In Need of Suggestions

I am trying to add several new features to my website, but my current design doesn’t have “space” for any more features. In my opinion, the current design is rather cluttered and I’m hoping to break things down and make life easier for any users of my site.

I constructed a new layout for my site, and I’m having second thoughts about it. I’ve created the skeleton. It has room for a logo, a “about this website blurb” at the top, a content pane, and two sidebars where I can organize various blog content. Perhaps you can leave a comment about what you think of the layout?


Ronalfy Sample Layout

5 thoughts on “In Need of Suggestions”

  1. Well I can't do much about the boxy design, although I think the new design is a lot less boxy than the current one.

    I'm hoping that after I add in all the content, and fluff images, the site will have a lot more color and life.

  2. No to the new layout–no offense. I agree with Sarah, too boxy and no personality. Think of your likes, interests, emotions, inspirations, etc. and go from there… I'm sure it will be fine.

    And I don't (really) like AFI, I just like "Silver and Cold" a lot or as least the way Davey Havok sings, "…oh my beautiful one." I'm listening to Saosin a lot now. Loud, screamy junk.

  3. Didn’t know where to put this but I was wondering if you’re still supporting FeedStyler. I’ve been using it for a while but FeedStyler doesn’t seem to like WP 2.6.

    All the best!

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