I'm Trying to End My Love-Affair With Cigarettes

This may come as a surprise to those closest to me: I am still a cigarette addict.

My History of Smoking

I have been been an off-again, on-again smoker since I picked up my first dreadful cigarette when I was fourteen. Back then my best friend smoked, and I thought the look of smoke coming out of someone's mouth was cool. As nasty as the cigarettes tasted, I persisted and eventually found I could not live without them. Being fourteen and a smoker is not a good thing. You always have to bum cigarettes or beg people to buy packs for you at the store. Sometimes I stole my packs when I couldn't find a buyer. I was that addicted. I was fired from my first job in Fairbanks, Alaska for being an underage smoker. My boss caught me smoking behind the building and terminated me on the spot. Yet I still continued to smoke. Continue Reading...
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