How Developers Feel Quoting Time

Begin phone call

You: We have an urgent meeting and I need you here in 30 minutes.

Me: I can be there in an hour.

You: You live 30 minutes away.

Me: Traffic conditions indicate a 45 minute drive, plus I need time to head out, and once I arrive, park.

You: But I really need you here in 30 minutes!

Me: Can I use the company helicopter?

You: No.

Me: The company jetpack?

You: No!  Be serious!

Me: Can I skype in?

You: No!

Me: Will you explain to the cops the urgency after a freeway chase?

You: No. Get here.  Now!

One hour passes

You: The client is furious!  You’re 30 minutes late.

Me: I got here exactly when I said I would be.

You: I told the client 30 minutes!

Me: Perhaps your reality and expectations need an alignment.

The end! 

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