Is Ignorance Really Bliss?

The definition of ignorance from is:

The condition of being uneducated, unaware, or uninformed.

From the above definition, there are three traits to discuss regarding being ignorant. The three traits are:

  • Being uneducated
  • Being unaware
  • Being uninformed

So I ask, is being uneducated bliss? Is being unaware bliss? Is being uninformed bliss? This post will go into each of those three questions and hopefully answer them.

Being Ignorant is Being Uneducated About a Topic

Your boss comes up to you and asks if you can do a particular task that requires a complicated piece of machinery and software. You do not know this machinery or software. As a result, you tell your boss you will be unable to do the task. Your boss seeks someone else and sticks them with the work.

Now, is it blissful that your ignorance kept you from doing additional or a different kind of work? What if your boss decides you are no longer necessary since you are indeed ignorant? Would it still be blissful to be ignorant?

Being Ignorant is Being Unaware of a Topic

Say for example that you had a warrant out for your arrest. You were unaware of this warrant and continued to live your life normally. During that period of normalcy, the police caught on to your location and finally served the warrant. Would all of the days before that warrant had been served be blissful?

Another example that was brought to my attention within the past few weeks was that of cancer. What if you had cancer, but didn’t know it yet. How could you be blissful in your ignorance if you had no knowledge of the ignorance you possessed? It would appear that ignorance could only be blissful if one was aware of said ignorance, thus making the ignorance only blissful in hindsight.

Being Ignorant is Being Uninformed About a Topic

A lot of people I know love American Idol, or golf, or sports in general. I could personally care less who wins American Idol, and I don’t follow sports. Is my lack of knowledge of these topics blissful? Actually, for me it’s quite painful because I have no idea what people are talking about and I appear as the outsider.

Another example is of a recent shooting near my apartment. A guy had shot his father and was consequently on the run with an AK-47 and a .45. My friend pounded on my door and asked if I was alright. Another friend called me and asked if I was alright. I do not have cable TV and do not watch the local news. Even though the event happened near me, I was uninformed (and unaware) that something had happened. The whole apartment complex was shut down and I couldn’t even leave if I wanted to.

Now if my friends had never called or came by, I would have never known something had happened. How could by ignorance be blissful in that circumstance? Because I was unaware and uninformed? In hindsight, my ignorance could have caused me great harm had I ventured outside with the police swarming around.

Is Ignorance Bliss?

Is ignorance really bliss? Please weigh in.

82 thoughts on “Is Ignorance Really Bliss?”

  1. I don't believe that ignorance is ever a good thing. It is always better to know and be able to deal with that than not know and be unprepared.

    I have always had a need to understand things to a certain extent so I don't understand how many people can be happy denying themselves knowledge as so many people do.

  2. Andrew,

    Yes. I'd like to see a boxing match between the "knowledge is power people" and the "ignorance is bliss" people. Perhaps the ignorant people will refrain from learning boxing?

  3. For me the only time the ignorance is bliss it's when we don't know all the details of people's private life.

    In all other cases I agree with Andrew and Ronald. However, there are many people who prefer to be ignorant on certain subject matters, especially if they're related to their government policies and misdemeanors.

    1. Being Ignorant of ANY subject (nothing to do with peoples lives) Can never be bliss,
      There is far greater unhealthy situations going on in this world,
      you all must be made aware of, But no-one will understand how deep the problems
      Really unless you listern.

  4. Sometimes knowing too much overwhelms you with thoughts and you can't seem to stop thinking about a particular issue. Then you'd wish you never knew. I remember while ago I read an article about this photographer who used to go to Africa to photograph their life and stuff.. as he got to know more about their life and how misrable that part of the world really is he got really depressed and ended up taking his own life. I think ignorance would have been a real bliss in his case. Ignorance shouldn't mean not knowing AT ALL but in some situations we need to not know ( as in people's personal lives) or know as much as we need to keep us informed.

  5. These comments have made me rethink my position a little. It never occurred to me that knowledge includes knowledge of the world's atrocities.

    I think then I would make the distinction between ignorance of the facts, and denial of the truth.

  6. Ignorance may be bliss for people who cannot accept striking facts (like the photographer in Dee's story). If your wife is cheating on you, is it better to know or not to know it? She can be a great wife and life companion who only needs a bit of "adventure" in her life. Not knowing that, you could live together happily ever after. What about when knowing it?

