Monthly Survey: Gays in the Military?

FoxNews recently reported that Obama would eventually repeal the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. The policy in place is popular in Congress and the U.S. Military. However, a repeal would be a huge step forward for gay civil rights.

This month’s monthly survey is this: should the United States allow gays to openly serve in its military?

I’ve set up a simple poll, but you can also weigh in via comment below. If you are reading this in a feed reader, you will need to click through to this site for the poll.

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6 thoughts on “Monthly Survey: Gays in the Military?”

  1. I have no issue with closet gays in the military – what they do in their personal life is their business. But I’ve had nothing but trouble with open gays I’ve associated with in the work place and I would expect no different in the military.

    My biggest issue with open gays in the workplace is they seem to be on a mission to prove their lifestyle. And personally I don’t care, but they seem to want me to care???

    So my question is, do you want this type of distraction on the battlefield?

    I have the same opinion of mixed sexes at war. I would have no issue with an all female platoon on the front line but don’t mix – its counter productive.

    But maybe I just came up with a solution? Have straight and gay platoons???? I see a law suit coming if this actually happened, particularly if a gay platoon was wiped out in a battle. Their “partners” would be hiring lawyers & suing the Army……

  2. I’ve talked to several Soldiers about this. Soldiers eat, sleep, shower, and fight together. If a Soldier is openly gay, this will cause issues amongst service members who are uncomfortable with an openly gay person.

    I think having gays in the military is inevitable, but will have to go through the same growing pains as when blacks and women were allowed in the military.

  3. I feel right in the middle of this debate every day. I have a lot of gay friends, and I have a lot of friends that were former military or are current military and boy – talk about two opposing opinions.

    My friends who are gay feel that it’s oppression for them to have to keep it a “Secret.”

    My military friends have gone a long way to explain to me that with all of the other tension already present in the armed forces, they feel adding any kind of undue sexuality related tension to the topic is a recipe for disaster.

    Without having been in the military myself, I can’t truly say that I can understand what it’s like. However I do appreciate and respect their opinions, just as much as I respect the opinion that “Don’t ask, don’t tell” is like “Living a lie.”

    I personally feel that when it comes to war, I don’t want the brave soldiers distracted and to loose their life over something like this – either distracted over being angry about having to hide who they are, or over being worried that the soldier next to you thinks your attractive. Whatever the solution is – it has to be drawn up by both sides of the table or I fear it will never work out unfortunately.

  4. I really believe that what you do in your house is your business. But one issue I have with some gays is their flaunting “I’m Gay, I’m Gay!” to the world. Why? I’m a married straight man and I don’t run around screaming “I’m Straight!, I’m Straight!”. In other words, I completely agree with the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and I have no issue with closet gays in the military – what they do in their personal life is their business. They just need to keep it their business.

  5. It is not right to say that just because a man or woman is gay, and willing not to hide this fact they should not be welcomed in to the army. Period.

    I can see that this might cause issue in the organisation but they are issues that need to be dealt with.

    Persoanly I think anybody wo want to serve in the US army is a bit daft, gay or not. I just dont beleive in the army at all but i guess that is for another post.

  6. It’s interesting that you don’t believe in the army since every solvent nation has a standing army and every nation who disolved their military soon became a territory of another. We all have armys because we, all people, aren’t as nice as we lead ourselves to believe we are. And for this very same reason every nation has a police force and some sort of criminal justice system.

    So, since YOU you don’t believe in the army, YOU are really telling ME that YOU are willing to reap the rewards of our military but are not willing to pay any dues for these rewards? Do you feel the same about the police, local hospitals, interstate highway systems, your local utility services?

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