It's not Guacamole; It's Guacamole Flavored

In a rather humorous, but absurd article, a woman is suing Kraft Foods, Inc. because their Guacamole dip doesn’t contain enough avocados.

What is absurd is that Kraft responded and said, “We think customers understand that it isn’t made from avocado. All of the ingredients are listed on the label for consumers to reference.”

OK, so by Kraft’s logic, the customer should understand that the Kraft Guacamole dip isn’t made from avocados, even though avocados are the main ingredient in traditional guacamole. So should we also apply that logic to other Kraft products? How about cheese? Should the customer “understand” if the cheese is only cheese flavored and not made mostly from milk? What about peanuts? Should we understand that their nuts are only “nut flavored” and not made from actual nuts?

C’mon, Kraft! If you have guacamole dip, it should be made from avocados, not some rip-off recipe to make it taste like avocados.

3 thoughts on “It's not Guacamole; It's Guacamole Flavored”

  1. Still to sue over something like that is soo retarded.. What did it cause her emotional distress as her fat ass sat there and ate like a pig.. before realizing all her hopes and dreams went down the toilet as she realized the dip was not actually made from real avocodos.. absolutely heart breaking.

  2. I agree that suing over the amount of avocados in guacamole dip is a little weird. You would think there would be other things to worry about? Why not just buy a dip that has the appropriate amount of avocados? Or, *gasp*, make your own.

  3. One would think an intellegent person would understand that a DIP
    is just that. Why would one believe that avacado should be the
    main ingredient? I happen to have loved making my own recipe with
    the Kemps Guacamole Dip. Since this law suit I can’t purchase it any
    more. If you don’t like a product, don’t buy it. Obviously some
    of us do or they wouldn’t have continued manufacturing it. This is

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