Men With Long Hair

Not all men with long hair are gay, bikers, criminals, or have tattoos.

Man With Long Hair

This post was written as part of Peeve Week 2: Stereotypes.

One evening in late July 2006, my brother and sister went on a cutting spree. That was the day I cut my long hair after growing it out for over two years.

I can’t exactly say I was treated the best with my long hair. The service I received at restaurants was horrible, and my co-workers didn’t exactly treat me as pleasant as they could have.

I’m really glad I cut my hair, since most people treat me a lot better. I was also sick of people mistaking me for a woman. However, I want to de-bunk some of the stereotypes of men with long hair coming from my personal experience.

Men With Long Hair are Gay

Although I can’t speak for all men with long hair, I am not a homosexual. I grew out my hair because my wife wanted me too. I did it out of respect for her. So the entire time I had long hair, I was married to a woman. I would hope that alone would speak to my sexual preference.

As for the reason I cut my hair… that is slightly personal, but let’s just say the reason to keep my hair long was no longer there.

Men With Long Hair are Criminals

I was a big troublemaker when I was a kid and teenager. I’ve done my fair share of illegal activity. However, I’m fairly transparent about it and have never been arrested (been handcuffed though) or been convicted of a crime.

Men With Long Hair are Bikers With Tattoos

I personally don’t like motorcycles. I don’t see the appeal. I love riding a bicycle, but I think that motorcycles are a death wish on two wheels.

I also don’t have one tattoo. During my rebellious teenage years, I still had enough sense to know that I would lose any interest in a tattoo the next time I buy a new pair of shoes.

I’m still not too fond of tattoos and I highly doubt I’ll ever get one. Perhaps when I’m eighty or something?

Men With Long Hair are Unkempt

Some people associate men with long hair as unclean or dirty. I tried to use the best hair products and I washed my hair every day. My hair was nice and shiny, but I often put it in a pony tail since it was getting way too long.

Do I Miss My Long Hair?

Ever since I cut my hair, my bad hair days have gone away. It takes me two minutes to comb my hair now instead of waking up and brushing the crap out of my hair to get all the knots out. Working out is so much easier also without all that long hair to get in the way.

Every now and then when I have the windows down in my car, I miss my long hair. Then I think of the times the wind changed and I ended up with a hairball.

I don’t really miss it and there’s not really any reason for me to ever grow out my hair again.

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    1. I think that a man with long hair is absolutely gorgeous! If I had nice hair I would never cut the hair. I think the longer the better.

  1. Pple would usually prefer guys wif short hair..maybe so they can differentiate the gender more easily ba..

  2. you cop-out. You grew your hair for your wife, why? and you cut it because people in the world treated you different, boo hoo. thats so lame. well you must be happy now that you fit in with the world, sell out.

  3. I have long hair. Hair care is easier now. I no longer have to use a comb or brush. When it was short, it went all over the place but now it falls down easily. I like my hair now; my hair is my choice and now I am happy. Your hair was your choice and just as the guy with the short hair should not make a judgment of me, I will make a judgment of you. Congratulations for making an active choice instead of just following a crowd.

  4. oh man … long hair suits u very well … the pic with the long hair looks great …
    the pic with the short hair … well … no comment πŸ™‚

    it’s **** unfair … i always want hair beyond my a*s but f*****g nature punished me with thin, max. shoulderlenght hair … i would murder if i could get such great genetic hair configuration like yours …

    i’m so sad if i see heads with great manes such as yours cutting it off and then looking like mainsream clones …

    but everyone has it’s own preferences … it’s only unfair that ppl with short-hair wishes get the genetic configuration of longhairs and ppl who want longhair get those ugly short genetic config.

    a punished soul

  5. I would have to say you look alot better with long hair, but maybe I’m just saying that because i have long hair.

    I too know how you feel, people have often judged my on my hair. Some people actually want to beat me up becuase of it.

    But that is no reason to give it up. I love my long hair and I never want it to go away. Infact I wish more men would have long hair. But that probably won’t happen because of the media, maybe in the next gereration of people. πŸ˜‰

    Anyway i guess people have a right to decide on how they look, and I’m glad you chose what your happy with.

    Peaceout 0/

    P.S. I’m not a hippie. Lol.

    1. to ya all that think long hair on men is wrong in anyway, I have read the comments and my thoughts for a man with long hair says quite a bit about them as a whole, doesn’t mean gay, dirty, criminal, biker, or any other stereotype . when I see a man with hair longer than mine I see awe the wind blows its freely and the shine OMG its a beautiful site. if for reasons other than yourself you decide to cut donate don’t chop.

  6. OMG!!! How could you??? In the photo above you look fabulous and fancy. I’ve never seen a man with so long hair. You had long, straight hair and chocolate-like color. I can’t see the reasnon that made you to do that. I’m 16 and I’m growing my hair for year and a half and it’s no good. It’s shoulder-length. Personally I dream to have hair like yours. When I saw the photo I was speechless – literally. Did it grow naturally or you added some “secret ingredients”??? One two things – because your hair is so damn long, I wonder how did you dried it – with blow drier or you left it to dry by its own. I suppose that your hair got damaged or at least had split ends and my question is how did you handled that? what did you actually use or just went to the hairdresser and just cut the damaged ends???
    please answer….

  7. Alright I am a guy with long hair. Actually a gay guy with long hair and honestly it’s SO HARD. I live in Los Angeles and I go to West Hollywood (Gay city) almost everyday. I always get a comment from a gay guy about how bad it is and to cut it and this and that.

    Also I’ve gotten turned away from hundreds of job interviews because of my hair. It really is sad to hear that someone else went through the same drama that I go through because of certain inches of lenght on hair.

    Guys have dumped me when they know I won’t cut it and I go from relationship to relationship being told to cut my hair. Unlike you… I am stubborn and my hair is part of me. I believe we need to make a change here. We need to stop being so anal about hair. It really is not that important.

    I have a masters degree in my field and I am very capable of doing as much business as anyone with short hair. Same thing with love. I have a better body than most short hair gay men. It’s amazing to see that people rather date someone out of shape with short hair, rather than someone in excellent shape with long hair.

    It’s angering but I feel that someone needs to go against the rules to make a change. So instead of ‘adjusting’ to what society shapes you to be (work and treatment) and everything. You need to change society. I can’t judge you because I don’t know you. But it is sad to see that you cut your hair just to follow rules that are very irrational and subjective.

    1. I am a girl and if you were not gay, I would date you. It’s sad because the guy I like cut his hair short and I wanted him to keep it long because it was part of his identity. He seemed so free and confident with his long hair and now that he cut it he hides under some baseball cap. πŸ™

    2. I totally get where you’re coming from and so agree. I’m a gay man too, and recently had cancer and went through chemo, but before I had it in a kind of Tom Petty or Beatles bob…I was very attached to it and liked it. But weird how after losing my hair and having the cueball look for a while people are saying they like it want me to keep it, not realizing that I was mourning the loss of my hair. More than that, I got some comments where it was a way for them to criticize me for when I had longer hair (was only around ear length, covered my ear but some showed), saying my new buzzcut was better, and now that I’m getting older, etc.

      Yes, people should be who they want to be and people should keep their unsolicited opinions to themselves. The French have it right–viva la diference. The other saying is, variety is the spice of like.

      Not on board with rigid gender codes, or cookie-cutter conformity. Short hair looks great on some. Longer hair also can look great. So don’t get what the problem, is for some people—and why they need to tell you want they think. Like they need to rub your nose in it.

      Glad my hair is growing back. I miss it being longer. Hair has a lovely softening effect. I loved the smooth look and shine of my baby fine hair when cut in a modern-bob-for a guy cut. I miss it and look forward to it coming back. Don’t give in, be yourself. And funny, too, I have a pretty good body myself, I do my push ups, sit ups, butt crunches, and walk. We are sexy too. They’re just narrow-minded sheep. Keep the faith.

  8. it looks cool personally i’d prefare long hair short hair falls down when it ties back (if you can tie it back)and as it gets longer it flicks up all over the place. and it’s up to a person personally how many times a week they wash it. i never think of guys with long hair is dirty it’s anything but, guys with long hair i think of fantasy characters the heroic type who risks his life to. save others it’s a good image. and as for gay guys well i know about 6 and none of them have anything close to long hair. and any how you’re hair compliamented you’re eyes well, and growing hair takes a long time, and you abling to grow it that fast, it’s a shame to have cut it, i’ve been growing my hair and it is’nt getting far i’ve even taken tablets for hair groth to encourage it but it’s too slow.

