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I am currently in Savannah, Georgia on a business trip.

Out of sheer luck (or, clever planning), I managed to be able to stay a non-working weekend (err, paid weekend with no work) in the great state of Georgia.

I have two relatives that live close by, so I decided to make a weekend trip out of it and pay them a visit.

One of my visits was to my Uncle Denton and Aunt Connie in Greenville, South Carolina.

Greenville is absolutely beyond beautiful, so I was more than willing to make the drive up to see them.

My Uncle Denton runs a Greenville site called Greenville Daily Photo, where he posts a photo a day of something to do with downtown Greenville (and sometimes beyond).

Back in my college days, I was really into photography (this was before digital photography really caught on). I gave up on it because it was too expensive and too much of a chore.

My Uncle let me play with his Nikon several times, and that sort of lured me back into what used to be my love of photography.

It wasn’t until everyone was sound asleep that I went outside and observed the construction near their dwelling. I grabbed his Nikon and did a couple of night shots.

The photo (see below) came about after several attempts, but I think it came out quite well.

The Photo


After seeing the resulting photo in all its glory, I was quite pleased. I have now convinced myself I want to get back into photography.

As great as I think this photo is, I think it could use some digital editing magic.

A Photoshop Contest?

Here is a full-size creative commons photo in all its glory.

Don’t be tricked by the word contest. There really are no winners. And there really is no prize.

But if you have some spare time, take the photo and see what you can do with it.

Please use your favorite image-hosting site and submit the link in the comments (beware, some comments will be moderated, but they will be approved in short order).

I look forward to any resulting alterations.

Thanks and take care.

5 thoughts on “Greenville, South Carolina Photo”

  1. Sweet shot. The nice thing about digital cameras is that I can be a mediocre photographer but be able to take enough pictures that one is bound to turn out. 🙂

    Do you wish you hadn’t disposed of your slide scanner? 😀


  2. I gave up on photography too because of it being expensive.

    I miss it and I think it is great that something has pit a spark back into your interest. I am looking forward to brushing up on my photoshop skills.

  3. ya i agree great photo. there is a painting that reminds me of this photo it called the rock. i think it hangs in the art institute of Chicago. it shows the old and the new or at least rebuilding. it worth a look.

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