Google, Check Your Temperature

Google, what are you doing giving a personal blog a page rank of 6? Are you nuts? Not that I’m complaining, I suppose. I guess it’s a combination of being around for a while, and refusing to place text links.

I suppose I better start writing some controversial stuff again 🙂

As a side note, another blog I help run (the Reader Appreciation Project) is now a pagerank of 5.

7 thoughts on “Google, Check Your Temperature”

  1. @Myo,

    Selling TLA is a good way to bring your PR down. I’d rather not mess with Google. For some reason they like me at the moment. Not sure why. It’s like the in-law you’ve been trying to please for years, and all the sudden you start receiving gifts in the mail.

  2. Yeah I’ve noticed PR jumping all over the place… some blogs/sites that used to have a PR5-6 are now down to 3 because they were selling text links. I also see some random sites getting high PR with few high PR links, which is surprising to me. It seems like they are giving even more juice for domain age, which is understandable but frustrating for newer site owners trying to rank.

  3. Page ranking is kind of fuzzy at best. Also, page ranking does seem to be a linear scale. 6 seems to be 10X as hard to reach as 5 and 7 seems to be 10X as hard to reach as 6.


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