  9. hey….i noticed your pic wehn i was looking for men with long hair in the woman opinion is that…with the long hair you’re a superwow guy handsome…..i mean we are talking for the perfect guy!…and when u cutted your hair…:( so ordinary so…. so many women wouldnt notice you when walking down the street…:(i am sorry…but all woman kind hope you had long hair again 😳

  10. I’m middle aged as defined by slightly over fifty and have been growing my hair for 13 months. It was about 1/4″ long when I decided that I was entirely too put out by making appointments to have it cut and really not entirely competent to serve as my own barber. So, shortly after the New Year in ’07 yet another dear friend was diagnosed with a particularly virulent variety of cancer. I had heard of Locks for Love and decided to let my hair grow so that I might eventually contribute it to that organization as a tribute to people that I know, have known or never did and never will know that suffer the malize. I’ve seen Locks for Love dished for their practices but for me, it isn’t so much what they will do with my hair rather the principle of doing this simple thing for other people. Did I say simple? Well, let me tell you-sterotype this! I am from the South and enjoy being self reliant. I don’t hire or bribe others to do yard work, home repair (generally) or other manual labor and I really like to be out of doors when it’s practical. Problem is, hair in the face and that it can get damn hot in Dixie not to mention negative bias toward most anything that goes about on two legs and that doesn’t sip sweet tea, go to church on Sunday or wear a “neck tie,” to work. There is a lot of hair on this old head and the texture is fine, the envy of many-or so they say. Compliments do not keep my hair in tie backs, clasps or any number of other gizmos-they all soon slide right out of my hair and the next thing that I know I’m inhaling hair, it’s in my eyes or vexing me in some other way. I’m hanging in there and anxious for the day that will come when I can keep it out of my face without a visor, ball cap or fedora-those ecoutrement are each a distraction in their own way and do not particularly compliment long hair (in my humble opinion.) Beside all of the negatives, I like my hair long. I have many detractors including close friends and enemies(those whom the old and wise keep closer than friends.)The last formal portrait that I really looked forward to was done when I was 19 and I had hair the length that it is now. The same artist is enthusiastic about doing a follow up and I will commission this one to be done on canvass rather than paper, it will hang at my headquarters building. So, Ivanos and any one else stick to your guns, hang out with a crowd that is not quite so shallow [how many of the people in the community that you mentioned are as talented, educated or independent as you (?)and I take it that you’re not looking for Deliah anyway. . .] use your wiles and education to position yourself as a leader, not just an employee and let your freak flag fly.

  11. Hehe i tought you are the guy on this main page photo but then i clicked the links.
    I noticed diffrent headshapes and all (the bearded guy has bigger forehead than you.You trickster you! But still you looked better with longer hair!But i say this cause i wanna grow my hair longer, so Im biased.

  12. Dude

    you shouldnt of cut it espacaiily cause of how people treat you. Mines half way down my back an i am growing it to my ass. my chick loves it and so do i. I dont give a F–K what other people think. I also got a 4 inch face tail (devil lock) which adds to the look.

    Usually i wear it loose but sometimes my chick will brade it whick also rocks. by yhe way im a longhair with tats, piercings an a bike.

  13. Personally, my hair is easy to take care of long, and was much more difficult when short. OTOH, long hair with layers was just as unruly as short for me, it was only when I went to long one-length hair that I could control it. Until then I couldn’t go more than five minutes between combing or I looked like a wreck!

    However, YMMV, and I can see how some people might find long hair more difficult to deal with than short. There are so many variations in hair. You can have coarse or fine strands, thick or thin coverage, and curly, wavy or straight hair in any combination, and they don’t behave the same. Mine is fine/thin/wavy, and long one-length hair is the only style where it doesn’t stick out in strange directions.

    Anyway, I have long hair because I like it, and because of my biker/hippie history. If you grew yours for someone else, and she’s gone, then I guess you have no reason to keep it. My wife doesn’t seem concerned either way whether my hair is long or short, FWIW.

    As for work, I haven’t really had a problem, AFAIK, but some people do. Also, it’s hard to know why someone doesn’t hire you, as they usually never say. Probably there are many jobs I didn’t get. IME it’s usually the worst jobs that won’t hire longhairs, but then you have a Master’s and have had problems and I only have a Bachelor’s degree, so go figure? I also don’t notice that anyone treats me badly because of it. Maybe you just have to have confidence in who you are, but I guess in your case it’s who you aren’t, so it wouldn’t work!

    At least you have seen life through our eyes. That’s a worthwhile thing. You’re one less person who will try to put us longhairs down.


  14. πŸ‘Ώ only way to live.

    hey long hair here with my hair 3/4 down my back. my chick wants me to grow it to my ass….i cant fuckn wait

    i dont give a shit what people think…its my life. inked, pierced longhair here….only way to live. the difference between me and us an the rest is we have the balls to live like we want

  15. My hair has been long now for about 4 months. It grows very fast and is very thick, thankfully. I’ve not had any trouble with society as a longhair thus far. It might help that I portray Johnny Depp for a living, but even if I didn’t, I wouldn’t cut it. I don’t want it much longer than it is right now, but I feel more comfortable with the longer hair as opposed to the shorter. All in all, its a matter of what YOU prefer for yourself regardless of what others may think. Women can cut their hair short and not be berated for it, so do what you will. You only get one ride around this thing called life, right? πŸ™‚ Take care all.

  16. It must be weird living in a place where conformity and subservience is everything. Here, in Christchurch, NZ, The Lichfield St Diner chef seemed most pleased to see me when I turned up barefoot. I even got great service at the C1 Cafe on High St when I turned up naked on NND 2004 for a coffee and a sandwich. You can bet they didn’t care about me being bearded and longhaired.

    I do meet the occasional guy who compliments me on my hair and says he wished he could be allowed to grow his long, though. I tend to regard them as “office catamites,” similar to those who fall for IBM’s infamous loyalty test. (IBM = I Be Moved)

    Even if I did have a significant proportion of my peers diss me for having long hair, I’d feel even more strongly inclined to keep it long on the grounds that the hair evidently acts as a kind of stupidity filter.

  17. Hi Ivanos
    Hey im a gay guy in England and have been looking for a gay mate with long to very long hair for a long time….
    There just dont seem to be many around…
    Your hair sounds well sexy and im glad u hold out and dont get it cut !
    Wish I cud meet a guy like you ! Message me back if you can – lets chat !!


  18. The photo above is not of me. You can see a photo of me if you follow the links in the first paragraph. The image is a stock photo that was used during Peeve Week 2 (all PW2 posts used stock photos).

  19. Hi Guys
    I would love to hear from any long haired guys in the UK – especially if they happen to be gay – just cant seem to find anyone with lush locks !!!
    So c’mon all you long haired dudes – get in touch lets chat !!


  20. I don’t mean to sound like a prick, but this website is not a personal ad section. Any more comments similar to the one above will be deleted. Stick to the topic at hand if leaving a comment.



  21. Hi im a women that loves long hair. Ive known many men who have cut their beautiful hair off and they look so much older for it! If people want to sterotype thats their problem, I say live life the way you want too cos you only get one chance in life. Karen

  22. Long hair on guys really depends on the guy. I have seen too many old dudes with scraggly grey ponytails. But I also go the the Ren Faire every year and see lots of hotties with nice locks. It’s a very personal decision to cut your hair, and I know that people won’t take you seriously. My hair is past my bottom (it’s blonde) and I recently dyed it green. A lot of people don’t listen to me the same way they would to a girl with short brown hair, which is really a shame because I am not unintelligent. I’m glad you chose to cut your hair on your own, though it’s a shame our society doesn’t quite allow it they way it used to.

  23. ZOMFG!!!!
    I love men with looong hair it’s so sexy!
    Of course they must look good to go with it.
    Can’t have a man looking like a bear and have long hair. Bleh!
    Overall, men with long hair are hawt!

