For those nights I just can't sleep

Laying in bed, watching the clock,

I adjust my pillow, kick off my socks,

Bury my head, turn on the fan,

Get out of bed, gotta go to the can,

Turn on the TV, pop in a movie,

Crank the fan higher, maybe the breeze will soothe me,

Pull up the covers, turn off the TV,

I start thinking of Christ and what he wants me to be,

I might think of a girl, could it be her and me,

But my negative thinking blocks whatever I see.

I think of school, my future in doubt,

Will it be worth it, or will I just burn out,

And what happens if I’m unable to make it,

Will everyone turn on me, and will I be able to take it.

I look up; again I look at the clock,

Its late, but the thoughts in my head still mock,

Sleep soon, or tomorrow you’ll be tired,

And if you sleep through work, chances are you’ll be fired,

The stress of tomorrow, I can see clear ahead,

Waking up in the morning is the moment I dread.

I stare at the ceiling, thinking of my first kiss,

Or cry at the love that I feel I have missed,

Or flashback to the fun of the people I bugged,

Or be lonely and desperate for the feel of a hug.

I look at the clock, it’s now really late,

Could it really have been something I ate.

I pull up the covers, curl up in a ball,

Fluff my pillow and stare at the wall,

Her image, her beauty, in my thoughts dwell,

But together, me and her, to my mind I can’t sell.

My homework is finished,

But my hope is diminished,

The day is done,

But I have not won,

I just can’t sleep

The time starts to creep,

I close my eyes,

But open them to watch the sun rise.

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