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Mindefusement Review

I'm reviewing my own book. It's been 8 months since I touched it. I re-read it from the perspective of a reader. What I learned is essential.

Mindefusement was published in March of 2019. To be honest, it hasn’t been well-received (meaning lack of sales and reviews). I decided recently to re-read the book as a reader to see if it has any merit. I admit, I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

Here’s my review below (warning: spoilers ahead).

Introducing the Characters

The first half of the book is introducing the characters, going headfirst into torture templates (the ideas that clients want to bring to life), and a history of the company.

Jake is a sales guy who pre-screens the clients to make sure they are a viable candidate. The CEO, George Shiner, set up Mindefusement over what his son Richard did to a next-door neighbor.

Julie is a down on her luck lawyer in a desperate search for a job. She accepts a role as general counsel for Mindefusement and does a presentation to make sure the company operates in the green area of legality.

The Torture Templates

I have to admit, some of the torture templates are hard to stomach, especially one that a character named Stella came up with. Stella was the hardest chapter to read as far as gruesome content. However, Julie again is the voice of reason towards the end of the chapter.

The other torture templates are benign compared to Stella, and they’re a fun read.


A lot of work went into the dialogue of the characters. My editor, Pauli Loeffler, made sure to make the dialogue as consistent as possible and to add more descriptions to chapters and characters.

Aside from a few typos here and there, the dialogue is on-point, especially in the later chapters when people start getting into trouble.


The main plot points come towards the end of the book. The Mindefusement employees do something they’re not supposed to do, and the rest of the book is the karma that Mindefusement receives.

The Ending

The book ends on a depressive note. It honestly felt a little rushed, but it wasn’t too bad. An Epilogue has details of what happened to the company and characters.

Should I Read the Book?

From an author’s perspective: absolutely! From a reader’s perspective, only if you’re into insanely dark fiction. Honestly, from the book’s content and narration, the book can easily be adapted into a short Black Mirror episode or a play.

Where Can I Find a Copy?

Simply go to https://mindefusement.com. The book is available on the site, on Amazon, or on the Apple store.

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