One of the things I like to do on this site is post reviews of artists I like. You might remember my posts on Flyleaf and Sick of Sarah (the latter went mainstream).

Two artists I would like to mention are Hey Monday and Paramore.

Both have female lead singers, and both belong to the alt-punk genre.

For those interested in buying the albums, I’ve included some Amazon links at the bottom of this post.

Hey Monday

I picked up the “Hold on Tight” album by Hey Monday at a Target under the emerging artists section. With my handy iPhone, I previewed some of their songs, and decided on the purchase.

Here’s a few songs I particularly like, with the songs contrasting from heavy rock to acoustic.


At first I was put off by the “rock ballad” sound of the song, but the chorus caught me, especially the vocal solo towards the end of the song.

6 Months

Who can resist a love song? I picked this song because it shows the great range of the singer.


Anybody who has played Rock Band 2 has probably heard of Paramore.

Their song “That’s What You Get” might as well be a classic, and I even heard it on the radio in Austin, TX.

Here are a few of their non-mainstream songs that I quite like from the Riot! CD.

Misery Business – Acoustic

The acoustic version of “Misery Business” is a nice bragging song about a girl who got the guy in the end.

The CD version is a little more polished.


This is what I perceive as a spiritual song (I hold the hope that Paramore is a Christian band — see We Are Broken).

Links to the Bands’ CDs

The following links are affiliate links where you can buy digital copies of the album and/or song (as well as a physical copy)