Man With Long Hair

This post was written as part of Peeve Week 2: Stereotypes.

One evening in late July 2006, my brother and sister went on a cutting spree. That was the day I cut my long hair after growing it out for over two years.

I can’t exactly say I was treated the best with my long hair. The service I received at restaurants was horrible, and my co-workers didn’t exactly treat me as pleasant as they could have.

I’m really glad I cut my hair, since most people treat me a lot better. I was also sick of people mistaking me for a woman. However, I want to de-bunk some of the stereotypes of men with long hair coming from my personal experience.

Men With Long Hair are Gay

Although I can’t speak for all men with long hair, I am not a homosexual. I grew out my hair because my wife wanted me too. I did it out of respect for her. So the entire time I had long hair, I was married to a woman. I would hope that alone would speak to my sexual preference.

As for the reason I cut my hair… that is slightly personal, but let’s just say the reason to keep my hair long was no longer there.

Men With Long Hair are Criminals

I was a big troublemaker when I was a kid and teenager. I’ve done my fair share of illegal activity. However, I’m fairly transparent about it and have never been arrested (been handcuffed though) or been convicted of a crime.

Men With Long Hair are Bikers With Tattoos

I personally don’t like motorcycles. I don’t see the appeal. I love riding a bicycle, but I think that motorcycles are a death wish on two wheels.

I also don’t have one tattoo. During my rebellious teenage years, I still had enough sense to know that I would lose any interest in a tattoo the next time I buy a new pair of shoes.

I’m still not too fond of tattoos and I highly doubt I’ll ever get one. Perhaps when I’m eighty or something?

Men With Long Hair are Unkempt

Some people associate men with long hair as unclean or dirty. I tried to use the best hair products and I washed my hair every day. My hair was nice and shiny, but I often put it in a pony tail since it was getting way too long.

Do I Miss My Long Hair?

Ever since I cut my hair, my bad hair days have gone away. It takes me two minutes to comb my hair now instead of waking up and brushing the crap out of my hair to get all the knots out. Working out is so much easier also without all that long hair to get in the way.

Every now and then when I have the windows down in my car, I miss my long hair. Then I think of the times the wind changed and I ended up with a hairball.

I don’t really miss it and there’s not really any reason for me to ever grow out my hair again.