    However, I think that it's better to be informed, no matter how your decisions would be after that.

  7. I sometimes tell myself, "Wow, I wish I didn't know that." For example, if I know there are onions in something, I won't eat it. I also love sushi, but please don't tell me what I'm eating.

    In the case of a wife cheating on me, I'd rather know. It may hurt more knowing, but at least action can be taken. Just think, life plans are being made (retirement, kids, house) while a spouse is cheating?

  8. If you have ever read Ecclesiastes (a book of the Bible for those of you who don’t know) it is rather easy to nderstand why. As the human mind becomes wiser and learns more about the world around it, things lose their value. Certain things that were sooo awesome loose their awe because you realize that there is so much more out there, and many times, you realize you can’t get to it. For example, babies. They really get a kick out of playing with balls or playing “pick-a-boo”. But as the child ages, they learn more about the world around them and thos childish games loose their value. As you becme wiser, there seems to be less value for everything. I have experienced this. I used to get so excited about parties. But then one day I asked myself, “What happens after parties? What happens after i get that first 50 billion dollars and reach world wide fame?” What do you think happens after you become famous and rich? What else is there to possess besides love after you have bought pretty much every physical possession you could ask for? As the mind becomes more complicated, it takes more to bring happpiness to it. If it is true that ignoranc is bliss (which I think it is), is it not also true that poverty is bliss, for if you are poor, you have more to live for. You have more goals (wealth, for example)to aim at. Once you are at the top, the journey has ended. Is the journey not also more blissful than the destination?

  9. I personally believe that ignorance is bliss. When working on a orphanage, I met kids who had nothing relative to common lifestyles of the US. No parents, no clean clothes, sub-par food, poor education etc… the kids were happy with this. But, if we were to take the kids to the US and show them everything that they are “missing out” on and in turn ridding the orphans of their “ignorance” the kids would not be happy with the living conditions at all.

  10. You are all idiots!
    Ignorance is bliss when is total, all the examples in this discution are reffering to when you don’t know some stuff.
    Ignorance is bliss for real. think if you would not worry about anything, not seeing nothing but what makes you happy , ignore everything else. not knowing that it’s pain in the world, that life is actually a meaningless game were you are just a pawn.
    wouldn’t that be bliss???

  11. Cyp,

    You contradicted yourself. You said: “ignorance is bliss when is total, all the examples in this discution are reffering to when you don’t know some stuff.
    Ignorance is bliss for real. think if you would not worry about anything, not seeing nothing but what makes you happy , ignore everything else.”

    You told everyone that they’re idiots for saying it’s blissful to not know some things and then you say total bliss is “not seeing nothing but what makes you happy, ignore everything else”…perhaps you want to change what you said.

    I’m a big supporter of being educated and agree with what Thomas Jefferson said: “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” Not so blissful when you become a slave to your own ignorance. I also agree with Christ when He said: “the truth will make you free” (John 8:32 KJV)

    Hope this helps with this topic on ignorance and bliss!


  12. Is ignorance bliss, well is knowledge misery? I propose that their must be a happy medium In which an answer exists. Another question to throw in the pot would be; How will you know that you shouldn’t know or that you would be happy not to know, if you didn’t know it at all? How will you not know that you should not know that or you would be miserable to know if you did know in the first place?

    Its all extremely perplexing


  13. ignorance is bliss.
    and knowledge is bliss. If knowledge is power. then with that said you can choose to make yourself feel however you wish to feel. Not knowing things such as believing somethig as in thinking that the one your with is flawless..whatever makes you happy. now finding out that they have plenty of flaws is that really going to make you happy sometimes its better to be naive. or in this case ignorant. Do What makes you happy. and believe whatever makes you hapy.

    1. Hayley Autumn
      You are far too ambiguous with your reasoning, stay central and focused on a set direction and goal. Read the Gospel of Matthew Ch 6 The LORDs Prayer,
      the book of Psalms 23 Psalm.

  14. At times being uneducated or unaware of things happening in the world is much better than finding out the truth.
    For example, learning about the conditions in animal mills should make everyone really sad.
    But being “unawarne” of these conditions is only bliss for YOU- the person who does not know. Not the animals who experience it first hand .So you should inform yourself on everything so that you can do something to make the world a better place. It would be selfish not to

  15. agree with the most of the comments, “ignorance is bliss” is true based on the context. sometimes knowing certain information can make you feel bad emotionally (without actually causing you or others any trouble), so not knowing can be good. but in the case when not knowing something that can affect you or any human, i would agree with “knowledge is power”.


