I'm Taking Voice Lessons

I’ve always been one to try to perfect (as much as possible) a craft I love and enjoy. For example, I got heavily into film and slide photography when I was a college student. As a result, when digital photography exploded, I was already ready and knew more about film theory than most people.

The same with dancing. I’ve always been a terrible dancer, but my ex-wife forced me to take lessons. I learned proper form, how to lead, and how to “swang ‘dem hips.”

Most of you know by know I LOVE karaoke. I’ve always been told I’ve had a decent voice, but I never really had the confidence, or the range/stamina, to make a serious endeavor out of it.

To better my “craft”, I decided to take lessons from a Vocal Coach in OKC named Rob Keiter. I found him on Craigslist initially (not the ideal meeting ground), but after our first meeting, I talked him into having a dedicated website for his voice services.

The result is VoiceCoachOKC.com. You can check out a screenshot below:

Voice Training in Oklahoma City

I’ve only had two lessons with Rob so far, and I must say, I’ve already significantly improved in confidence, and that is the most important thing ever, whether it is dancing, singing, or speaking a foreign language to a stranger.

He already has me on breathing exercises, didn’t scold me for liking punk or top-40 music, and even said I can realize my full voice potential while smoking (I can’t currently quit smoking cigarettes, but that’s another blog post down the line).

If I’m brave, I’ll post a before, middle, and (when Rob tells me I’m ready) after video. My goal is to sing “The Gift” by Angels and Airwaves. Ever since I’ve heard the song, I’ve been wanting to serenade the right woman with the song.

Anyways, all this to say, if you are in the OKC area and are looking for someone to help improve or develop a singing voice, I’d recommend the voice training of Rob Keiter. He’s brand new to OKC, is currently undercharging by A LOT, and has available openings.

Take care and hope to make you cringe with my voice soon!

3 thoughts on “I'm Taking Voice Lessons”

  1. Ron,

    You’re back!

    That is cool that you are taking voice lessons. I look forward to your videos detailing your progress.

    Did you build the website for Mr. Keiter?


  2. Congrats on starting voice lessons. Is that a new passion or something you always loved but never had the time to spend time on?

    I love karaoke but I wouldn’t go as far as taking voice lessons.

    @Rob: Yes he did a great job. Your site looks really professional


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