Go Paramore! Part 2

You might remember my last review on Paramore (which is quickly becoming my favorite band).

Their latest (and much anticipated) CD was released a little over a week ago to much fanfare. Practically everyone loves the new CD.

Their new CD is called “Brand New Eyes” and has quite a few catchy tunes.

Here are some of my favorites:

Brick by Boring Brick

This song discusses breaking down barriers to someone building a wall between them and the world.

Turn it Off (Acoustic)

Turn it Off talks about going through hard times, and how things get a lot worse before they get better.

The Only Exception

This is a love song directed at someone who helped someone else see past the disappointment of love.

Links to the CD

I highly recommend you buy the Deluxe version from the iTunes music store so you can get all the acoustic versions, as well as a bonus music video.

Your Favorite Paramore Songs

If you are a fan of Paramore, what are your favorite Paramore songs? Also, what do you think of their new CD?

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