It Appears We're in a Do-Loop, Sir

Non-Programmers: Be warned, as this might go over your head a little.

I’ve been in meeting after meeting where some non-programmer will say, “It appears we’re in a Do-Loop.”

Once someone says something to that effect, I just shake my head and think to myself, “Good luck in getting out of that one.”

A Do-Loop (by itself) is the same thing as doing something for an infinite amount of time. A Do-Loop is essentially doing something without evaluating a condition. Since no condition is ever evaluated to get out of the loop, the loop runs forever.

A better thing to say is, “We’re in a Do-While Loop” or “We’re in a Do-Until Loop.” At least the loop is evaluating a condition in order to get out of the loop!

A better phrase might be, “We’re in a While-Loop, sir.” A While-Loop at least evaluates a condition before executing a task within the loop. If the condition isn’t ever met, then the loop will run forever. However, at least a condition is being evaluated. In a Do-Loop, nothing is ever evaluated.

So next time someone says, “We’re in a Do-Loop, and we can’t get out of it”, why not say back to them with a smirk, “You must like stating the obvious?”

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