Is Forced Change Ever a Good Thing?

I spent most of last week in Texarkana, Texas spending Thanksgiving with my wife's family. I didn't exactly go there to work on anything; I went to have Thanksgiving. Of course, my presence there was a little awkward and nobody knew why I was really there. Predictably, the arrows were hurled in my direction and I did my best to dodge them. I do have to stop and ponder a bit when someone else tells me I am "broken." In my eyes, I am as broken as everyone else. I don't need a therapist, a wife, or anybody for that matter telling me about all of my imperfections. I know some of those imperfections, but others I do not know about. I see the broken part of me as being a side-effect of a sinful nature. I am not perfect. But I also am not broken. Continue Reading...
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