Hopedoor is on iTunes

For those fortunate enough to have an iTunes music store account, you should check out a band called Hopedoor. The band is a Christian praise-and-worship band with some beautiful songs. You will not be able to find this band in any “popular” retail establishments, so the band being on iTunes is a big convenience.

Two songs of note that I particularly enjoy are entitled Grace Like Rain and Word of God Speak. Hopedoor’s Grace Like Rain puts Todd Agnew’s version of the song to shame. Hopedoor’s version of Word of God Speak is also well done due to the song’s upbeat nature.

If you do decide to check out Hopedoor, please leave a comment with what you think about the band.

6 thoughts on “Hopedoor is on iTunes”

  1. I had every intention about coming on here to tell you that Hope Door's "Grace Like Rain" does not do Todd Agnew's any justice. But now that I've got Rhapsody working again and can listen to longer than 30 seconds of it, I definitely have to agree (especially the strings at the end).

  2. I have to agree with both of you. I love their cd! I just recently bought it at a girls youth conference that i went to. Donna was there, i actually had the chance to talk to her. She made a comment that she had the same shirt i was wearing. She is a great singer! Im so glad that I went, Im actually listening to their cd right now! I really wish i could find there website

  3. Ruth,

    Thanks for the feedback. That's awesome that you got to meet Donna. I wish I had to a chance to see her/them while I was in Texas.

    The 'Honest' CD to me is going to be one of those CDs I listen to years and years from now. Did she mention any possibility of a follow-up?

    I did find Donna Stuart's MySpace profile and this quote on her site:

    2. Do you have a website?
    No. There's no need for a website when my online presence is here at my space… free of charge:)

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