  16. ok it depends on what type a person you are. Like most things do. for me ignorance is bliss when it comes to parent sex, santa clause not being real, surprises, and death. seriously who wantss to know about that. I do want to have the knowledge of something if it can prevent something bad though. Or if the not knowing could hurt me in some way.

  17. Here’s a conclusion I have approached about said subject: The phrase makes sense in different ways but the way it should be said is “Bliss is Ignorance” because only those who are ignorant can truly feel Bliss(complete and total happiness)because they are ignorant of the fact that complete and total happiness doesn’t exsist.

  18. When will the discussion end? It is obvious that “ignorance is [truly] bliss”. Whether you be educated, unaware (which implies uneducated – not necessarily Harvard style), or uninformed (which again implies education/awareness!)

  19. Ignorance is bliss refers to the notion that living in the present moment beings about happiness. The article above take it too literally and does not trace it back to the roots. A blissfully ignorant livleyhood would be that of a surfer bum. The very fact that you have a job insists on the notion that you are not ignorant, ignorant of responsibilities, as an example. The term does not necessarily mean ignorant of literal surroundings but instead ignorant of worries and suffering. It is pretty much traced back to the idea of living in the present moment, being unaware of everything surrounding you, everything that happened or will happen, unaware of one’s own existence even. This is the goal of Buddhists, to be able to empty one’s mind to the point of complete separation from the world, a lack of suffering and worry and other similar entities.

    I understand the intellectuals may balk at this notion, that they will never be happy, that everything they have held dear will never bring them happiness and that, in fact, they have been going in the opposite direction. They have a hard time accepting that, and thus come up with arguments like those in the article that have an interpretation too mixed, too involved with the real world. They place these ideals in a capitalist country, in a capitalist, survival of the fittest world. Of course those examples wont work, half of him is ignorant while the other half is aware. True happiness comes from complete ignorance.

    But the intellectuals must realize that they have meaning on their side. What the surfer bum gains in happiness he loses in meaningfulness of life. He contributes nothing to society, in fact, he might feed off of society. But the doctors, the intellectuals, the authors, the philosophers, the historians are constantly confronted with unpleasant truths. People die, life isnt always a party, there is no god. They suffer for their work and in the process contrubute to humanity. They suffer and toil and present meaning into their lives, something the bum can never have. The suffering they endure means they will never be happy, but, excuse the cliche, no pain no gain. They become a sacrifice for whatever cause they choose, influeincing the world in which ever way, they become significant.

    And so the intellectual should not be appalled at the idea that ignorance is bliss, but accept it and realize they live for more than themselves, but for humanity.

  20. Ignorance, never I a good thing I must say, for with it we are nothing and are as blind as a bat in daylight. I see so many ignorant people, the very sight makes me mad. I wonder how people live they’re lives, not knowing anything at all, being unaware of so many things in plain sight, if only they stopped to think. If they did, then they would realise a truth they have sought after, or possibly never did look for it, but still come to the realisation that they found a truth to something in life, like so many of us has.

    Everlasting. Love, i’m always yours.

    The Aristrocrat Club

    P.S. I’m a 14 year old, so don’t believe all youngsters such as myself, are ignorant.

  21. I think it really depends on if you view happiness in the future or if true happiness is instant gratification. If true happiness is instant, then not knowing if your spouse is cheating on you would be much better. If true happiness takes time to achieve then the life experience of being cheated on could keep you out of a situation that could harm your bliss.

  22. Taking a Hindu spiritual standpoint along with my opinion, I believe only perfect knowledge and perfect ignorance, are bliss; the rest, some form of misery.

  23. One must find a balance. To a certain extent, ignorance is bliss. To a certain extent, knowledge is misery. I really wish I couldn’t read about the effects of modernization or commodity fetishism or look at satellite images of my city or have watched the movie “Koyaanisqatsi”, all just out of curiosity, only to be depressed by reality. The latter two especially have made me ‘aware’ of the bland repetitiveness of modern life. Seeing that all my home is is just a box, within a rectangle, within another box, within another box, within a larger box, within a blob of concrete and asphalt amongst the desert, within imaginary lines, within even larger imaginary lines, within even larger imaginary lines, shit, I don’t know, now I’m just rambling… All I am trying to say is don’t think about things too much. Ignorance may not be bliss, but EXCESSIVE knowledge or at least excessively accessing that knowledge (not saying I’m some genius or shit like that) can be misery.

