – Is 'Semper Fi Fag' Free Speech?

Albert Snyder, a grieving father of a Marine killed in combat, has hit Westboro Baptist Church with a giant left hook.

He argues that the group’s protests at funerals (carrying signs such as ‘Thank God for Dead Soldiers’ and ‘Semper Fi Fags’) is a violation of 1st Amendment rights to free speech. The case will be heard by the Supreme Court during the fall of 2010.

My question to you: do you believe that Westboro’s message is covered by 1st Amendment rights to free speech?

To gain some context of Westboro from my perspective, here are some articles I’ve written about the group:

6 thoughts on “Monthly Survey – Is 'Semper Fi Fag' Free Speech?”

  1. I believe it is freedome of speech unfortunately. The problem I have with this man’s situation is that he was awarded punitive damages for their actions and then upon appeal he was ordered to pay them money for legal fee’s. I thought that was absolutely ridiculous. There are certain groups such as the KKK and these jerks I absolutely despise.

  2. Yes, it is kind of sad that these people are happy for the militant dead that die protecting their very right to protest.

  3. These type of stories upset me greatly for personal/professional reasons. These jerks were at Ft Hood right after the November shooting with the same kind of hatred BS. Their fanatical “Christian” views are what gives the Christian faith a bad rep and drives people away. It’s completely disrespectful, disgusting and ignorant on their part, but it is freedom of speech. Our constitutional rights are founded on the blood of those who fought and continue to fight for their right to say these things. In regards to this specific story – the father felt he was being targeted more specifically so that’s why he threw himself on this “bomb” for lack of better words. Don’t agree with the fact that our court system made the dad pay these hate mongers, but at least he’s got plenty of support. Wonder if he approached it from a slander stand point if he would have made any further headway… In the meantime, all grieving military families can do is ignore or drone out the hate….Thank goodness for the Patriot Guard Riders.

  4. The protesters blocked the funeral with their “protests”. The trial & trials that led up to this trial are and were about a group of people obstructing a funeral & not specifically about the flags they were waving.

    This one is not about free speech, it’s about one group causing harm to another and should go to trial!

  5. I believe in free speech and believe that the media has the right to report anything of value but I also believe that if the media were held accountable for some of the mis-reporting they do there would be less crap on the 6:00 news. A lot of stories, this one included are pulled out of context by the media just for their entertainment value.

  6. Yes, even shouting ‘Semper Fi Semper Fag’ is free speech. Making known to people your opinion, even if it is unpopular, falls under the protection of the 1st Amendment. And no, you libtards, expressing unpopular opinions is not the same as yelling ‘Fire’ in a crowded movie theater. The former is merely expressing an opinion which should be tolerated by civilized people. The later is actually endangering other peoples’ lives.

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