“You have to consider your brother.” her former employer said.

“What?” Julie asked in protest.

“He’s been diagnosed, as you are aware.”

“It’s not exactly a death sentence.” Julie stated.

Julie was currently working for a well-established law firm. She began actually enjoying practicing law.

“He’s a liability, and I think you can understand that.”

Julie’s temper hit the boiling point.

Julie deprecated, “It’s not like I can take his illness away. Are you even familiar with mental illness?”

The smug look on his face caused Julie to envision stabbing a thousand ice picks into his veins. Julie wanted this. The man did not.

“Look, Julie, you’ve been very good to us. But like your brother, you are broken.”

“What?!?” Julie exclaimed.

“I’ll put this delicately…”

As if he hadn’t already slit her throat.

“He needs help. And you need help helping him. And we’re not prepared to do this for you.”

Julie suppressed all of the curse words in her system except for a silent “fuck” coming out of her mouth.

“I’m sorry we haven’t been able to work things out, but we have to let you go. You and your family are too much of a liability for our company.”

Julie hadn’t moved an inch of furniture in her life. That day, however, she moved at least a few chairs. Some were thrown at the building’s shatter-proof windows, barely making a crack in the heavily reinforced structure.

“I see mental illness runs in your family.” he said smugly with a leering grin as he viewed the attempted carnage.

Security quickly escorted Julie from the building on that last day.

Enter Mindefusement.

“So, we’re not exactly on the level with the public,” the CEO stated during her interview.

Seeing the look in her eyes, he explained, “Well, we help people help themselves. Nobody gets hurt. Nobody gets blamed. And everyone wins.”

“So why me?” Julie asked, “You didn’t exactly find me through a recruiter.”

“Well…” he hesitated, “You’ve had a rough past… But you’re brilliant… And your family is brilliant… Just not in the same ways the rest of us are.”

“What are you talking about?” Julie asked.

“We weren’t expecting to recruit a lawyer who has tried to throw a chair through an employer’s window. ”

“Um…” Julie uneasily said.

“You were looking out for someone, yes?”

“My brother.”

“Yes, your brother. Who is currently in the Oxford Behavior Health Center, correct?”

“Yes, supervised by a phalanx of nurses and mediocre psychiatric staff.”

“What if we paid for his care? And moved him to a better facility?”

Julie scoffed, “Are you trying to bribe me?”

“If we were trying to bribe you, we’d bribe you. This is merely an incentive for being with us.”

“So, as long as I’m with you, he’ll be taken care of?”

“Sorry to put this bluntly: he’ll be locked up, out of sight. And then, you’ll be able to help us.”

“Okay, so why do you want to do this so bad? To form a company? Be a company? Be a better company?”

“We’re already a company, Julie. It’s for you to help us be better. We need your expertise. We need your wisdom. What we don’t need is furniture being thrown at our windows, and family members keeping you away from when we need you most.”

“Which is?” Julie asked.

“To put it simply, Ms. Biggs, we need you to stay in business.”

“I’ll consider your offer.” Julie said, “I want a week before I give you my answer.”

“What’s to think about?”

“With your company… what’s not to think about?”

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  1. Awesome story, would be nice to read the rest.

    I never did this but I would love to turn it into a short-film. Would you agree to that ?

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