Flyleaf – Part 2

Let’s just say I’m a “huge” fan of girl bands, especially Flyleaf. In case you missed it, I love Hey Monday, Sick of Sarah, and Paramore as well.

My closest friends always ask me, “Why do you like girl singers and bands so much?” I personally have no clue, but I am drawn to them much more than the likes of Linkin’ Park and *gag* Nickelback.

The new Flyleaf album Memento Mori (iTunes link) is the band’s sophomore effort. In honesty, I think the original is overall superior, but the new effort has two songs that I think are absolutely and breathtakingly fabulous. It also solidifies in my mind that Flyleaf is indeed a Christian band.

Tiny Heart

This song appears to be a person waiting for that other person to notice them. I sense more symbolism, and with Flyleaf, there definitely is some. I just can’t quite pick up on it.


A very uplifting song to remember that humankind is one and that it’s worth fighting for. It’s a song that tells us to not quit when it’s difficult.

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