  24. GROW IT BACK! It looked hot!Most chicks dig long hair…n besides, who cares what anyone else thinks. πŸ˜€

  25. You looked awesome with it long. I agree too with the poster who says that once you cut your hair, you become just one of a crowd. It’s no coincidence that Princes in fairytales, models, wrestler, movie heroes etc have long hair. It IS attractive to women. Do you really imagine the scene from The Lion King, when Simba did the slow walk across the log flipping and waving his mane was for other lions? LOL, Nope! it was for all the Mummys watching with their little darlings. πŸ˜‰

  26. Omg you are so hot with your long hair,
    I Luv My Man, his hair is to his ass and i would be devistated if he ever cuts it, and he knows that, but i can speak for all women and say how could you? So sad πŸ™

  27. All I wanted to say was I love men with long hair, I think it looks stunning, just need to get myself a man with long hair now lol from a womans point of view the gentleman above’s hair was gorgeous, but if he wanted to cut it that was his choice, but you have to do things for yourself, not someone else. and who gives a damn what anyone else thinks.

  28. πŸ˜₯ Another gorgeous guy cuts his long beautiful hair off, when will it end? I am a woman and I have always loved long hair on men and always will.

  29. Louise Michelle

    I think it is very sad that you were treated in these ways because of the length of your hair, for starters you are absolutely drop dead gorgeous and dont see what difference hair length would make to that! I cant believe the world today,I dont know you as a person but what happened to personality and how you treat others……..boggled by the things people go through!!!!!!!!

  30. i really find long hair intoxicating fun and erotic. man if i could me my match and he happened to have long hair ummm. i dated a guy with long blond hair i loved it playing pulling i really think its hot on certain men. there have been obstacles when it comes to meeting a guy. 1. im black and 2. i live in Michigan. and 3. im shy. im hot and interesting in college you know im not sure why i cant attract the biker/rocker type. i would add a pic not sure how

  31. Aww. I love long hair. But it’s your hair. Nice to hear you’re happy without bad hair days now. : )

  32. I had long hair all through high school… It was long enough to stay out of my way for the most part… Then I got drunk and had it cut, what a mistake…

    I miss my long hair, and all it stood for… Me being me. I enjoyed pulling it back, driving with the top down in the car, and freaking the girls out when I had it all stuffed up under a baseball cap and then ripping it off…

    Their shock was amazing… But I did sleep at night in a hairnet (saved me time with knots a LOT!!!)

  33. The world needs lovely longhairs like we need sunshine, as far as I’m concerned. I suppose technically, it’s called “trichophilia,” and in the book I found it in, they lumped the hair love with body hair, fur and leather; which might not be the same. Where I live is very “yuppified” and longhairs are few…

  34. Cutting your hair because of the way people treat you is a terrible excuse. You shouldn’t feel that you need to change for the world to accept you. Personally, I would never cut my hair for reasons other than me not liking it, something I doubt me ever seeing. I even have gone against my own girlfriend’s word to cut it. Cutting my hair just would not be me and I believe staying true to yourself is much more important than other peoples opinions of you, for if you weren’t true to yourself their opinions would be of the person you are acting to be instead of who you really are. But that being said, long hair on guys is not for the weak at heart, it takes determination that some people may not have, oh well…

    But honestly, is people that treated you bad before treating you better now really even that desired? Congratulate yourself on making friends with judgmental and shallow people, the best kind of friends to have.

  35. I agree with this terrible, ignorant stereotyping. I have been with a long-haired man, and we recently got engaged. Anyway, I have another stereotype that got left out here – long-haired men must be stoners or druggies. In fact, when we first moved into the small town apartment that we’re living in right now, (but getting ready to move into our first house, thank goodness) we had trouble from the beginning. The people who lived below us called the police THE FIRST DAY WE MOVED IN and claimed they smelled marijuana smoke coming from our apartment. My fiance does not even drink, let alone do drugs. He is a science major and a student at a very good college, and he will be receiving his master’s degree soon. They just did that because they ASSUMED that because he was a long haired man, he must be some kind of drug addict scum. The police came to our apartment and so did my landlord after I contacted him. I was not home at the time but my fiance told me about what was going on. The ignorant cop even lied to my landlord and said he thought my fiance was messed up and that my house smelled of marijuana. All of this, just because he looked different. It disgusted me. My fiance is allergic to smoke and he DOES NOT EVER allow people to do drugs in our home, nor does he let them smoke cigarettes (which I’m definitely fine with.)
    Anyway, yeah, long haired men are definitely stereotyped. There are a lot of ignorant people out there. I, for one, love his long hair.

  36. Hi there,

    I am a man with long hair but I have been growing out now for 2 years.I really dont want to cut it but i have been offered some work that may require it.I am really depressed about this.the job is only for 2 weeks so i just dont know.its some acting work in a movie.i am restling with this principle now.

    any one got some good hearty advice?

  37. I’m currently seeking men with really long hair, possibly down to their buttocks…

    I’m a fan (and you should be too) because…I believe in living, breathing, experiencing, enjoying life to it’s fullest extent outside the mind. I enjoy abstract, ecclectic, exstrensic artwork. I’m a fanatic for Alternative Rock music, BodyArt, and Sunbathing.

    My name is Miana. I’m a hard core, outgoing, adventurous bike rider & lover of New Jersey Hard Tail Springer Sportster Chopper. I work 8 hrs a day, 40 hrs a wk. On my days off I enjoy going to amusement parks, riding fast & crazy rides, seeing the Arts at Art Museums, reading a good book like “Da Vinici Code” & “The Ring”.

    I’m seeking for a Native American, born & raised out west, like Arizona, Utah, Nevada, single or recently divorced male in his 30’s to mid-40’s yrs of age. I LOVE men with REALLY LONG HAIR, possibly down to their buttocks. Built, average, slender, tan complexion, hazel eyes, and loves to ride motorcycles on his spare time.

  38. IÒ€ℒm currently seeking men with really long hair, possibly down to their buttocks…If you are him, email me at I LOVE men with REALLY LONG HAIR, possibly down to their buttocks…Must have this plusBuilt, average, slender, tan complexion, hazel eyes, and loves to ride motorcycles on his spare time…(if you own one)…

  39. I have got long hair, been growing it for about 4 years now.
    I completely agree on the fact its a lot of work, but for no kazillion bucks would i cut it.
    I love my long hair, and indeed im not gay, criminal, nor am i unclean.

    Its about as long as the guy on the picture.

  40. To McKillem,

    Hey buddy.[:-D Thanks for responding to my comment on guys who have long hair. NEVER cut you hair. I agree with you on how people misjudge men who have long hair. I believe that its quite the opposite. Notice how you never see any man with long hair on the news doing any criminal activity. Its always the guy who looks sharp with a “bowtie”, short hair or bald. If you would like just email me at Keep it Real…

    “Gypsy on Fire” [:-D

  41. I totally agree with both you guys, please don’t cut your hair for anyone. Long hair on men is very sexy and I love the bad boy rockstar look on a man. People these days are so judgemental weather its a man with long hair, or men with a shaved head and lots of tattoos.

    1. Hey, you said, you seen the guy in pic on myspace?? Can you give me his myspace name, so i can ask him, if he is really guy in pic, cause the guy who made this long hair topic, said, was a stock photo, but I also seen guy on another site using same pic too, , so wondering, which one is real? thanks appreciate it.

  42. You know, about the ‘old guys with grey ponytails’, there are a lot of baby boomers who always had long hair, and we are getting old. Maybe long grey hair isn’t something you find attractive, but then short grey hair doesn’t look any better. It is what it is, and we are who we are, and that’s that.