  24. I think that indeed ignorance is bliss.
    If you had 10 days to live, would you rather spend them coping with the suprise, and worrying to the last moment, or living life, with this burden off your shoulders?

    A quote-
    As our circle of knowledge increases, so does the circumference of darkness surrounding it.

    I believe the quote above is Einstein, correct me if I’m wrong. It means,in my opinion, as you learn more you learn more of the evil that is in this world. Without knowledge of heart-attacks, nuclear missles, and Gama Ray Burst (to name a few possible ways of death) I believe one would be happier. Also, I’ve noticed those in my school who get the lower grades seem to be happier. I don’t know if this is actually related to the “Ignorance is Bliss” phrase, but it is useful to note.

    -Max Cross

  25. When I first heard ignorance is bliss used in a conversation, I thought the person saying it was being arrogant because he was commenting on how the poor people never know how bad they really have it in life. Ten years into the future, I’ve met some really cool people who you might say were poor (Sect. 8, food stamps) but they were the most grounded, loving group that had a quality about them that my family never once shared. Today, I’m on this web exploration because I just read about the story of Carol Sund and the murder of her daughter and friend, and all of the sweet details of their live and the horrifying confession from their killer. The ignorance is bliss part is the fact that I lived very nearby where this guy was caught and probably crossed his path once or twice at the local grocery. The two comments that I read that made the most impact on me were the one about Ecclesiates and the other about how you become less happy the more aware you become. I wonder how people are supposed to be so happy all the time when you realize what atrocities have happened and continue as evil spawns in every corner of the globe. Even Yosemite, a place where the beauty of nature is supposed to take you away from all your life stresses. Then, to top it all off, you could become a sheer victim from a sudden event like 162 tons of rocks falling onto your cabin while you sleep. To sum it all up, there’s a song called Vicarious by a band named Tool that talks about how all of us sit on the sidelines and rejoice in our lives just a little from the realization that bad things are happening to others, not ourselves. It’s cold and distant, but somehow, a healing notion. God bless you all.

  26. Whoever wrote this little page is a complete moron. The quote isnt referring to all ignorance and its not referring to certain situations. First of all I can sit here and completely prove you wrong about every little contradiction you came up with. Cancer- reguardless of you knowing or not you still have the cancer and theres no way to do anything about it. So yes your ignorance of the cancer would allow you to live out your days much happier than if you knew you were gunna die. Besides that your boss wouldnt hire you if he required you to have skills you didnt possess. The bottom line is that the person who wrote this page is ignorant and you should be happy your not smart. If your girlfriend is cheatin on you and you did not find out and ended up breaking up with her anyways.. thats ignorance with bliss. other then finding out and being upset even tho u might think u want to kno anyways youd be happier if you didnt

  27. Ignorance can be bliss and we can still choose knowledge. I personally, am not after bliss in life, but truth. Ignorant ppl do seem happier in general, and genius are usually tortured souls. But they choose their anguish because they would rather have truth then happiness.

  28. O my dear Lord, Michelle Anchovies I nearly fell out of my seat with laughter after i read your statement. I think it goes to show that ignorance is bliss purely by your definition of life in general. I just wish certain people wouldn’t come up with ambiguous statements, its like trying to find the start and end to an infinite symbol.

  29. I think biggest question for every human being is “Do we really know something?” or “Are we not Ignorant?” If you think you know something about something then think again.Its ignorance with a bliss that we all are posting our comments on here to find out the answer to the question whether Ignorance is really bliss or not?
    I’m pretty sure half the folks posting your comments on here don’t even what is the Font size and Font type used on this site.Imagine what do you really know?
    Inspite of so much ignorance we live in our happy world thinking we know everything and we are not ignorant but truth is totally opposite after all,ignorance is bliss.

  30. The ‘Ignorance is Bliss’ statement is the antithetical form of ‘with Knowledge comes great responsibility’. Knowledge of things outside of ones control can create stress and worry, as one cannot control something outside of their influence. In todays terms, people consider themselves to be ‘well informed’ of worldly events and in western society the perception of being being ‘well informed’ also means being exposed to a lot of ‘bad news’ through the media, which one has no control over. Thus, ignorance (can be considered) Bliss.

