A poem about Jesus.

I felt you coming into this world,

And I rushed to see you.

As you let out your first breath of air,

I saw through to the end.

I knew you were the one to love,

And I gave myself willingly.

I smiled and gazed upon you,

So young and naïve of this vindictive world.

Your heart sang to me in your sleep,

While I watched over you every night.

As years passed, you grew less juvenile.

And I continued to stay by your side.

When crying spurts brought you to your knees,

I would stand you back up.

When you tried to push me away,

I held on to you tighter.

And when you lay in bed, shaken and lost,

I would hold you and bring comfort.

Older you became, and you let me inside your heart,

I put my arm around your shoulder and hugged you.

Love I felt in your eyes and smile,

And true love I felt in my heart.

Fragile you grew as you aged swiftly,

And you began to fill up with doubt.

But I put my arms upon you and held you close,

And you came running back to me.

Even older now, you lay on your deathbed,

Troubled and scared, you turn your eyes to me.

The sins in your life, you look back upon,

But for none I condemned you.

I sprayed out comfort and enrichment,

And you closed your eyes.

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