  43. Sad that you felt you needed to cut your hair, but your decision is your own… I’m currently growing mine out, and yeah, I’ve gotten a few comments, but I don’t care. My hair is my freak flag and I’m gonna let it fly. πŸ˜€

    About the “old guys with grey ponytails” – since I’m a guy in my 40s, I may be part of the crew soon enough, plus I’m gay, so I think I can speak to this – for me it isn’t the grey ponytails as such: nice thick grey hair can be hella sexy, in a ponytail or otherwise. What’s bad is the guys that are balding and have this tragic little pencil-thin rat-tail clinging to the back of their otherwise hairless heads. Ew. Dude, seriously. You’re fooling no one. Shave it off. *grin*

  44. My name is Miana. I’m a hard core, outgoing, adventurous bike rider. Love to travel all over the country, tired of Orlando, willing to go back to San Diego ASAP. I work 8 hrs a day, 40 hrs a wk at JW Marriott/Ritz Carlton Hotel Grande Lakes Orlando Hotel JYP. On my days off I enjoy going to Amusement Parks, riding fast & crazy rides, sunbathing in my backyard, seeing the Arts at Art Museums, reading a good book like “Da Vinici Code” & “The Ring”. I’m Puerto Rican. 5’3″ tall, 135lbs. Brown hair, hazel eyes, tan complexion your average Puerto Rican female. I was born in Bronx, NY. I was raised in Orlando, FL. But not all my life. I was once married for 11 years in Chicago, IL. Divorced 6 yrs. Lived in Copperas Cove, TX for 6 yrs. Love to travel. Been to San Diego, CA, Tijana, MX, and Puerto Rico. I’m seeking for a Native American, born & raised out west, like Arizona, Utah, Nevada, single or recently divorced male in his 30’s to mid-40’s yrs of age. I love men with really long hair, possibly down to their buttocks. Indian male, built, average, slender, tan complexion, dark black piercing eyes, & loves to ride motorcycles on his spare time.
    If you’re interested in going on a long road to trip with me to San Diego, email me at

    JESUS IS ALIVE Miana L. Sanchez

  45. I am 40, and long hair, and the wemen at work love me, and so do alot of the young men, LMAO! It is not one bit about your hair! If you carry yourself, with long hair, well, and with respect to others, you will get it back, and they will love you for it! They will respect you! If you are a poster child, having long hair just for the fact to oppose the NORMAL people, they will BURY YOU! Some have long hair for rebellion, not a wise idea, even to apply at McDonalds! I have a good job, WITH, my long hair, cause i DO NOT, make it about Rebellion! No One Cares, Unless you are THE long hair, with Rebellion, LMAO!

  46. …first of all is that you in the picture with the long hair??? … oh dear god, i could watch that man doing my back garden for the rest of my life.. mmmm, imagine him cutting the hedges with no top on uugh… he is beautiful!.. hmm who cares if you have long hair or short? it doesn’t matter. its just some people cant take it when others look different to them that’s all it is, its pathetic.. personal i love men with long hair mmmmm, i really really do… i love this picture…. …

  47. I am a 54 year old heterosexual woman. I love God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. I also love jazz and being creative. I love to write and play music. I grew up during the era when men had long hair. We were all hippies. I still LOVE long hair on a man if he looks good with it as you do. I also like a pierced ear and a goatee or the little triangle in the chin on a man. I also believe that chivalry is NOT dead. Yes, I like the THREE MUSKETEERS TOO!!

    I love romance and chivalry. I have been divorced since 1992 and would very much love a husband who is the man of my dreams, but he must love the Lord Jesus Christ first. He must also love jazz, animals, romance, passion, great sex, spoiling me and I spoiling him. So…..dear ronalfy, I bless you and respect the fact that you love your wife so much that you grew your hair for her. WOW!! I just hope you respect her and love her like CHRIST loves the Church. GOD BLESS YOU.

  48. Long haired men are not different form any other men. Some are good, some are bad. I live my life surrounded by intelligent, talented, hard working men and women. Some of the men have long hair and (gasp) even beards.

    I have met plenty of idiots and believe me it has nothing to do with their hair.

  49. Tisha red……these posts are for women who LIKE MEN with long hair or men who like growing their hair long. I like men with long hair and there is nothing wrong with that. If you don’t like that, why are you writing in here?

    I like filling my life with people who are creative, intelligent, talented and kind. This post or blog is about commenting on men with long hair, not picking on women who like men with long hair.

  50. Dude, I’m into guys with long hair the longer the better, for looks I go for the hands the hair and the eyes. And long hair seems to be a Goth or a heavy metal thing (nice!) And the only metal guy that I know of is Rob (the main man from Judas Preist.)
    And it was really nice that you respect you’re wife. And I’ve seen guys and know of them and hardly any of them have tattos with long hair. People only get the wrong image cause some stupid f***ers are criminals and they gave long hair a bad image, it only takes a few stupid people to make something bad. And I have never seen a gay guy like myself with long hair they all seem to have short hair.

    And I’ve been growing my hair for the last two years and I can tie it backwith a good five inches of a ponytail, and I wash it myself every couple of days, and I have stopped dyeing it even though I’ve only ever dyed it about five times in my life, but my hair dosn’t react too good with any type of hair dyes even the natural stuff. And I only straighten it when I feel like it which is maybe only a couple of times a year.
    And bikes can be cool but like with using any transport accidents can happen, and you can get badly hurt depending on what way you land.
    And I like tattos ok but personally I would’nt get one cause they’re for life not an impulse thing and tattos can look so cheap unless you go to a good person. And they can be too expensive for someone just to get board of.

  51. Travis

    Long haired dude here…heavly pierced an inked an i dont really care whta u think about inked an pierced dudes. i life like i want and do what i want when i want. My hair is to my ass an still growin it. if ya want…e mail me bro my friends call me Toker

  52. I’m a girl, and I really really love guys with long hair. Most of the girls I know say, “Wow, caveman.” when they see a guy with long hair, and I just shrug and say, “I think it looks great.”
    Of course they all look at me funny, but I really don’t care. I’ve had a thing for long haired guys for years. But it all depends on the person; some people just can’t pull it off, while others can. You definitley can, but others, not so much. I hope the guy I meet has the right build and face for long hair, cause I’d want him to grow it out. If not, that’s alright too, but it would just be nice to have what you enjoy more.


  53. I never did think of men with long hair as gay or criminal or etc. I just never ever saw a guy that I thought was really hot that had long hair until today. I was at Michaels and out of the corner of my eye I saw this flash of Brown and the guy was TALL. I searched out the store and found this guy in the paint brush section. About 6’4 clad in leather with the most gorgous silky brown hair and the face of a God. He smelled like leather and Pine. Had to have been about 35. I was floored. Now I am in my mid 40s. I took me this long to discover the beauty of men with Long hair….

  54. Let me first start off by saying I think it was sweet to grow your hair out long for your wife. ^^ I’m a girl and I have long thick brown hair. At night I wash my hair and in the morning I brush it out because it naturally de-tangles for some reason. I love my long hair and I probably will never cut it short. I like guys with long hair over guys with short hair. Same thing happened to me that happened to Lissa but it was in the mall and I’m 17 and I’m sure he was in his early 20’s. I do agree that long hair is more maintenance then short hair and some can deal with it and some can’t. No one bugs me about my hair. In fact, people comment me on how beautiful my hair is twice a day sometimes. ^^ But if I felt like I was not treated the same as everyone else I would think about cutting it down to at least my shoulders. ( my hair stops just above my tail bone. )

  55. Bitch ,,,, if u r gay or look gay .. dont blame every1 with long hair to be gay … i mean u might look like one or act like one which u dont seem to know … and u r blamming them … secondly … man ..why did u keep long hair in first place if u r so faggot about it … and uploaded ur pic with one …. keep these kinda feelings in yr a F***** closet … keeep them there .. dont come out here online and make drama out of it and try to prove ppl something …. like oprah kinda shit …

  56. well if you ask me you should have never cut your hair, for us men with long hair are a dying breed, now someone who has a mop on their head, (i.e. any type of emo cut) they think that is long , if you ask me it looks like crap! i have always had my hair long! from the age of 13(i am now 25) i have had offers of money and cars just to get my hair cut, i turned them down. i have lost job offers, but i have also gained job offers due to the length of my hair. what i am trying to say here, is to each his (or her) own. just don’t judge us with long hair, we are not all criminals and or bikers,( even thought i fall in to both categories) and to answer another question some of you folks might have..yes i am employed! i am a certificated welder! with a college education.( to see a pic just click on my name for the link)

  57. I used to have long hair, past my shoulders and parted in the middle. These days I let it grow till it gets in my way then I have it cut short. It’s kind of a utility thing for me more than a style statement.

  58. Long hair is great two years ago my hair was a ‘so called’ man’s hair i.e really short but I got pissed off at having to go get it cut and all that. But I’ve gre it and it’s probobly at the bottom of my shoulder blades I want it longer though. People have give me given me crap for it esp other guys but I don’t care because I have 14 years of A grades in art, and apparently if the system had’nt of been so bad I could have just walked into Univarsity no worries and graduated. I hav’nt got a job Because I’m out at Collage from 8:30-5:00 Mon-Thurs And any other days I have art and research to do. Any how long hair rocks and my long haired idols are Eicca Toppinen, Marco Heitala and probibly a few others. And when I wak up in the mornings I feel warmer because my hair is like a towel or something like that around me….