    Try this – don’t watch any form of media for 2-4 weeks, you will find your disposition much happier.

    1. I use to watch the news a lot in the past and it made me really weary of the fact that I couldn’t do anything to change the situations of the world, I would pray and cry at times because these were the only things I could do ,, but for a while now I have stopped watching the news and the weight just seems lighter , I still pray of course but , I don’t have those hunting thoughts of powerlessness.. I rather just believe it’s all going to get better without knowing how or when it does, it has made me feel a lot lighter on the inside! I am sort of on the ” ignorance is bliss” point of view , in some ways ,not every….

  31. You say that with knowledge comes responsibility, well that’s the whole point. to leave behind all responsibilities and not having to think for yourself is at the very heart of ignorance is bliss. ´Tis a dangerous prospect indeed, but one has to understand how easy it is to just go along with mob rule. its all mass ignorance. Look at hitler for example, he rallied millions of people to his cause and do you know why? because he gave them a reason, a common enemy and a shitload of jobs.

    on the note of these everyday cases that have cropped up (your wife cheats on you,etc.), i must say that those examples bear no relevance to the whole prospect of ignorance is bliss, it has to be considered on a slightly larger scale. However, another facet of ingorance is bliss is the inability to see beyond the borders of ones own life, the ineptitude to think outside the big box labeled “everyday problems”. And thusly, it seems, we have a cadre of very happy people in our midst…

  32. “Ignorance is bliss” makes me think of small children – or animals. They’re often happier than adults – or “people” in general, because they’re unaware of the numerous threats to their existence. I guess, Seneca said something similar writing about the fear people have for their lives. Sure, most children would not survive long without the protection of their parents or other adults (because of their ignorance). Nevertheless, they are, in fact, happier most of the time.

  33. “How could by ignorance be blissful in that circumstance?”

    Isn’t it supposed to be my ignorance be blissful?
    By asking that means that maybe you shouldn’t write about a subject if you don’t review it before you publish it.

  34. A girl is head over heels in love with her boyfriend. It dosnt work out and she feels she is not good enough.
    She is “uninformed” about the recent news of her ex with a beautiful girl more his type.

    “Ignorance is bliss”

  35. Anxiety gets the best of you.. Facts and statistics only deepen your condition. “Uneducated on certain facts” Not worrying until there is actually somthing to worry about.

    “ignorance is bliss”

  36. to be ignorant is to be unaware (and in this cause lets pretend that we are unware of anything at all as there seem to be too much we can be ignorant of) and to be unawares means you can’t tell the difference between being happy and unhappy since that is a set of thought built by society, how can anyone say that ignorance is blissful or not?

    eg 1
    some people believe that to be sacrificed is an honour
    who are we to say that when they get burn to death they are not blissful?

    eg 2
    some people used up their life to find ‘pi’ but never succeed and die in the end
    who are we to say that they were not happy during search, for all we know, they felt go because they knew that atleast they did attemp something

    has anyone here actually defined bliss?
    isn’t it the same as how be define beauty “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”
    the definition is subjective is it not?

  37. I think that ignorance is bliss relates to the knowledge of humans in whole. Ever since the first thought we lost a chance at ever reaching bliss again. I think that before humans started to explore and conquer we lived in bliss (like animals). For all the religous people (every since adam bit the apple). We were aware but not concious. As long as we have at least one intelligent, thinking, curious, human there can never be total ignorance. As far as we think we have come or as far as we think we will go, we all really never achieve or change anything. For the simple fact that we have yet to find the reason and purpose for life. All that we know is that we live and we die, everything else is filler. A tube t.v. to a flat screen, a telescope that looks across galaxies, nano technology, are all considered achievements but towards what? Sales! I believe “ignorance is bliss” we all feel that we have some sort of idea and understanding of our surroundings but we don’t. And we do not live in bliss because we are concious and know right from wrong and still choose to do wrong.

  38. OBAMA!! We have the unfortunate fortune of intellect. And live in the world that we live in. With that said I am glad that change has come. OBAMA!!

  39. I believe that Ignorance could sometimes be considered as bliss. I take my own case. I started a few years back, an I.T company (techxel). Little did I know back then what was required from me to run a business properly: leadership, hard work, continuous education, knowledge or tax rules, etc…
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not regretting making the decision but I would NEVER have started that business if I knew what I was getting myself into.
    It’s the same old “If I knew then what I know now….”

