Hooray for Surprise Packages

When I got home last Thursday, I saw a UPS sticker attached to my door. My package was in the apartment office. I scratched my head and thought to myself, “I didn’t order anything, nor am I expecting anything.”

I approached my apartment office building hesitantly, expecting the worst. It is a rather rare occasion that I will get a package without at least some forewarning.

I asked the polite lady in the office for my package and I discovered that the package had come from my sister.

“Why did my sister send me a package?” I thought.

Only after devouring (and sharing) my lovely treats that my sister sent me did I bother to call her to ask why she had sent me the package.

“It was because you quit smoking.” My sister said enthusiastically.

My sister is incredibly thoughtful because even I forgot that I had quit smoking. I never thought that my quitting smoking was a big deal, but my sister was kind enough to reward me for my effort.

Thanks sis.

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