Dumb, Stupid Ronald

I was at the Home Depot with the intention of picking up some medicine cabinets for my bathroom.

I exited the car, and noticed the car next to me was running.

I thought, “Hmm, that is stupid. Why would someone leave their car running with nobody in it?”

I searched around Home Depot, finally found my medicine cabinets, and went to check out.

“Would you like some help out to your car?” a cashier asked.


The cashier called a guy over, and he helped me to my car.

I dug around in my pockets, but discovered my keys were gone.

“I think I lost my keys.” I said.

The guy looked at me and said, “Uh oh.”

As I approached my car, I could still see my keys inside the ignition. And the car was running.

I had locked the driver door, and I feared the worst. Luckily one of the doors was unlocked.

“You’re lucky. Real lucky.” the guy said.

“Yeah.” I replied, “You can add that to one of your war stories.”

I totally spaced it. I blame my meds.

Done anything stupid lately?

I know I’m not the only one. What have you done lately that was absolutely dumb and stupid?

6 thoughts on “Dumb, Stupid Ronald”

  1. yea … i was actually in Home Depot on south park way about a month ago and when i squatted down to pick something ****split**** yea my pants were done. and i am a man of freedom so i was not wearing any undies. and so i jumped up looked around and luckily no one saw but i grabbed the loose fabric and borrowed some duct tape from the store took care of it and went home. no on would have known except i knew the manager and a lot of the employees and he let every one know what happened

  2. Well, by the time you are 50, the list can get quite lengthy……

    Here’s a partial list.

    There was the time when after coming home from a date, my mother made the a comment that my girlfriend and I wore the same size jeans. And how did she know? The back pocket of mine had a butterfly embroidered on it when we returned. It was on her pocket when we left.

    There was the entire summer that I remember very little of. I think I may have been sober 4 days in the entire 4 month span. Back then the cops would follow you to make sure you got home safe and I was followed home A LOT. I also woke up in car parked the driveway several times. I don’t understand how people can get away with drinking and driving these days.

    Then there are the six times I’ve fallen off my motorcycle. The most interesting one was at 45 MPH, the dumbest one was when I put my feet down at a median cut-though and there was a hole where my left foot should have been. Fortunately, I always wear the right riding gear.

    And the girlfriend I dated for 1.5 years while married. That was a “work relationship” that we both fell into and it did not end well, but my wife and I are still married. I guess neither of us wants to train another spouse!!!!

  3. That was a funny story. I know exactly what you mean. I used to be critical of parents who had children who cried in public. Now that I have my own children, I know there is often nothing that can be done about surprise crying, and its feels embarrassing, especially with other critical people observing.

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