    *my gallery*

  59. Hi All I am in Bangor Maine looking for men with long hair because, all I se are bald guys icky . please tell me of anyone you know in this part of the world who ight let me observe his long hair πŸ™‚ . cya, Raine

  60. I’d personally miss my long hair should I cut it off – which I have no intention of doing. I don’t know why I always wanted to wear my hair long but it wasn’t until my mid-40s that I decided I’d had my last haircut. Now almost six years later I have a head full of hair draped near full length down my back and I have only one regret – that I waited so long. My hair is simply an outward expression of my inner self and I find it fits my personality well. I think the thing I like best about having long hair is when my children (all in their 20s to early 30s) introduce me to a friend and they respond, “THAT’S your dad??”. Don’t ask me why I find this amusing but I do. So for that 97%-98% of men who follow the rules and follow the crowd – keep cutting your hair. The more you cut the more unique I am!

  61. My name is Miana. A hard core, outgoing, adventurous traveler. Love to travel all over the country, tired of Orlando, willing to go anywhere like Montana, Utah, or San Diego ASAP. I’m seeking for a Longhair Native American Indian Man, born & raised out west, like Arizona, Utah, Nevada, single or recently divorced male in his 30s to mid 40s. I’m a fanatic for men with really long hair. I believe it is a symbol of great strength like Samson. Love men with really long hair, possibly down to their buttocks. Love the old west movies with Native American Indian men, built, average, slender, tan complexion, dark black piercing eyes, responsible, strong, & fights for his lady.

  62. Miana

    Hey give me a call…..954 xxx xxxx (admin edited – pls no personal info)

    Long hair…pierced and inked an love to fkn party

  63. If this is your pic on the top of the page…then ..WHY DID YOU CUT YOUR HAIR?????????

    this hair is sooo beauul, and suits you perfectlly..for e, men are hottest with long hair (or shaved head)….

  64. Your so wasted man. You don’t even remember who I am. I left you a text message on your phone yesterday. I guess you can’t receive text messages. Anyway, my name is Miana. I’m a female. I put an ad on hoping to meet me a longhair native American Indian man someday. It’s just one of my “fantasies” if you will. My name is Miana. I’m a female. A hard core, outgoing, adventurous traveler. Love to travel all over the country, tired of Orlando, willing to go anywhere like Montana, Utah, or San Diego ASAP. IÒ€ℒm seeking for a Longhair Native American Indian Man, born & raised out west, like Arizona, Utah, Nevada, single or recently divorced male in his 30s to mid 40s. IÒ€ℒm a fanatic for men with really long hair. I believe it is a symbol of great strength like Samson. I Love men with really long hair, possibly down to their buttocks. Love the old west movies with Native American Indian men, you know the kind that are built, average, slender, tan complexion, dark black piercing eyes, responsible, strong, & fights for his lady. — (admin edited)

  65. I agree with you πŸ˜€ I mean those stereotypes.
    But you shouldn’t have cut your hair -.-
    I mean…I know it’s YOUR and you can do whatever you want, but.. aww.. your hair was beautiful ;]
    Greetings from Poland πŸ™‚

  66. sinaminprimrose

    dude – you are gorgeous with your long hair – i don’t even consider dating dudes unless they have long hair – but it’s all in how you look at it. and on one hand i understand you cutting it – the native americans do it when they lose someone they love – so i can respect your decision. hope you grow it out again!

  67. Dude..came across your website while googling for guys with long hair.. and google suggest indicates about 3000000 entries fr th same! πŸ™‚ so guess that speaks for itself regd how much people (well fr one thing, im a gal) do like men with long, you looked hot with those tresses …! sad you cut them off though…:(

  68. Folks: I”m in my 50’s, I’ve wanted long hair my own life (I had it back in school). My long hair is who I am, but it’s not seen in professional life, even in Seattle. There are so many reasons to say “no”. I am gay and I don’t want my long hair to spark my queer-fear. I don’t want to lose a job or be treated badly by others because of my hair. Yet, with every fiber of my being, I want my long hair back, and as quickly as possible. It’ll be 6 months before it starts to get really long.

    |’m not doing it to find women who think long-haired men are sexy, I’m doing it in spite of the unhappy people at work, or my neighbors, or gay folks who don’t like men who look like men. There’s more bravery in this step than I think most of you realize. To be hated by my neighbors, to endanger my employment, to fear the gay-hatred that is so much a part of life. I’ve struggled with this choice for months, and I feel like I have no choice. I have to be who I am, and suffer the consequences.

    For the folks who like to bash gay folks, there’s nothing new about picking on minorities. I’ll let my hair grow, I’ll try to stay strong in spite of people like you. I’ll try to be true to myself, and hope that someday you’ll get over your hatred of gay men or long hair or both.

  69. MZ Stone –

    Good luck, man. I’m a gay man with long-ish (shoulder length and growing) hair. Dunno what employment’s like down there, here in Vancouver BC I work as a community support worker and no one says anything about my hair – except for the women who like it and want me to wear it down more often, πŸ™‚ which I dislike doing at work, mostly because one of my developmentally disabled clients likes to play with it – I don’t let him because it’s unprofessional, to begin with, and also disturbs me (having my hair touched is an intimate thing for me).

    I wouldn’t worry so much about gay-hatred as such – the time when most gay men had long hair is long, long gone. Mostly I’d worry about the other thing, actually – namely, you will fall right off most gay men’s radar and/or get comments like, “You’d be hot if you cut your hair.” Which totally makes me wanna cut a bitch, y’know? πŸ˜€

    The first year is hell but after that, once you can tie it back, it’s fine. Keep it clean and neatly tied back, do your best job at work, and the comments will fade away. There’s also a Yahoo group for gay/bi men with long hair in the PNW, check it out if you haven’t already.

  70. I’ve had long hair both in the mid ’90s and now….I am a gay/bi man and honestly, nobody thought my hair was a gay thing, in fact they all assumed that I must be straight because of it and gay men wouldn’t even look at me until I cut it. Whoever had this concept that men with long hair must be gay? I’ve never heard that before and I think it’s a dumb analogy. Most men with long hair are straight. Women pay much more attention to me with long hair.

  71. Somerandomchick

    In my opinion, all men look better with long hair! But still, it’s your hair, right? If I had a bf, I wouldn’t forbid him to cut his hair if he wanted to. Tho I gotta say I’d get heartbroken if he did. xD

  72. I gotta be honest dude. that was a big sell out move on your part. who cares what people think of you man? wheres your will to be weird? now you look like every other white collar conservative. you sold out brotha.


    I gotta agree with Nick – clearly a sell-out – why is it so important on what other people think of your once beautiful long hair? People who are only friendly to you because you look just like them and cannot tolerate long hair or differences in what they consider “normal” are not worth the effort it takes to know them. And I am not some twenty or thirty -something – I am 54 years old and still love long hair on men and always will and just weep when I look around me today in 21st century – young men without receding hairlines but choose to shave their head anyway and my personal favorite – the dudes who actually choose to run around in these dorky 1950’s haircuts complete with grease oh excuse me my age is showing uh hair gel. So very sad. When these guys actually do grown older and start losing their hair – they will remember this and wonder what were they thinking. I cried when my youngest son cut his gorgeous waist length natural blonde hair, it was a travesty. Anyhoo – Right ON Nick!


  74. @Nick, Rhiannon,

    Let’s be fair here: you don’t know the full story, so calling me a sell-out is pretty harsh.

    I worked for over two years in a very anti-longhair industry and still left my hair long.

    I grew it out of respect for my then (now ex) wife who wanted me to grow it out. When she left, my reason to keep my hair was gone.

    I personally didn’t like my long hair when I had it. It just wasn’t for me. My reasons for writing this post remain unchanged.

  75. i love long hair though im in that annoying stage when its long enough to get in your face ALL the time though not long enough to keep out of the way. really annoying though cause my mum says if i can get it long enough to stay ot of my face shell be fine with it but until then shell keep cutting it (dont even ask)

  76. I love having a long hair, but having it is too much work. after a couple of thoughts i decided to shave my head. It’s really painful that after growing it for 2 years its just gone.
    But yeah its for the best, what you said was true. It wont bother me anymore while working out, I dont have to worry about brushing my hair a crapload of times constantly and taking a shower would be a less hassle.

