Magic Mountain Adventure

My experience going to Magic Mountain for the first time in 2002

May 25th, 2002

Memorial day weekend is a weekend for many to remember, and a weekend for many to forget. A three-day weekend is ample reason to forget the stress and duties that accompany everyday life. I was no exception. My friend Ernie and his fiancée Jeanette were kind enough to ask me to go on vacation with them on Memorial Day weekend. Our plan was to leave on Friday to go to his dad’s house, which was in Ontario, California. We would sleep there for the night, and then the next day we would go to the beach for the day. On Sunday, we would go to Magic Mountain in Valencia, California.

On Friday, I anxiously awaited my last class to get out from DeVry. After that, I rushed home and began packing. We left for California around six at night. The trip over was uneventful, and we arrived at Ernie’s dad’s house at around midnight. We slept in until nine o’clock. We decided to eat breakfast first before heading out to the beach.

The beach we decided on was Newport Beach. Newport was very crowded with tourists. We had a little trouble finding a parking spot, but everything else went okay. Ernie and I rented some boogey boards and started heading out for the beach.

To say the beach water was cold would be an understatement. It was freezing! I was seriously reconsidering going into the water after that first ankle deep step into the ocean water. I hadn’t touched the ocean since I was about eight years old, but man was I regretting every step I took into this large blue monster. As Ernie and I got waist deep, a big wave hit both of us and had has shivering like crazy. However, we got used to the cold and we decided to catch some waves.

I had never been boogey boarding before, so Ernie explained that I had to peddle in front of the wave before it hit and then I would catch it and ride it to shore. I tried to do this unsuccessfully a couple of times, however I eventually got the hang of it. I caught a couple that sent me right to the shoreline. It was an extreme rush being hurled about ten to fifteen miles an hour towards the shore, barely missing people on the way.

After a few hours at the beach, we decided to head back to town. We caught a movie called Insomnia. The movie theatre really sucked because everyone was talking and the sound system sucked. I really didn’t like the movie, but I don’t think it was because of the movie. I think I was too distracted to actually put my full senses into the movie.

We went home and went to sleep. We got up around six the next morning to get ready for Magic Mountain. Our goal was to get to Magic Mountain as early as possible so we could ride the world’s most popular roller coaster, “X.” This roller coaster was just like a regular roller coaster, except that your individual seat could spin 360 degrees vertically.

When we arrived in Valencia, the traffic line to get into Magic Mountain was tremendous. Ernie, Jeanette, and I decided to walk to the ticket booths to buy the tickets. Ernie’s dad stayed in the car. We bought the tickets and waited for Ernie’s dad to show up from parking the car. We headed into the park, where we still had to wait to actually get into the main entrance.

However, we cut in front of a lot of people until we were near the beginning of the line to get into the park. This saved us a considerable amount of time when it came to waiting for “X.” When we got into the park around ten o’clock, we ran for the ride “X.” Even though we were near the front of the line getting into the park, and were near the front of the line for “X”, we still had to wait an hour and a half to ride. The reason was because there was only one set of cars. The ride itself was about forty seconds long, but the time to load and unload was about five minutes. This proved tedious because we were so close, but it took so long to actually get on board. I really felt sorry for the people that had to wait four or more hours to get on the ride. The signs that said “Four Hour Wait Point” were not kidding.

The “X” was a tremendous riding experience. The first drop was very scary because as I was going down, my car started spinning backwards, which combined the feeling of dropping and flipping over in an all-in-one experience.

The other rides we rode were “Riddler’s Revenge”, “Batman”, “Superman’s Escape”, “Goliath”, and “Free-Fall.” All the rides were scary as hell. We were in the front for “Goliath”, which was the tallest roller coaster at the time. Going down “Goliath” made my chest feel weightless and made my stomach feel like it was moving up my body slowly. Overall, Batman was the one that scared the hell out of me the most.

We arrived at Magic Mountain around nine, and didn’t leave until nine that night. To sum it up, we were all tired and cranky. We went home and slept. The next day Ernie, Jeanette, and I drove back to Phoenix. Man was it good to be back home. However, the vacation was well needed. Going to the beach for the first time in more than a decade and going to Magic Mountain for the first time was a priceless adventure.

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