Home is where my ZIP Code is.

Being a military brat, I had a rather awkward experience when I was visiting my friend this weekend for his wedding.

His future mother in-law asked me, “So where are you from?”

I replied, “I’m not really from anywhere.”

“Well, where were you born?”

I replied, “In Texas. But I have never lived there.”

Growing aggravated, she asked, “Well, where do you call home?”

I responded, “Home is where my ZIP code is.”

Growing even more aggravated and confused, she asked, “Well, then where is home?”

I smiled, “Currently?”

She nodded yes.


8 thoughts on “Home is where my ZIP Code is.”

  1. I have a similar issue Ronald. I was born in Edinburgh (near there anyway) and live there for 6 months or so, then moved to Cardiff for 13 years, then Oxford for 13 years, now Huddersfield in Yorkshire. It isn’t a lot of stops but enough to not be quite sure where I am ‘from’.

  2. Ron, I know the feeling having grown up as an Air Force Brat. It seems like everytime you got a new best friend it was time to pick up and move again. I do enjoy knowing what I learned about the world from traveling. As I became a teenager my parents seperated and Mom moved us to some little hick town in Minnesota, population 10,000. It was immediate culture shock for me. Most of the kids there had never seen the ocean, not to mention they also took time off from school during harvest season to operate combines. I felt way out of place. Thank God I was only there for about 1/2 of a school year. I begged Dad to move back to Vandenberg in California. Being back around what I considered normal people at the time was very refreshing.

    I was born in Phoenix in 1966 when Dad went to Nam and my Mom stayed with my Grandma, who by the way is 93 now and still going strong. I’ve been back in Phoenix since 1994 and I can proudly say that I have adopted a permanent zip code.

  3. @Rick,

    That’s great. I would love to live in Phoenix. I went to college there.

    When I was 16, my mom moved us to Springfield, Colorado (population 2,000). I as in Las Vegas, Nevada before that. I can definitely relate to the extreme culture shock 🙂

  4. Heh, she should have left it at “Texas.” 🙂

    I feel ya, though, even having only lived in three places all within 60 miles of one another. When asked that same question, I have to pause and wonder if they mean where I live now or where I grew up. Especially when it comes to people in the town I live in who can be kind of elitist and sometimes not real friendly/open towards people who aren’t “from” here. Which also has me laughing at Rick’s comment as the town I live in has a population of about 4,400. 🙂

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