    Sell out or not, you felt better without it. That’s what matters right?

  77. Okay, here is an honest answer. I’m not here to disrespect anyone on race, or sex and anything else.
    i was a teen, long hair, wavy long light brown/blondish hair. I had a hot girlfriend, to me she was hot. I rode horses, and some thought I would be a womanizer. I had too much respect for anyone to be a womanizer.
    Then I came out in the 1980’s, I was noted as bisexual, best way to be, fun at both ends…lol no pun intended.
    I still had time for both sexes, and I had short hair and even in my 30’s I buzzed it, military…had the bod to go with it.
    As I got older, I realized no one has a right to tell anyone how to be. I grew my hair out, past my shoulders. I look like Jesus or Jesus’s brother. I have my tatt’s. My nip pierced and I will never cut my hair again.
    I have gay guys asking if I Am str8 or bi or curious. They don’t know I’ve been a slut…lol I have chicks that run after me. I have both ages from 18-79 guys and girls and all of them are confused by trying to know if I am str8 or bi…nothing about gay word, just am i str8 or bi. I am bi though.
    My point, anyone who has long hair has sold out if they cut it off unless it’s to give to kids with cancer.
    This guy here in this blog sold out. I’m having the time of my life, I still get people shocked to find out that I am turning 40 because they think I am 32 and lean and tight.
    Then I tell them, well actually sit down, I’ll be 50 in Feb. you should see their faces melt. πŸ™‚

  78. Guys with long hair come in all shapes and sizes, stereotyping them is absurd…
    I personally think it’s really attractive… I always have… πŸ™‚ Too bad you cut your hair!

  79. Those for whom to say it’s stereotyping or no welcome in most places….OMG, first and foremost that is ones only insecurity or work place that does not allow it to be welcome.

    I live in both worlds the str8 world and the gay world and in both I see the same type of guys, boring metro or hetero-metro where you cannot even tell which is gay or str8 anymore, but they are so cake cutter or cookie cutter one of the same.

    Like the AMA awards, almost every guy, gay or str8 had a mo-mock hair style, which is so out by the way, only a hand full wore the kid-rock look or had guts to be different.

    I say stop following the leader, live ones life, long hair or short, but just be ones self. I choose my hair to be past my shoulders, one for my spiritual connections and two, it’s whom I Am.

  80. Marcus from Brazil

    Longhair on men is a gift. Women started growing their hair long since man had to occupy space in the Capitalism rules (that means a substitute for ancient Rome, that used to chopp the hair of the arrested ones, so our society is based upon disguised beliefs) and women were left behind in History Γ’β‚¬β€œ we donÒ€ℒt have to go think twice to understand that longhaired men started to cut their hair off when they became Ò€œwhite slaves for Capitalism standands and women werenÒ€ℒt required the same way (in ancient Israel, people started doing it when were enslaved)Γ’β‚¬β€œ sure, the world is built by men. We all grew below mistaken concepts, and hair is one of them. Men are supposed to grow it long as women do, so, itÒ€ℒs nature itself that allows it to grow longer. If it was wrong, it woundnÒ€ℒt reach the waist of both sexes! Wake up mistaken people that mutilate and enslave themselves due to wrong surenesses!

  81. So who is the “to die for guy” in the main photo? I think long hair on men is absolutely required. Especially during intimate moments. I’m 48 and have always had long hair myself and always been attracted to men with long hair. Unfortunatley as they get older they seem to all cut it.

  82. I am Sikh. We never cut our hair, men and women both. The easiest way never to have a bad hair day is to make a neat topknot (jura) and then tie it in a turban. Of course, then no one ever sees it except you and your spouse. And also, of course, you risk being mistaken for a Muslim terrorist and some misguided fool might kill you.

    Respond if you like. No compulsion.

  83. Blood(i hate my true name)

    that was pretty funny read the whole page comments

    well i’am long haired…but i only have been letting mine grow up due to Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7 game…witch inspired me to have it long….i was finding it why not let mine grow

    currently reaching half my back after 6 years of growing..yes my hairs grow quite slow…

    some of u might be surprised that me a gamer is here but whatever XD…

    well i only got commented once about cutting my hairs off but i didn’t give a crap about it..never had any other comment of others peoples out of it

    out of that…well…a lil freaky but..i do paint my nails black some rare time(rare time cause i’am lazy do it) also did make drawings using a marker on my arms and hands

    i’am a boy that is currently 22 old
    i’am straight….

    girls that pass here dont ask my mail or anything i currently on a date..anyway i’am only interest into gamers girls

  84. I have had long hair for over 3 years now and I have to agree with you about the misconceptions that come with having long hair. I, like you, use the best products and take care of my hair. I have never been arrested and am far from being a biker.

  85. There is nothing wrong with longer hair on guys!! As long as it’s kept styled,and does not present a health or safety hazard!!A lot of parents who won’t let their sons who are old enough to take care of their hair,and that goes for kids as well,will risk alienating their sons,over something stupid like hairstyles!! Worry more about the grades and behavior patterns,and less about the clothing,hair and music stlyes!! Parents who “Nitpick” over their sons hair,will risk not seeing their future grandkids,or risk not being invited to a future graduation or wedding.Parents who use a “MEAN OLD FART BARBER” ,or hairstylist as a source of punishment,is usually the parent who will lose custody in a divorce case,and have to pay “THROUGH THE NOSE” for court ordered child support!! And to the ladies out there who judge long haired men harshly,”OPEN UP YOUR CLOSED MIND”,and you may be pleasently suprised,because:”LONG HAIR DOESN”T MAKE A PERSON BAD ,AND SHORT HAIR DOES NOT MAKE A PERSON GOOD”!!

  86. Short hair makes men look like immature boys. If I had a company though, I wouldn’t give a flying fuck about what you look like. I’d look at what you’re good at. I would be suspicious in hiring anyone who wants to look as generic as possible, because I’d know they won’t be so innovative or open minded enough to create anything new in the company.


  87. I personally love long hair. hence why I have kept mine long. I can for sure see the appeal in cutting it though, as it is very hard to keep. I still say he is absolutly beautiful with the locks though.

  88. Marcus Vallerius

    Longhair really fit to a man, specially when he is straight and is not getting bald. Men started to cut their hairs off when Capitalism “usurped” the their freedom to decide or to enjoy the self vanity, changing it to an imperceptible alienation that made the “western male” behave as an “extent” of the machine, since slaveness was extinct, whereas women continued to grow their hair long, not due to the female gender, but specially because they were ignored by men in History [MADE WITH STATED PURPOSE IN MIND]. Be in nature or in the Holy Scriptures, longhair is considered natural, wether it long or not, only mistaken concepts may cease its growing. Longhair is beautiful for everybody and modern slaveness, dressed like boss/priest/manager, can deceive many men tolding him short hair is required – it’s not, for it has been just devised, as well as it is an idealized view of those whose main purpose consists is subjugating you!

  89. William Sommerwerck

    I stopped cutting my hair about 15 years ago, and have never regretted it. Perhaps it’s because I live on the Left Coast and work in the computer industry, but I’ve never had problems with finding a job or social discrimination. It might also be that I pull it back in a ponytail, which looks less “feminine”, as my hair doesn’t fall naturally to the sides and rear.

    I haven’t shaved in 33 years, either. What is the point of letting the hair on your head grow out, then removing the hair on your face?

    I’m queer, and a mysoginist (principally because of my experiences with touchy females at work). It’s bad enough to cut your hair because of social pressure (though if it’s the difference between getting a job and not, I can’t very well condemn you), but I’m appalled that you cut it “out of respect for your wife”. What about respect for yourself? What right does your wife have to control your appearance?

    The following remark is highly offensive, but I’ll say it anyhow — your experience is one of the best arguments for male homosexuality. Women — who needs ’em?

    Feel free to comment if you wish.

  90. @William Sommerwreck

    Woman are useful for just about anybody, so to speak. I agree with pretty much anything you say but that women remark was absolutely unnecessary and does not add anything to your point and in fact is very offensive to the woman as a whole and can be offensive to anybody who is not gay wich is like what, 90% of the world?Apart from the fact of course that the average homosexual man seems to be more bothered by my long hair, then any woman whom i had the pleasure to meet. So either you only know woman from a 16th century book, or i just have a sixth sense of meeting sensible women who know how to leave others in their value by respecting individual choices. I seriously doubt the sixth sense thing.

