Meme – 5 Things I Enjoy About Blogging

Bes over at The Reasoner unfairly tagged me again after I ducked out of the way. Bes, in fact, cheated and tagged me as I was getting a drink from the water fountain. Not cool.

The last meme I did was about my readership. The meme I did before that one is eerily similar to the one I am doing today; I wrote about the reasons I blog.

Here are the five things I enjoy about blogging. Pardon my headings. I am in a rather sarcastic mood.

1. Not Being Silent

Hmmm. Perhaps I should rephrase the above heading to, “Being able to voice my opinion.” I like the fact that when people suggest I should be silent, I don’t have to be.

I like the fact that when I have a grievance, I can write about it to others. I also like the fact that I can hurl my feelings and un-pleasantries onto the Internet and still have people actually reading my stuff. That in itself is amazing.

2. The Wealth of Free Time It Creates

I am just kidding about the above heading. I do enjoy blogging because it is a time consuming hobby. I can’t go into details, but if I wasn’t blogging, I might be doing a lot worse things with my time.

Blogging has also got me to focus on time management. Unlike others, I cannot churn out a post everyday. I do most of my writing on the weekends now and really enjoy it.

3. The People

Blogging is all about who you know. I’ve met some great people who I wouldn’t have met if I didn’t start blogging. I hope to develop many more friendships this year with my readers and other bloggers.

4. The Growing Pains

Sometimes it’s painful seeing a lull in site stats, or a drop in feed subscribers. It’s often painful to write a post and not receive a single comment. It’s equally painful to see a new blog spring out of nowhere and be a success overnight.

However, starting a blog from scratch and going through the growing pains allows me as a blogger to grow with my blog and my readership instead if being an arrogant prick.

This blog is still growing, and I participate in a few others that are still going through their growing pains. Although the pains can be overwhelming, they are well worth it sometimes.

5. The Skill/Challenge

Let’s face it. Any blogger who’s been around for a while has developed their own style of blog writing. It takes a certain amount of skill to write for print. I would also argue that it takes a certain amount of skill to write for the web. Unfortunately, some people still haven’t figured out there are differences in writing for the web vs. print.

Although most of the things in writing courses still apply on the web, there is a certain aspect of web-writing that is just different. Readers on the Internet demand short paragraphs, headings, bullets, images, headings, and more headings.

I wouldn’t say I’m perfect at writing for the web, but I am glad I am working on my skill to write for the web.

6. Breaking the Rules

Blogging allows me to exercise my creative writing skills, whether it be in the form of poetry, story-telling, or parody. I enjoy being able to express myself in ways I would not be able to had I not started blogging.

It’s Tag Time

I have tied up and gagged the following bloggers and will not release them until they agree to participate in this meme.

  • Andrew
  • Bes (I know you already participated. I just wanted to swat you)
  • cetroyer (I guess you better start blogging if you want me to untie you)
  • Grandma
  • Vivien (Tagged twice. It’s now unavoidable)

Okay, okay. I really have not tied up and gagged those who I have tagged. I know you are all busy and if you choose not to participate, I will not be offended.

Thank you for reading the things I enjoy about blogging.

10 thoughts on “Meme – 5 Things I Enjoy About Blogging”

  1. Ronald, I like your writing style when you're in a sarcastic mode even better than when you're not as sardonic. 🙂

    okay, okay… I'll write about my five things this week, I promise.

  2. Thanks for participating Ronald. 🙂 I really appreciate it! 😀 [:p]

    1 : Interesting point.

    2 : Blogging indeed can be a good way to pass time. Otherwise, one would be aiming for squirrels and stuff.

    3 : Your post on RA project was a good example of this. 🙂

    4 : Oh yes! This is the part that one goes through every morning, every night, and multiple times during the day. Checking the feed stats and stuff, as if that was more important than breakfast! Hmmm, now that I think of it, it probably is in many cases :D. No? =P

    5 : True. However, for me, I have ended up with no specific writing style, or maybe some randomness creeps in all the time. Or maybe it's all my imagination because of coming across my own writing so much. You write very well, by the way. 🙂

    6 : So typical of Dr. Ronald, isn't it? :p I think that can be a very good thing, as it allows a person to do more things instead of sticking to the conventional rules and ideas that most cannot break free out of.

    Hmmm, I do not know anyone else in history who has tagged the tagger again for the same exact meme. Hmmm, how do I respond? 0_0

  3. Hey Bes,

    No need to worry about being tagged again. Then again, you could do double duty and write the meme again using 5 different points. But I'll be sure to hide if you want to tag me again.

  4. Wow, moi? I’ve been tagged and I must say it is my first time. 😯

    But … I will play nice. Next week I’ll post my answers and will let you know when it’s up.

    Hmmm is it proper to say thank you for being tagged? Um, thank you ronalfy 🙂

    After this tag, I’ll duck. 😎

  5. Ronald, if I'd seen this site earlier it would have been included as a work of art – what am I saying, blogs are editable, aren't they?

    It is wide open and beautiful. Pleasingly unique.

    I'm off to add it right now!

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