Embracing the Shell

Embracing the shell was Jason’s next big Mindefusement move. He just had to convince the absolutely one person to convince: Mindefusement’s lead counsel, Julie Biggs.

“Julie, I’ve set this up so we can talk about this new character assassination project.”

“Shouldn’t be done, Jason, I’ve made that clear.”

“Well, you said it would fuck us.” Jason replied.

“Not would. If we do this, you might as well get your résumé curated.”

Julie was right to not want to do this. She already had to rein in this company to keep it barely legal, and she’s done a fine job of that so far. But her indecisiveness on some topics is leaving profit-holes in the company where Julie is undoubtedly the blame.

“You need to see it from my perspective. We’re not selling mobile devices here where we can have a one-size-fits-all model. We need a product that we can pitch to catch those who normally we wouldn’t catch.”

“And you’re going to leave me with people lining down the blocks for this…” Julie sarcastically replied.

“They would, Julie. If only you could see.”

Julie adjusted her eyeglasses and crossed her legs in the nice comfy chair Jason has next to his office desk.

“Can we do this? Legally?” Jason asked.

Julie was silent for a moment.

“It can only be done through a shell or perhaps another way. We create the shell, fund it, but it can theoretically always come back to us.”

Julie continued, “We’d almost need to create a shell of a shell.”

Jason tried paraphrasing what he’d just heard, “So we create a shell, pump some cash into it,then hire employees out. Whatever they do, it’s on the shell company, not on us.”

“As with all law, Jason, this is theoretical.” Julie explained, “It might be pure and legal, but some douche lawyer always has a precedent to pull from.”

“Well I have a few projects lined up this would be perfect for.”

“You should also look at the independent contractor route. Have a recruiting agency, and we’ll have a few for hire.”

“Basically a temp agency keeping us in the gold?”

“Yeah, that could work if we have the right contacts.”

Jason continued, “I’ll have Alex go through his contacts.”

“Fine.” Julie stated. “But if shit hits the fan, we’ll all need to get out quickly, or all of us will end up in prison for a very, very long time. Keep a bag packed and be prepared to hide under another identity.”

“Lucky for us, we just find the lawmen and make them our employees.”

“Your point is well seen, Jason.” Julie responded.

“Alright, nice talking to you.”

Julie politely closed the door as she left his office.

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