  40. I think the question we should ask is not if ignorance is really bliss or not, instead what to know and why to know something. We all live in this world knowing something that someone else might know or not know, we can’t know everything at once because there is no limit to knowledge. So the matter of fact is to raise awareness on matters with great importance for people who don’t know and let them understand, instead of laughing behind them like a jerk because they don’t know.

  41. I don’t think that ignorance is bliss and I am actually writing an essay about this same topic right now. But I don’t agree with your reasoning. Your comment about cancer and the shooting at the apartment is actually blissful. Though the realization of cancer will probably be worse, those days spent without knowing about cancer would actually be counted as blissful. The cancer victim did not know that he/she had a limited time to live and could continue living normally. Even if a cancer victim has a lot of time to live and “enjoy” life, the knowledge of having cancer is so great and painful in itself.

  42. Don’t be a dufus. Ignorance is Bliss is not a saying to be taken as universal truth in every situation. It is truth in the context of the discovery of immense suffering and cruelty. The world we humans have made is such a mess and sometimes it is better not knowing the details.

  43. I think that the phrase “ignorance is bliss” doesn’t necessarily refer to not knowing about a subject. I believe it refers to people who are ignorant in themselves. People with small minds, who lives their lives without questioning anything at all.

    I think that people are happier when they don’t question things, so ignorance is bliss in my opinion. Riggs and TME88 have a good point.

  44. Ignorance has now proven to be the most expensive commodity in human history now that ignorance has put so many incompetent liberals, lead by this cheap Lincoln wannabe obama, in charge of the God given rights and liberties we all are born with…

  45. @John,

    I’m truthfully scared of Obama. He has socialistic tendencies, which I’d rather avoid. I’d also like to remain ignorant in what he has in his stimilus packages.

  46. I believe that ignorance is truly bliss for the fact that everyone who believes that the left winged liberals are different from the right winged conservatives. THEY ARE NOT. these groups of malefactors have been making the public believe that their services are either good or necessary, but neither is true, just like the banks, the churches, other politician, the media, I could go on and on about this subject and the groups but I am hoping you get the point, the same point that has been sticking up you back side and mine for a long long time.. So me I wish not to stay ignorant about this and try to find a way to stop these malefactors..

    here is a video from below, just ignore the fact that it is titled the Obama Deception, and just watch the whole video so you will get it ok…

  47. ignorance is bliss for the fact that right winged people are tea bagging the wrong president here take a look at this video below..

  48. ignorance is bliss for the reason why our government has not legalized marijuana, I mean is would make sense, for the fact that they could tax it, and yes it would put less focus on the war on drugs and put more focus on more serious crimes… there is more below on the link I provided from High Times..

  49. I think it means, that when you don’t know something, you’re naive, and you are like, la la la, la la la, I’m in happy dream land, la la la…well, that’s my idea at least.

  50. Its not about people being knowing and being prepared, its blissful just not knowing at all…The less you know the less you worry about shit…pardn da profanity

  51. I think you misunderstood the saying. I think it focuses on the ‘unaware’ part. And the blissful part isn’t the observation of the fact you were ignorant, it’s that you are blissful while you are ignorant of the fact that you have cancer. If you did have cancer, you would not be in a state of bliss, but in one of panic and anxiety.

    In other words: If you are unaware of something terrible, you won’t feel terrible.

  52. Yes I think ignorance is bliss and I agree with dee a lil and I also think that the world is infinite with information its just in all in how you use it I think its like anything else if you use it too much it will raute your brain so in some aspects I think that ignorance is bliss and god bless all of yall

    1. Aileen Murillo, Philippines

      I take in all the world’s new information as God’s way of telling us to utilize His gifts. Aren’t we all equally equipped with the same amount of brain? Do we all equally use them? No analysis required or deep thinking as a prerequisite. It’s just being open to all the wonderful ideas, scenes, moments and people out there. We are free to observe and relax while we watch life unfolds in front of us and around us. All information whether new developments on technology or science but most importantly past experiences and current situations are all part of our development in life as a person. Ultimately, it’s God’s preparation for us when He asks, “What have you learned as a Human Being?”

  53. Ignorance is not bliss. Truth won’t kill you. Truth may be bitter, but truth alone sets you free. Only once your are free can you enjoy real bliss.

