Five Political Issues That Must Be Solved Now

There are many issues being debated by the United States and its Congress. This post will go over the five political issues that I think should be solved immediately.

Minimum Wage

The fight to raise minimum wage is in full swing. The democrats have already been able to pass a minimum wage increase, but the bill has yet to be signed into law since there is some debate over tax breaks in the Senate.

The democrats tried to sneak in a minimum wage agreement into the bill to fund the Iraq war, but President Bush vetoed the bill. I am personally against minimum wage, but for the people that “need” it, this issue needs to be solved.


With May Day protests, the immigration debate is back into full swing. Some want amnesty. Some what deportations.

You have religious leaders saying that barring immigration is not “loving thy neighbor.” Congress has approved building a fence, but has yet to fund the venture.

Congress needs to figure out what to do with illegal immigrants and find out quickly. This is not an issue that will get better as time passes.

The Iraq War

I’ve written previously that we should withdraw from Iraq and then debated myself to argue that the troops should stay.

To be honest, it seems my opinion changes based on the lunar cycles. The Iraq War is something the United States should win and that I hope dearly we will win. However, political pressure at home is forcing us as a nation to evaluate whether the war in Iraq is worth it.

This nation needs to decide on something: do we go, or do we stay? Whatever decision this nation makes, we must be ready to deal with the consequences.

Gas Prices

The average price for American gas prices is $3.07. This is an all-time high figure, with prices expecting to go higher.

The higher gas prices are blamed on “mechanical problems” at various oil refineries throughout the country and overseas. The conspirator in me thinks that having Memorial Day approaching and higher gas prices is just a little too convenient.

This country desperately needs to rid itself of its oil dependence and invest in feasible alternative-fuel solutions.

Social Security

Social Security used to be one of President Bush’s main goals. Unfortunately, the American public could care less about the issue. Congress could care less as well.

Social Security as we know it may last until about 2041. After that, it’s anybody’s guess as to what happens with the fund. Drastic changes need to be made to the system, and these changes need to happen now for some kind of beneficial long-term benefits.


Thank you for reading my post on the five political issues that must be solved now. This post was an entry into a group project at ProBlogger. The topic was to write a “top 5” post.

23 thoughts on “Five Political Issues That Must Be Solved Now”

  1. I agree with you mr. Ronald Huerca. These are indeed critical issues that should be resolved as soon as possible. Not only does it threaten to collapse the world economy, it also affects all people who are living here on earth.

    A very nice post!

    If you have time, why don’t you drop by my post:

    It’s also an entry for the problogger top 5- group writing project. ^^ Good luck to us all!

  2. Great list here. I'd add to that a repairing of the US's standing on the world stage, a coherent policy to deal with North Korea and Iran, and a reduction in greenhouse gasses.

  3. Unfortunately, Social Security does seem to be the "third rail" of politics.
    I don't think a political solution in advance of the problem is possible.

  4. Raise the minimum wage, Get out of Iraq, Secure the borders and grant amnesty to the cheap source of labor that helps our economy strive, lower gas prices by regulating gas companies.. what a coincidence how gas prices are at a all time high and the companies are making an all time high profit… and last but no least.. Well I don't know about Social Security that is a very complex answer.. but I'm gonna be extremely mad if I don't get Social Security because I get raped every pay check… Those are my answers.. Viva la liberals en el Ronalfo.Como… I should run for president

  5. Jennifer,
    Healthcare would be #6 and Education would probably be #7.

    You have to admit it’s kinda cool that spoiled little Paris is going to jail.


    The resources to deal with North Korea and Iran are in Iraq.

    You’re probably right. Until there is a problem, then there is no problem.

  6. Just came in via problogger's list – very happy that you have decided to start a political discussion, but I do wonder: Is your criteria for a "solvable" issue a bit too flexible? The Iraq War is an issue of making a decision, but the other issues, while they involve decisions, can become more contingent on circumstance than anything we do (i.e. "gas prices," which involves a faith in technology previous ages did not share).

  7. Definitely five things we need to address. I would personally add the two mentioned above by Jacob, and I would have my top eight wish list of things I want to know about a political candidate.

    It would help my decision for President in 2008 if the candidates would give a definitive answer, solution, or position on all ten of these issues. It seems to me that too many of our elected leaders and want to be's are too changeable in there answers to things of this nature. Several change their more often than they do their socks! 😉

    Thanks for an interesting read, I would love to read your opinions on these (going to check some linkage in your blog once I post this–I believe some of them may allow just that.)

  8. ashok,
    A solvable issue is one that Congress is willing to deal with. Which isn't much, btw. 🙂

    All is forgiven. Good thing you aren't Obama.

    I am full of opinions. If you are every curious on my thoughts on a subject, send me an e-mail and I'll do my best to write about it.

  9. Hi,
    As I browse through some blogs of that famous writing project, I read your post, and would comment about our situation here in Ukraine:
    1) Minimum wage… Ha, we have about 70 USD a month, and the prices are mainly about the same, so imagine how people survive…
    2) Immigration… We haven't grown as a nation likely to struggle hard with this problem in a few coming years (but let us see what happens after EURO 2012 football championship that is scheduled in Ukraine and Poland!).
    3) Iraq… No comment.
    4) Gas prices… Relatively low in Ukraine, but gasoline price is going up. It is about 0.85 USD for a liter, reasonable..
    5) Social Security… This is a mirage in Ukraine.

  10. I think the number 1 issue is the high cost of fuel and then the issue of affordable health insurance would follow after fuel cost. I don’t know what the
    answer is on the health ins. issue is, but only know
    that it is a critical issue. I think I read where the U.S. is 9 trillion dollars in debt. Well, no way
    to run a business is it? Can’t spend more than you
    make is what I always thought.

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  13. Politics seems to bring promises at all. Some have been done but many have been disregarded. What’s the reasons? Well in normal scenarios, politician by nature will surely campaign for the interest of many. Many of them have passed by and still problems were there.

    Isnt it nice if we should do our part as citizens? We have to start it with our selves. Heroes are rising. Dont let other save you. Save your self first.

  14. The fight over minimum wage will never bring a win-win situation for anyone. Everything involving the economy goes hand in hand. If minimum wage is raised, everything else goes up with it… prices for consumer goods, unemployment rates, etc.

  15. This thread was started 4 years ago? Sorry Ron, but your top 5 issues are still at top 5 and resolutions aren’t looking too good either.

    But now we are so far in debt that these top 5 don’t matter anymore.

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