iPhone to the Rescue – Part II

My iPhone has helped several people recently. Here are their stories.

I Can’t Find My Tattoo

So I was with my friend at a tattoo place called Ink Spot (no, I still won’t get one) and she was scanning through all of the wall charts and magazines.

“I can’t find my tattoo, help me find it.”

I scoffed saying, “If we were in a Mac store, would you help me find something I wanted?”

“Good point” she said.

But I could see her frustration starting to mount.

“I can’t find it anywhere!”

“What was it?” I asked.

She mentioned it was some kind of celtic symbol from Charmed.

“Do you wanna try finding it on my iPhone?”

She grabbed my phone and eventually found it on AOL Image Search.

She handed the iPhone to the tattoo artist. He took the phone and drew up the tattoo using the image on the phone.

And the result? See for yourself.


Where’s Another Sex Shop?

While I at the same tattoo parlor, I went outside to get some fresh air. Next to the place was a sex shop.

This guy walked out and non-chalantly asked me, “Do you know of any other sex shops around here?”

I responded, “If you’ll give me a sec, I can look them up on my phone.”

I found three places, and he wrote them down so he could punch them into his GPS.

I can picture my readers shaking their heads, but hey, I’ll take any opportunity to show off my iPhone.


My co-worker and I were about to embark on an eight hour drive to Savannah, Georgia from Huntsville, Alabama.

We had breakfast, and then we were off in our separate vehicles.

He called me twenty minutes later to say that he had broken down just outside of Decatur.

I asked him where he was, and he responded, “At a McDonalds.”

I typed in “McDonalds” into the Maps application, and went down the list until we found which one he was at.

I went back to get him, and used the iPhone to look up numbers of tow places, and nearby auto shops.

He ended up riding with me down to Savannah, and used my iPhone the whole way there (and back) as entertainment. We also jammed to my music over the car stereo.

Where the heck are we?

I had the opportunity to fly in a helicopter this week in Savannah. As we flew over Tybee beach, one of the pilots commented, “I’m trying to find this road down there. It’s where I used to live.”

I whipped out my iPhone and pin-pointed my GPS location using the Maps application.

I told him it was a little north-west.

We eventually found it, although I’m not sure if my iPhone was 100% the reason we did.

Other iPhone stories

Please feel free to share your own iPhone stories in the comments, whether you own one or have experienced it second-hand.

12 thoughts on “iPhone to the Rescue – Part II”

  1. Every time I try to find something on my iphone I feel like I’m showing off. Last night I helped a friend of mine find the name of the song she heard n the bar and everyone else were like… Ah! Ever since he got his iphone he just can’t get enough of it. 😀

  2. Not so much of a help story, but a fun prank I play with mine. My twin sister covets iPhones, but as long as her employer pays for her cell phone but doesn’t permit iPhones, she cannot switch without considering it a waste of free money. So whenever we are out and about, looking for a movie theater, driving down the road, etc. she’ll ask, “Where are we going?” and I’ll make a dramatic gesture of saying, “I don’t know. But maybe my 16GB iPhone 3G can find out!” She hates me to this day.

  3. @Spamboy,


    I think I’m a parking lot vulture’s worst nightmare. Once I get in my car, I usually find something I want to listen to, and then check Maps if I need directions. I then proceed to punch the address into my Garmin.

    After doing all this, I put my seatbelt on and realize someone’s waiting on me to back out. Ooops.

  4. The G1 can do everything the Iphone can do and more =D. Not to mention the G1 is more sexy.. G1 for life! iphone users really need to start living in the “now”.

  5. I do love the IPhone and I applaud you for useing it to help your fellow whether it is to find a sex shop or a sushi bar.

    I want one but cant afford it yet 🙁

  6. Okay . . . I have the Blackberry storm . . . Blackberry is without a doubt, a business phone. We can open our emails, see attachments, etc. We don’t have cool features such as all of the games and the ability to navigate and play a game by moving the actual phone around. The choice of phone is all based on what you need it for . . . I have to admit though . . . when I’m sick and tired of reading emails or stranded in some airport waiting for my connections and just want to kick back and relax and have a little fun whether it be searching for something on the internet and/or play a game – I REALLY WISH I HAD THE IPHONE!!

  7. My friend and I got lost in downtown San Diego on Halloween. It was craaaaaaaazy . . . people partying everywhere.

    iPhone to the rescue! GPS navigation. We followed the blue dot back to our hotel.

    That was the first time I had used the GPS function even though I had gotten the phone several months prior. Use it all the time now.

  8. Iphones are pretty amazing. my favorite app is one that helps you figure out a song title while its playing at a bar (or other place). You record 10 seconds of audio and the app will figure out the song based on a huge database. That’s cool!

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