How to Create Killer Content – Part 2

Every blogger (should I even call myself that nowadays?) has an idea of how to create killer content that attracts readers.

My goal with this site is to lose readers (i.e., kill them).

So here are some instructions to follow:

1. Find a really hot girl at a bar, and make sure she’s dating an ex-marine.
2. Make sure the ex-marine is right next to her.
3. Go up to said girl and slam a beer bottle on her head.
4. ???
5. Death!

Indeed, killer content is your friend.

Whatever you do, please don’t try the above technique at home. It’s more effective in a bar with lots of people.


  1. Excellent advice in theory. I tried it. Didn’t work. The marine thanked me for whacking his bitch and insisted on compensating me for the beer.

  2. Agreed lol. I think everyone should go through those steps. The hot girls at bars get way too much attention anyways.

    • Hot girls at bars are one of the reasons I go to a bar. That and watch the pickup action at work. Flirting drunks are funny, more entertaining than anything I can find on TV.

      I can drink beer at home!

  3. Hi Ronald,
    Happy to read your blog, I thought there is Killer content about blogging but it’s different. Anyway the way you write it’s absolutely superb. I’ll back to your blog, waiting for your next post.

  4. Ha! Hot girls at bars to get way to much attention. However, I’d rather hit the guy wearing the sunglasses inside… You’re inside!!!

  5. Why need to flex your muscles. Use a tranquilizer gun instead, she will surely fall on the floor in a sec. LOL

  6. I tried it but no luck. The hot girl is wearing a combat helmet.

  7. This was hilarious
    @ECE: Those girls will looks like warfreaks LOL

  8. As others say..content is king!

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