Is Love at First Sight Sex at First Light?

Is it really love at first sight, or it something else?

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This post was written as part of Peeve Week 2: Culture/Relationships.

“It was love at first sight!” You hear that crap, I mean, confession, every single day. Many people call someone they are physically attracted to their “love” right on the spot. People may not even know the real character of someone, but they feel love flowing out of them. People forget that more and more married couples are getting divorces each year because of not knowing why they got married in the first place.

There is nothing wrong with saying “love at first sight”; there is, however, something wrong with not keeping in mind the real reason you felt attracted to someone at first, and the real reason you started a relationship with someone.

The Love At First Sight Mascot is Overused

The “I love you” mascot is being overused; in fact, many people are saying “I love you” more than actually trying to save their relationships. No, it doesn’t matter what mistakes we make that cause our relationships to end. It sounds really sexy to say “Love at first sight”, and we’re gonna keep saying it!

10 Things You Really Mean When You Say “Love at first sight”

I have a better idea. How about we sometimes say “Love at first sight”, and sometimes say the real thing we wanted to say:

  1. Sex on the first night!
  2. Cash in your pockets. Tight!
  3. You remind me of my wife!
  4. My husband’s in the jail. All right!
  5. Haven’t touched anyone in a while!
  6. Need anyone, as my last relationship made me really fragile!
  7. I wanna be controlled, as if I was your kite!
  8. I love you, since you haven’t seen me in bright light!
  9. Never seen a woman/man before tonight!
  10. Never had a man/woman look at me before, a’ight?

The sooner you realize why you felt attracted to someone in the first place, the better your chances are of avoiding saying “Love at first sight, issues and divorces at last sight.” Love is built and worked on. It is not something that is born simply because you were physically aroused.

Bes Zain spends his time cruising the streets of Berkeley for squirrels and reason. He currently writes for The Reasoner and the Reader Appreciation Project.

14 thoughts on “Is Love at First Sight Sex at First Light?”

  1. yes, I also don't buy "Love at First Sight" stuff. It's more "Attracted At first Sight". And sometimes that attraction does turn into Love that lasts forever, other times it stays just that – attraction, that slowly fades away.

  2. Thanks for the comment Inspirationbit. 🙂 Yes, "Attracted At first Sight" sounds better than what people are used to copy pasting most of the time when they run into someone they feel attracted to. Thanks. 🙂

  3. LOL. I loved this post… you are too good with words. -Envies-
    I agree, although I do have a friend that was definitely 'love at first site' with a guy, who she then nearly stalked around school for a couple of months. EVENTUALLY they actually spoke and she realised there was more to him lol… but honestly, some people and their attitudes towards the importance of appearance and attraction in a relationship, it really bugs me. Like, I love him, his soo hot… but do you really know what their like on the inside other than the looks?

  4. what i want to comment you is ,the idea you transfered is absulutilly greet.”love at first sight”ofcourse it is atractive but lastlly is becomes dark and leades them to devorce.that is it. But why we(humanbeings)put our selves under this.

  5. hmmm. I found you to be very opinionated and sometimes funny. Just kidding.

    Actually, the only time I really experienced love at first sight was when they handed me my daughter when she was born. She opened her eyes and looked at me and that was it.

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