I Wanna #*%$# You

“I wanna #*%$# you.” my sister said to me recently.

I was momentarily caught off guard. I looked in her eyes for any inclination of sarcasm or facetiousness.

“Um, what? Did I hear you correctly?”

“Your uni-brow. It needs to be plucked.”

I inwardly breathed a sigh of relief as I released my sister as an incestuous vulture.

“Why, what did you think I said?” she asked.

“What rhymes with pluck?” I replied.

She instantly started laughing. “Oh my God. Um, no!”

“Yeah, you stupid plucker. Stay away from me.”


  1. LOL sounds like something my wife would hear… you could be talking about apple computers and some how she would hear walking the dog … FUNNY STUFF!!!

  2. Wow Ronald that’s gross

  3. shocked me a lil with that first paragraph!

  4. maybe my girlfriend will slap my face if i will tell to her “I wanna #*%$# you.” lol

  5. Ronald Jeffery Huereca……now you know you’re in trouble when I use all 3 of your names. Sooooo inappropriate. Can’t believe you blogged about this. You’re so silly, and btw, you really do need a good plucking, mr una-brower

  6. What does it mean #*%$# ? 😉

  7. LOL this is pretty funny. I’ve had a few of these experiences myself thinking one thing was said when it was another but this situation is downright sick!

  8. @Bazy – there are many meaning of #*%$#, it is depends on the person whom you will tell. this words have hidden meaning

  9. there are actually two main meanings of the word: the friendly (nuances required…) and the hatry (if i may say it like that).

  10. Ewww!… and very funny at the same time… 🙂

    That had to be a very awkward moment.

  11. this is all to good … how many of you read this blog thinking it was something else … lol

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