Monthly Survey: How Many Close Family/Friends Do You Know That Are Unemployed?

This month’s survey gets a little personal. If you can’t see the poll, please click through to the post to vote.

11 thoughts on “Monthly Survey: How Many Close Family/Friends Do You Know That Are Unemployed?”

  1. Cast my vote! Recently what I am doing w/ my closest family w/o work, I usually assign tasks to them related to my work. This will at least help me in some way and help them in financial way. By the way, what’s the surver for?

      1. Hovering around 10%? Factor in the under employed and those who gave up & no longer draw unemployment the number is over 17%. One of my sons is one of the under employed – ask him what he thinks of the 10% unemployment rate.

        But, wait, that was an Obama quote wasn’t it? So it must be right. Right?

    1. It is sad indeed but we just can’t blame it to the government. Of course they play a vital part in making the economy stable but still we are the one who molds our future. People should have prepared for this a long time ago. But if the unemployment continues, a lot of not so nice things will really happen.

  2. Actually, I’m not unemployed, really, I’m a consultant and a SQL Database developer (really). That’s what I have to stress when I talk to potential clients because they assume that “consultant” really means unemployed or under employed. I’ve even had a few potential clients try to lowball me, assuming I had plenty of time on my hands. I don’t.
    But I’m lucky I guess, but I’m not a stereotypical developer. Most developers like me have no communication or negotiation skills. They get laid off & flounder around until “maybe” someone picks them up, or maybe not. And unfortunately, I’ve known quite a few out of work. I used to belong to a local Microsoft users group and even was a member of the board for a while. I quit attending because it was too depressing.

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