Lightning Over Meridianville, Alabama

One of my friends from work invited me over to his house yesterday to take some pictures.

Here’s a photo I took yesterday of a thunderstorm from his back porch.

Lightning Over Meridianville, Alabama
Lightning Over Meridianville, Alabama

6 thoughts on “Lightning Over Meridianville, Alabama”

  1. Considering lightning is a powerful form of static electricity, that makes sense.

    But no, I didn’t know that. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lightning can take out a lot of equipment in less than a second. I lost a server to lightning in December – it took out the power supply, mother board and hard drives. The server was behind a name brand UPS / surge suppressor.

    A word to the wise – don’t bother trying to collect on their replacement plan, especially if it’s over $2,000 worth of equipment. Their answer to me was “it must have come in on the network cable…..” and I got $0.00 from them!!!!!

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