  91. William Sommerwerck ji,

    If some woman hadn’t carried you in her uterus for around 9 months, you wouldn’t exist. In that sense, a woman is necessary.

    This might change in the future, but in the future, women are necessary for the procreation of the species.

    And just to show that I’m not a female chauvinistic sow, men are also necessary. For now.

    I do not care about responses one way or the other really.

  92. William Sommerwerck, if you had even read the original post properly, you would know he said that he grew his hair for his wife and cut it after they split up. If you are going to criticise him, at least read what he said. I’m fine with his decision, BTW.

    I have long hair and wouldn’t cut it for my wife, but neither did I grow it to please her, as it was long before we ever met. She’s not especially into it, but obviously not against it either. I don’t think most people really care about the length of their partner’s hair all that much.

    As for who needs women, well I do and this is mostly because they have bits that you don’t. You’re no better than some lesbians who think we would all be better off without men (and to be fair, none of the lesbians that I have known in RL have ever said anything like that). Why can’t we all get along? Insulting people based solely on their gender is pathetic.

  93. Wow! Dude, I have no clue who you are but ran across this site while looking online-WHY…on earth did you cut your hair! It was beautiful (as were you). What a tragedy-please grow it back..then post more photos..pleeaaasssseee πŸ˜‰

  94. You missed a few stereotypes about men with long hair.

    People often ask you if you use, or sell drugs when you have long hair.
    People often assume you are a “hippie” – playing hacky sack and extreme frisbee.
    People often assume you play guitar/have a band/are a musician.

    I have had long hair for many years… I cut a large portion of it off, because I was just tired of it, but it is still considered “long” (it is just past my shoulders.) I think its amusing at times, because I grew up in New Jersey/Philadelphia and listened to Hip Hop since the early 1980s. I don’t use any illegal drugs. And I buy a lot of my clothing from top end stores (not very “hippish”) I play no instruments and I have had a few bands in my earlier years, but we were worse then the Sex Pistols.

    Today, I found this site because I was looking for information about what to do with my hair… I have to say, I’m tired of it being a hindrance. People say not to do things because of outside judgment, but that is not so easy when you get held back in your career and personal life. Is it worth it? There is a certain amount of conformity in just living in society. To what end is keeping your hair long enhancing your life? If you are content with the limitations that having long hair offer you, then don’t cut it.

    I had a question, too. When your hair was longer, did Europeans tend to treat you better? And did people often ask if you were European?
    (I ask because it seems to me that only Americans judge me negatively for having long hair, and when I am in places like LAX, people assume I’m not from the United States.)

  95. Long hair are for rockers… =) Or maybe it’s for those who want to catch the attention of many people… Or maybe they are sick being males so they want a female hair.. But even though these guys have long hair, let’s continue to RESPECT them… They still ROCK!!!

  96. I’ve had long hair for years, and have been pressured by family into getting it cut for every job interview, they keep teling me that I won’t get the job with long hair, but I almost always do, it’s never an issue.

    I cut it shortish (3″) a couple of times, but always regretted it and grew it back out… I would never cut my hair for friends, family, or women, and would only consider cutting it for a job if I was seriously desperate. Hir just feels right…

    1. I’ve grown my hair long a few times in my life. The last time was about 10 years ago and it grew down to my shoulders. Loved the it felt on my shoulders and when the wind blew it across my face. What got tiresome was that everywhere I went, someone wanted to talk about “long hair on guys” either to me or their friends. Some people loved it, which I liked to hear, others hated it for various reasons and were compelled to tell me why. Why can’t guys have long hair without all the discussions. Simply say “I like your hair”. Or don’t say anything at all.

  97. Okay, I am also a dude with long hair lol I really don’t care what anyone else thinks about my hair, because it is my hair and no one can tell me what to do with it. I have had my hair long for almost two years maybe.. and I still love it.

    Now I know that most people, might not like this… but I don’t brush mine… or anything like that either. I personally like the knots lol it makes it look curlier.
    Plus as long as I keep my hair clean (which I do I wash everyday.) why does it matter what the length is? If I, or whoever else has long hair likes the way it looks on them, why should we have to go along with what everyone else thinks is right?

    We only have one life – I think lol but within that one life, I think I should be allowed to live it the way that I want to live it, and my hair is a part of me.

    What I do though, just to be sure that my mom can’t make me cut it really short, is once I notice a difference, I cut a small amount off of the ends, so it looks as if its just slowly growing.. because i hate short hair.

    no offense to anyone whos hair is short but i t doesnt go good on me. well, yeah i think thats it.


    – adam

  98. I came to realize the truth of whom i Am as the “self” my true “Identity” so over two years ago April 2008 my last hair cut. Before that said DATE: I tried growing it long once and had my hair stylist trim it and comb it and it just didn’t look right by the time it got to my shoulders.
    So April 2008 I stopped cutting it, grew it out natural. I only trimmed the tips by less than 1/16 to nip it to fool it, to shock it to grow faster. Then some beautiful bank teller ask me how long have I been growing, I said 2 years 3 months, she said wow, she has been growing for 4 years, and hers was shorter than mine. I didn’t get into details with her, I just said oh yeah, well it’s beautiful on you.
    I found products are way better today. I’m told I look like Jesus all the time, with my beard, trimmed. Hispanic communtity almost bows at my feet when I walk near them. I laugh inside I don’t let them see me laughing inside. When i Am told I Am Jesus, I stop people, as say; No, i Am of his brother though, Jesus-like, but he’s my brother.
    I walk without care of what others view me as, for I cannot walk as in truth of whom I always have been. This is who I Am, my truth, not yours, my truth, MY IDENTITY.
    What I have found in str8 or gay communities, is everyone, (man) almost every man, metro or gay have shaved all hairs off their bodies to smooth silk skin like women do. cut their hair off so they look the same robotic as all others. There seems to be no real men, then you start to see a change coming as we are re-entering once again into the new flower power era 2010-2019 for 9 years, same as 1960-1969 war will happen in 2012 and then peace and love and spiritual change from 2012-2019 and beyond.
    You will see more and more grow their hair out, become themsleves once again.
    Truth-Light-Love of whom they really are which will equal Life Experience, change life to God experience, free will choice Life/God Experience in your truth, in your light, and be in your Love of all that you are, with true Identity of the YOU.

  99. I have a fetish for specifically dudes with long (about waist length), fairly straight hair, and thus hold no negative preconceptions about the men attached until I get to know them.

    It would completely horrify me if a man I was dating or friends with cut off his hair for reasons against his will; long hair shows he has intense commitment and the self respect to stick to his guns. Societal pressure to have standard hair isn’t really an excuse in my mind, it should be your choice and yours alone how you wear it.

    I understand respecting the wishes of wives or other close relations, but at the same time do they respect yours? I guess that to me, long hair can be symbolic of freedom and choice and empowerment; to lose those things is a massive change and something that should come from an absolute positive decision.

  100. Any adult American who generally believes that long hair (below the bottom of the ear or longer) should not be allowed on a man or boy is an ignorant, sexist, authoritarian oaf.

    I’m a 63 year-old gay man who’s lived in Oklahoma City for 25 years and my hair is almost at the bottom of my ear (about where it was in 1971) and I can count on one hand the number of local gay men that I have met in the last year that have hair as long or longer than mine. I wonder if most gay men believe that if they cut their hair really short no one will suspect they are gay and can masquerade as heterosexual ‘macho men’.

    Even most of the local Native American men and boys are cutting their hair shorter than mine. It’s really a sad comment on this state and the current times when you consider the word ‘OKLAHOMA’ means ‘land of the red man’ and it’s been the heritage of their men and boys to wear their hair long and proud throughout history. I guess it’s just another feel-good victory for white reactionary machismo over the minorities in this state and country!

  101. Found this post in my search for pictures of people with long hair, for inspiration in my quest to grow mine back to the sexy hip-length mane I enjoyed a few years ago. I just want to say I think you looked beautiful with long hair, and it’s a real shame you were not as well-respected before cutting it. I do not think men’s hair is such an issue in my local society, but perhaps the Northwest is really as full of hippies as the rest of the country claims.

    Anyway, it’s a pity long hair was not for you, because I think it truly suited you and matured your face in a flattering way. It is definitely not a style to maintain if you only kept it that way to please someone else, though, and I am glad you find a short cut more pleasing and easier to manage. If that icon you’re using is from a picture of you, the short style looks nice! Young, but nice.

