Lada Gaga Telephone Parody

I absolutely ‘dare’ you to watch the “Telephone” video by Lada Gaga.

If you are not staring in total disbelief by the end of the video, there is something insanely wrong with you.

Lada Gaga Telephone Video

And, the Parody

To fully appreciate the Parody, you must watch the entire original video. Yes, the original sucks. Yes, it’s long. But, the parody is so worth it and you won’t “get it” unless you watch the original.

14 thoughts on “Lada Gaga Telephone Parody”

  1. Ronald Huereca



    Besides, a song called ‘telephone’ proves she is out of touch. The word ‘mobile’ instead of cell or telephone is trending of late.

  2. Hahaha… she sure makes some crazy videos. Gaga, true to her name indeed. While the original was interesting, the parody was brilliant. I was laughing all throughout the video. How did Beyonce even get to do that video with Gaga? That’s crazy!

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