    1. Being free doesn’t assure real bliss but at least you are set free from the chain of lies. Ignorance can be sometimes fatal but sometimes circumstances like you have experience Ron is unavoidable. It just really happens.

  54. This saying has a different meaning for everyone that reads it. You make it relate to ideas that make up the majority of your thinking. So if you answer no then my idea is you are in the ignorant group and if your answer is yes then welcome to a miserable existence. If ignorance is bliss and willful ignorance is unheard of then what are intellectuals to do.

  55. Ignorance is bliss UNTIL YOU START FEELING THE PAIN.
    Pain is your friend because it is telling you to listen to the truth.
    Those who fail to listen to pain do not grow up, do not live.

  56. it takes knowledge to stop the power of money!! those who bleieve they don’t have the knowledge to stop that power is ignorant!!

  57. There have come times where I have chosen not to watch the news because there is too much going on in my world to pay attention. While being ignorant to what was going on helped me and I caught up later. So sometimes ignorance is bliss.

    1. I think you missed the point, yeah I know that money is power, and it is also the rout of all that is evil! that is why I said it takes knowledg to stop the power of money… and also another thing is the power of people can stop the power of money, but they wont because they are greedy, they get controlled by that power, mabe we should ask ourselve, how did humanity servive befor money even came? they servived off the land!! and we can do the same thing today!!!

      1. that is why money is the root of all evil, because everybody loves money, and I admite I even love money, why does everybody love money? because everybody is dependant on money, and cannot servive without it and/or thinks that we cannot… but if we go back to the basics then we can, we can grow our own vegitables and fruits, we can have livestock on our propety.. we just need the ambition to do so, then we can rid ourselves the love of money, then money can and will lose power!!

  58. Being aware is key to survival. Cemeteries are filled with ignorants who didn’t see it coming.

    I guess it is a bliss cause you don’t it is coming but it still sucks because you are dead.


  59. None of you are getting the point. Let’s go back to the beginning.

    Awareness can introduce more sorrow and pain than could EVER enter your life if you were ignorant. I’ve experienced this about a million times. When people say “Ignorance is bliss,” they’re not talking about some stupid parking ticket that you forgot to fill out that could end up getting you in trouble without you knowing it. They’re not alluding to something as shallow and physical as, say, being ignorant of the booger inside of the bite of burger you just took.

    Those of us who are thinkers, who are philosophers, who know humanity and life are deeper and more convoluted than we ever thought possible… we know that ignorance is bliss because of the faults of humanity that become beautiful. I’ll elaborate on this in a sec. People who say that humanity is stupid are, quite frankly, right… but they’re also stupid as well, because they say this in a way like anything we ever do, anything our children ever do, anything that even happens on this little rock in the middle of nowhere, will amount to anything or even matter at all. It doesn’t. That’s not pessimism; I’m quite the optimist. The beauty of life is in its subjectivity — the fact that we each have a different opinion of it and can make due with that as we please; the fact that we CAN be stupid and ignorant. This is why I said that people who speak of faults like they’re bad are stupid (and quite beautifully so). However, the more complicated of an opinion one has, the more that life itself becomes more complicated. More and more every day, every single decision and reaction and reflex and emotion is questioned and put into deeper thought to try and analyze it with the greater whole of the mind and humanity, and this gets REALLY freakin’ old after a while. Trust me. Soon enough, you find out things like life is an opinion, even facts are subjective, humanity’s ultimate goal is happiness, connection and acceptance (a grey mindset) can solve virtually any large-scale problem with human nature, and willful ignorance (NOT to be mistaken for regular ignorance) is the most unforgivable evil in our world.

    And ignorance is bliss not because you can realize more bad. It’s bliss because you’re not ALWAYS analyzing, you’re not ALWAYS absorbed with the vast complexity of the world around you, when all you have is your own little bubble. Granted, you’re able to change more with intelligence (hence “knowledge is power”), but that doesn’t mean you’ll be happier once you do, because any influence you have will also be infinitely questioned and put into greater perspective. This curse continues for the rest of our known lives, and those of us who think with endless analysis and flexibility and change often find that the path to knowledge is much harder than the path of simple unawareness.

    That is why ignorance is bliss. Because some of us don’t want to question EVERYTHING and analyze EVERYTHING and become so complicated and refined in our minds that we end up looking upon faults as beautiful. It’s just… easier to be an idiot.

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