Greenville, SC

For my Thanksgiving adventure, I drove from Huntsville to Greenville, South Carolina to visit extended family. I had a great time and would love to go back.

For those not familiar with Greenville, here’s a photo blog that details Greenville’s appearance. It has a tremendously gorgeous downtown that I think all cities should be modeled after.

The Nightlife

I spent two nights there and after hours I went to the Connolly’s Irish Pub. The pub had great prices and a nice atmosphere with great live music. I met one guy named Sam on leave from Afghanistan and a couple of Coast Guard people. I also met some really nice ladies (Daniel and Liz) that last night I was there, but didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. I searched forever on Facebook, but with no luck.

The great thing about the downtown area is that the hotel I was staying at was within walking distance of all of the bars/clubs downtown. This was nice since I didn’t have to worry about a taxi. And walking at night downtown is a pretty relaxing experience.

The Hotel

The hotel I stayed at was the called the Westin, which is a very nice 4-star hotel.

The thing I didn’t like about staying in a 4-star was all of the hidden prices. I had to pay for continental breakfast (food plus gratuity, delivery, and tax), parking ($6 a day), and Internet ($10 a day).

Other than all of the hidden charges, the hotel stay was great and I’d probably stay there again if given another opportunity.


Greenville was a great experience and the drive through Atlanta was uneventful even though the cops were out in full force. I like experiencing new places. Hopefully on my next trip I will have brought a camera (I don’t own one, for shame) and share some photos.

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  1. I’m with you. My uncle Paul has lived in Greenville for almost 30 years, and I got to visit a few years back. Seems to have a strong economy and a lot of natural beauty as well. Also a 2 hour drive from Atlanta or Charlotte for the easily bored. CBB

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