    I just wanted to assure you, if it means anything from a stranger, that it might not be a mistake to grow that out again if you wanted.

    Of course, I speak from the perspective of someone who thinks most men look better with long hair…and beards…and hair on their chests. Women who feel this way are a minority.

    And, ah, though I left it at “no thanks” in answer to whether I want a response, I don’t actually care either way. Heh. Odd setup to this blog.

  102. I had some past the shoulder length hair. Got mad with wife and cut it off. Now she treats me like she cant stand to look at me. I’m a 41yr old man and i think long hair on me was crazy. I only did it for her. She doesn’t realize the pain it is to keep it untangled and kept. Plus the hair i constantly pulled out to keep it brushed.

    1. I grew out my hair for my (ex)wife as well. I’ve since cut it (one of the reasons for writing this post), but I’ve started growing it out again.

      While my hair won’t ever get as long as I used to have it, I’ve come to realize that if you’re going to do something to yourself physically (tattoos, long hair, piercings), do it for yourself. If not, you’ll come to resent it.

  103. Having a long hair is a big responsibility and will surely eat a lot of your time maintaining it. But I find it cool to have a long hair and when I did have the other year, I don’t care what other people have to say. I am not doing wrong, I just have a long hair. πŸ™‚

  104. i think you’re crazy man. you cut your long hair just because some narrow minded person disses you? it must have been hard watching your hairs fell down from your head.

  105. You cut your hair in part because of bad restaurant service and coworkers? That’s sad. Narrow minded people should never be the measure that we gauge our lives or conduct our actions by. Men have had long hair for centuries, Nothing wrong with it at all, and totally masculine. I know Christians who hate long hair on men, yet Leviticus tells men NOT to cut their hair or beard. Go figure. Plenty of gay guys have short hair, so using the logic that some espouse, I could say that guys with short hair look gay. There have been fighters, warriors, and kings with long hair. Presidents too. If you’re really happy with your choice, that’s great, but don’t let others live your life FOR you.

  106. This is a great post! I love my long hair and my girlfriend loves it too. I’m really happy and confident about my looks πŸ™‚ Let’s keep it long and free!

  107. I had many friends in college with long hair in Quebec but they all cut their hair before graduating and doing interviews.

    You can say whatever you want but seeing them from their grungy looks with long hair to a nice clean cut in a suit changed them from frat boys to your professionals.

    Many of them have had successful careers. Was that due to cutting hair? Maybe they just went from one stereotype to another one. It worked out for them


  108. I have had long hair for years. The longest being to my waist. I now have hair that is about mid back length. My hair has never stop me from getting women, jobs, respect or anything else I desired. I am big and muscular, so no one ever mistakes me for a women. If someone said you look like a girl! I would say you must date some big manly women!


  109. ” Men With Long Hair are Unkempt “, this is the sentence that best suit my reason not to like men with long hair. Other reasons are just too shallow for me although it’s a valid reason too. I’m a woman but I have a very very short hair. I don’t know but long hair just get in the way and will take me hours to wash it and comb it. Sometimes I just don’t comb it anymore, I just ponytail it straight out after washing it.

    1. WRONG………………………
      my man has long hair and is very well groomed. I think women with short hair are not
      feminine……………especially if they always keep it short.
      the longer the better……after all, it grows for a reason !!!

  110. Honestly I think men with long hair is brutally sexy. Give me a man like that haha. I think it makes them more masculine and makes them seem like a real man. Its just so attractive realy. Its sad cause I’ve seen a few in my life. That have long hair below shoulder length. :/ I think it also expreses freedom like they are comfortable with themselves and don’t care what people think because of their long hair. Gentlemen, please don’t be ashamed of having long hair because there are some women that find it sexy ha.

  111. I feel you on that one. I have long hair but i think i should cut mine as well. the keeping up with it is the worst. And no i am not gay either and yes i am a guy named Tracy.

  112. Long hair isnt for everyone, Ive grown it mostly since leaving school and allways hated having short hair, yeah you get a lot of people who say olny girls have long hair ect, I tell them go look at history, Before the 1900s – 1950s EVERYONE had long hair (at least to shoulder length) but now everyone wants the pretty boy look (no offense to those who like there short hair, like i said long hair aint for all) and me i can handle not being a pretty boy, I dont like styling my hair so i let it grow and leave it where it falls lol, and put it in a ponytail on important occasions.

    Just my 2 cents

  113. I am a male and my hair is below my ass. It is well groomed and I play guitar in a heavy metal band. I get women all the time that come up to me and say they love my hair and it looks good on me.I have NEVER ONCE had a woman say to me they love or even liked my hair when it was SHORT!! So there, I will keep it outrageously LONG!!!

    1. I love to look at men with long hair.
      it grows for a reason and I believe men who let their hair grow are more sure of
      themselves with nothing to prove.
      My husband looks like Wild Bill Hickok and even wears period western attire.
      surprisingly, he gets alot of compliments from older women. He has never been arrested
      does not own a Harley, & always opens doors for ladies. He has vowed to never have
      a sunburned neck again. He also showers daily. I know I’m proud to be seen with my long-
      haired man.
      (He also has a big mustache)…………………………

    2. I am female, and I am into man with long her. Seems I am one of those women, how would never ever tell a guy his short hair looks good! πŸ˜‰

  114. who is that guy in the photo? he is unbelievebly gorgeous !!!
    and i dont like people who stereotype one another, long hair or not tattoos or not its what comes from the heart is whats important !! and if anyone cant see that, they are just not worth it, judging without knowing is a nasty thing

  115. I find men with long hair very attractive. In fact, I had a dream last night about a long haired blonde and it was WONDERFUL. Too bad those kinds of moments don’t exist in the real world.
    As far as your article, I feel as though you cheated yourself by cutting your hair. I understand wanting the respect of your peers, but if you have to change your appearance, such as you did, I do no believe it is worth it. Unless of course you made the change because you soley wanted to.

  116. Wow. I’m sorry long hair didn’t work for you. That’s okay though, because not every man is cut (.. haha…) out for it! Or… Long hair isn’t cut out for you. Anyway… you did what you had to do I suppose, and I myself would never, EVER cut my hair. Granted it doesn’t look its best right now because I can’t always afford to buy this or that, but I’ve worked too hard and gone through too much frizz to just let it go now. It’s gotten to the point where it actually begins to fall! (I have long curly hair…) I’m a dude who’s getting leaner and more muscular as his hair gets longer. I can’t wait until I reach both goals!

    Also I can’t help but wonder… are you not in the USA? Here in the US, A customer is a customer, no matter WHAT they look like and in almost ALL places, any discrimination is HIGHLY frowned upon and unacceptable. Same in the workplace. Mine’s about 18″ long and growing.

  117. thatΒ΄s a pitty – you looked absolutely georgeous!!! I am into long hair – I have to admit thatΒ΄s the first thing which attracts me in a man – man with short hair? No need to look twice! πŸ˜‰

    Sorry, that you met obviously a bunch of stupid persons – and also sad, that you did not stand up for it – instead you allowed others to change your look! But if you feel good with it, great – thatΒ΄s the only thing that matters!

  118. I feel you bro. I have to agree with you that some people don’t like or discriminate men with long hair. I was once had a long hair, but due to my nature of work I had to cut it.

  119. I have no problem with long hair. I had it too,when I was young. Then I grew up,and entered the real world. What I really can’t stand is that little tuft of hair under the lower lip. Nothing is more stupid looking.

    1. I had that apparently stupid looking tuft of hair under my lip and–gasp–some people used to compliment me on it. You must be ever so proud of your grown up, uptight judgmental self! You should go to Bible Camp–you’d fit right in.

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  121. Long men are gay!? BULL SHIT!!! Gays can have what ever type of hair, long or short, just like women can! So that is completely BULL that men with long hair are gay!

    My man has long black hair pretty much down to the bum and he is not gay or even bisexual. He has never been treated differently because of his long hair! They treat him with full respect and kindness where ever he goes. Then he is a real bad ass to with a motto that goes like this “Who bloody cares what people think or say about me, that is their problem not mine” If a guy want long hair, do not let the society tell you other wise. Cutting your hair just to please the society and others is a weakness and not what i would call for the act of a real man. A real man stands up to what he likes and feels best in, and do not care a shit what society or other people think or say about it!

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