I'm Sick of Sarah

I have a love hate relationship with the name Sarah. One of my favorite artists is Sarah McLachlan. My ex-wife’s name is Sarah. And then our new (potential) vice president is Sarah Palin.

When I came across a band named Sick of Sarah, it had my immediate attention.

The band (a girl band) is a nice mix of hard rock, emo, and punk. Here are some YouTube videos of two of my favorites from their recent album (also called Sick of Sarah).

Breakdown – A nice hard-rock ballad with some punk flavoring (this video is a cover)

Common Mistake – A nice acoustic intro, with a very catchy chorus (this version differs from the more polished album version)

10 thoughts on “I'm Sick of Sarah”

  1. I thought you were sick of Sarah Palin. It seems she is all the buzz these days.

    This is a great band. Very impressive. That’s what I like about MySpace and YouTube—no name bands can get heard.

  2. I’ll second consistent love/hate relationships with those of certain names (and birthdays). My (now) better half a good name and birthdate … her predecessors of the “know this is gonna begin/end (poorly)” variety. Moral of the story: make up a new name when you meet somebody cute, so you can’t blame their old name for their failures!

    p.s. I’ve never known an Obama before, so this is something of a wildcard for me. Joe on the other hand… [shivers]

    Oh, and you still have the same #? We’ll have to get together sometime… geez, I’ve been in town like 5 months and still owe you Rosie’s!

  3. Both those video’s are fan video’s. The first one of the girl, she’s covering one of there songs. and the second someone else made using SoS music. You should check out there own video’s they post up on there youtube page. They are posting 100 video’s in 100 days! I think there up to the #15 video.. the girls are so funny and awesome!

    youtube.com/sickofsarah – Kinbarii 🙂

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