Eight Things You May Not Have Known About Me

I was walking down the virtual street when I felt a tap on the shoulder. I looked behind me and saw a menacing smile, and she screamed, “Tag! You’re it.” She quickly bolted away before I could tag her back. So now I am forced to find my next victim.

Since Vivien (from InspirationBit) was kind enough to tag me, you all will have the great pleasure of finding out eight things about me that you might not have known before.

1. I scarred my sister for life.

When I was younger and living in the Philippines, I got very angry at my sister and threw a glass Coke bottle at my sister. It shattered and the shrapnel was embedded in her lower leg. To this day she has a nasty scar where the glass cut her.

2. I almost joined the U.S. Army.

When I was attending college in Phoenix, Arizona, I saw several Army recruiters because I was worried about having to pay back student loans. My dad spent an hour on the phone with me trying to talk me out of it. He gave me some very sound advice: “Ron, try living as a civilian for a while. You don’t know what it’s like yet since you’re still in school. Spend a year as a civilian. If you don’t like it, then join the Army.” I took his advice.

3. I am afraid of swimming in lakes.

When I was about eleven or twelve, my brother and I went out to Lake Mead with my mom and her boyfriend. As we were fishing, one of the lines got caught on the plant growth in the lake. I decided to swim out there and untangle it. I underestimated the distance and soon went under. My brother tried to come out and save me, but I was pulling him under too. My mom’s boyfriend jumped in the lake and saved both of us.

4. I hate wearing shorts.

I have white hairy legs. And I hate showing them off. I lived in Phoenix for three years, and rarely wore shorts. However, I do wear shorts at the gym and while running.

5. I can’t dance.

I admit it. I fall into the white-boy stereotype of not being able to dance. I do dance, but not in viewing distance for others to laugh at me.

6. I love rock music.

When I was in college, I used to listen to nothing but Blink 182. I saw two concerts of Blink 182 while I was in Phoenix. I also saw Green Day, Sum 41 (a Canadian band, yes I know), Jimmy Eat World, New Found Glory, and a few others. To this day I love punk music just because it’s loud and fast.

I also love bands such as Finch, The Used, Anberlin, Fall Out Boy, Oasis, and several others.

7. I’ve quit smoking three times.

I started smoking when I was fourteen. I would quit sporadically, but never really made a full fledged attempt until I was 17. I wanted to quit before my eighteenth birthday to rid myself of the temptation since I could now purchase cigarettes legally. However, I had only quit for a few months when I started back up shortly after I turned 18.

The second time I quit I was 19. I would smoke occasionally when I drank alcohol, but this was my best attempt at quitting. I remained unaddicted for about six years when I started full-fledged again in July of 2006.

The third time I quit was this past January when I announced to the readers of this blog my intention to quit. I have currently been smoke free for six months and ten days. I am also now a very avid runner.

8. I dropped out of high school.

When I was fifteen and halfway through my sophomore year, I dropped out of high school. I essentially failed my 2nd semester sophomore classes and my 1st semester junior classes. My mom forced me back into school the 2nd semester of my junior year. I had to take an extra year of high school, but I eventually graduated. I now have a bachelors in Electrical Engineering Technology and a Master of Science in Business Administration.

Tag, You’re It

Bes, I know you said you didn’t want to be tagged, but you’re tagged anyway. I’d also like to tag one of the Peeve Week authors, Luis Cruz.

Thank you for reading. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Eight Things You May Not Have Known About Me”

  1. Wow, quite a life you have had so far.

    I'm not afraid of swimming in lakes but I don't like the way you feel when you get out. Does your sister ever give you a hard time about the incident?

  2. So was that me in your virtual world, tagging you with a menacing smile? 👿

    I'm glad that you listened to your wise father, and that dropping out of school didn't affect you in a long run.

    When I was also about 12 years old, I nearly drown in Black Sea, during our vacation there. My youngest brother was floating in the sea on a rubber ducky, and some idiot has passed by and unplug that duck. I saw my little brother going under, so I swam towards him, started pushing him back to the shore, and of course automatically pushed myself further. I was just learning how to swim, so I started going down. Then my mom rescued me. Fortunately, it didn't affect my love for water. I now know how to and love to swim.

    Thanks for replying to my tagging, Ronald.

  3. Joey,
    Of Course. My sister would say to her friends, "I would have perfect legs except some DORK had to throw a temper tantrum.

    Vivien (ibit),
    You're welcome. I'm not afraid of swimming or water, but I just will have a better reason to swim out in the future if ever given another opportunity to visit a lake like that.

  4. Wait, Blink 182 is rock music? I thought it was punk?

    Heh, I didn't even know all 8, but now I do. 🙂


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