Is Praying at an Airport Inappropriate Behavior?

This morning I read a news story that described how six Muslim imams (mosque elders) were kicked off of an airplane because three of the imams had engaged in prayer while still seated at the aircraft terminal. The six were allowed to board the plane, but were soon asked to leave after a passenger passed a note to a flight attendant. The captain of the aircraft, as well as some security workers, asked the six imams to get off the airplane. After the six refused, the police were called.

The police detained the six for questioning, and U.S. Airways refused to allow the six imams back onto any other U.S. Airways’ aircraft.

If people of the Christian or Catholic faith started praying in public at an airport terminal, would there be a problem? Would somebody pass a note to a flight attendant because of a Christian prayer? I highly doubt such an incident would take place. My question is, why the double standard? Why can’t a Muslim say his prayers at an aircraft terminal without having all of the other passengers feel like they were next in line for some suicide mission?

Any thoughts?

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