How Fast Do You Type?

Typing Test

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Alex challenged me to a Speedtest. I will admit I failed the first few times. The trick is not to try too hard.

Try your own Speedtest.

35 thoughts on “How Fast Do You Type?”

  1. Wow Ron!

    92, that is awesome. I won’t even try to beat you. That will be too difficult. But you are right, don’t try too hard. I won’t work. I was surprised, when I typed it without rush, I had the best results at the end.

    Curious if someone can beat you.

    By the way, which total place did you make with 92?

  2. Ronald Huereca

    So you achieved position 12462 of 1628778 on the ranking list.

    Yes, the trick is to take your time.

  3. omg how do u cheat??? i could only make 97 WPM !! and im 12 !
    i really want to know how to cheat so plz write back if you know how to cheat so i can do the same!!! xxxx emily xxxx

  4. Hello, Mr. Ronald.
    Would you please tell me your secret of cheating. I will try to check on this website as fast as possible, that would be atleast 3 months from now, because I am a very busy man. I’d also like you to give me some hints/tips on how to type faster. Thank you very much for your precious time

    ~Mr. Killer~

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