I Lose

I was introduced to a game by my co-worker. The game is simply entitled, “The Game.”

In order to play the game successfully, you must forget that the game even exists. When you remember that you are playing the game, you’ve already lost. In fact, I am losing as I type this. Whenever you think of “The Game”, you must loudly exclaim that you have lost.

Unfortunately, this is one of those “ignorance is bliss” type of games. The sad thing is, you’re probably thinking what a stupid game this is. However, while thinking about how stupid of an idea “The Game” is, you’re losing. You’ve probably gone through most of your life and not “lost.” How sad. Now go on and continue losing. Hopefully you’ll be winning again soon. Just don’t think of yourself as winning, because then you’ll be losing again.

2 thoughts on “I Lose”

  1. "Unholy" wasn't literally with a religious context. I just meant "bad" or "forbidden" would be a better choice. I'm not even engaged 🙁 (yet), but a girl can dream. Interesting game; I lost. And I like the rough of the new layout! Kudos.

  2. Ever watch the movie "Waiting".. Now they have a good game to play at work.. Watch out for the brain or the goat!

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