Meme – 5 Things I Know About My Readers

One thing the Reader Appreciation Project is trying to do is to encourage more interaction between the bloggers and readers. Here are 5 things I know about my readers.

1. One of my readers likes to fish.

Nathan Kennedy loves to fish and writes about it on his blog.

2. One of my readers and his wife have their own Christian ministry.

Shawn Blanc and his wife Anna serve as full-time Intercessory Missionaries with the International House of Prayer (IHOP).

3. One of my readers loves poetry.

Claudia Pena writes and posts poetry on her website (along with other creative writing materials). I hope she hasn’t read any of my poetry. Then she probably wouldn’t be a reader anymore. 🙂

4. One of my readers lives in Germany and loves music.

Cetroyer currently lives in Germany. Every few weeks, he and I talk about Christianity over Skype and talk about music.

5. One of my readers lives in Berkeley.

Bes Zain currently lives in Berkeley where he trips random people on the sidewalk. Okay, maybe not people.

Bes also likes listening to techno-type music. He loves Paul Oakenfold.

Consider Yourself Tagged

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6 thoughts on “Meme – 5 Things I Know About My Readers”

  1. Looks like Bes and I have something in common (besides a friend). I like techno/dance/electronic (but not trance). Paul Oakenfold is good, but my favorite artist is ATB (Conjure One, iiO also good).


  2. Terrific meme ronalfy! Maybe by your next meme, you will have figured out something about grandma. LOL

    Hey, speaking of "cats in the dryer"… there is a woman who uses blogger with title "Rocks in My Dryer". 😉

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