Door-to-Door Magazine Sales People

“Hi! I’m (insert random, weird name here). I’m from (insert high school, college, or organization name here) and I’m trying to earn a trip to (insert geographical area, country, or city name here). The way I earn my trip is by selling magazine subscriptions. Everyone likes a certain magazine, so you’ll be able to sign up for a subscription and help me out in the process.”

Magazine sales people puzzle me. They try to sell me a magazine subscription that I don’t need. They then try to sell me on the fact that me subscribing will help them out because they could earn a trip.

If I really wanted a magazine subscription, I would just subscribe using the magazine’s website. And if I have gone so many years without a certain magazine, something tells me I can probably live without it.

“Oh, but you’re not helping anybody earn a trip.”

OK, so why does that person get to go on a trip on my behalf? I don’t know that person. I could care less if he/she earns their trip to London, Paris, or Las Vegas. If anything, I can save my money on the subscription and take a trip of my own.

Please leave a comment if you have any funny, interesting, or entertaining stories about door-to-door sales people.

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  1. I have to read your rant about kids selling magazines (candy bars, "savings books," etc. nothwithstanding) door-to-door. "And just when I thought you couldn't get any dumber, you do something like this and TOTALLY REDEEM yourself." HAHA 😉

    p.s. Just buy the magazine, man. What is it, like $12 for a year's worth of Home & Garden? You know you read it. And if you had kids, you'd absolutely rock the whole let-somebody-else-pay-for-their-trips-by-selling-magazines deal. But I digress (and do sympathize with your points).

    1. I am here to tell you it’s all a scam!! I actually thought I was helping someone out by buying a subscription.. I am a single mom of 3 and every penny counts, I was taken for $48 alot to me… I have learned my lesson well, never again. The company was Lucretius Phocylides LLC.. out of Colorada Springs Co. and of course you cannot contact them and the phone number was bogus, they are also under investigation.. what a huge scam and in these terrible times with the economy. You can call me stupid, but just that one time!!

      1. stacey i have investigate lucretius phocylides and know ANYTHING you want about them. please email they are under federal investigation right now, and PLEASE help me by providing ALL information you know i will do the same. thanks, maggie

      2. I also bought a magazine from Lucretius Phocylides, LLC. I asked for a refund three months ago and have not gotten a thing nor have I gotten a magazine. Their phone line always says they can’t take any more messages. Bogus.

      3. hey single mom that company you are talking about owner name is kevin davis and he moved to open another magazine company in Arizona by mesa and I hope you call attorney general on him. before Colorado he lived in Aubrey texas. we need more people to complain to stop this guy….kevin davis is his name he changes company name so many times don’t know what it is called but call Arizona attorney general .

    2. Well, you probably won’t believe this story but here goes………..I was born in Ireland and in the 1970’s I joined a mag crew in France!! I did this for about 8 years….didn’t make a lot of money but the travel was incredible. I know almost all of France and much of Spain,Portugal and Belgium. I met the Givenchy family….perfumes and fashion….Mme Lacoste….the little green crocodie…perfumes and fashion…..A Princesse from Spain …….Prince Andreos of Yugoslavia in exile in Portugal and they all bought a subscription!!….I told you you wouldn’t believe me!!! It wasn’t a life of luxury……we stayed in modest hotels….like Motel 6…..usually 2 to a room with our own showers……from what I’ve read we were treated a LOT better than the mag crews in USA……sure we drank a bit but no drugs except for pot and lots of sex. Crews really a mixed bunch with people from all over….this was Europe remember?? We got arrested a few times and run out of a few towns by the french cops. Now I speak fluent French and go back to France to visit. Don’t regret it one bit. If you did this yourself drop me a line.

  2. I had a similar experience not too long ago as well. The gentleman was a very good salesman, but I wasn't interested. I guess I should cut into the spiel a bit earlier on, but I tend to let them (salespeople/telemarketers) wind down before I let them down completely. 🙂

    Ronalfy and I did a bit of research after discussing our experiences. This is from the FTC site:

    Door-to-door sales: Beware of emotional appeals by someone selling door-to-door. For example, the student selling magazine subscriptions using the appeal that your sale will help him/her get a college scholarship or other such rewards. If you buy from a door-to-door salesperson in your home, and the purchase is more than $25, you're protected under the FTC's Cooling-Off Rule. The Rule gives you three days to cancel your order and receive a full refund. The seller must tell you that you have a right to cancel, and give you a summary of your cancellation rights and two copies of the cancellation form. Ask to see the required cancellation notice before you agree to buy. If the salesperson doesn't have it, don't place an order. The company is breaking the law.


  3. These are all a scam! I have to admit to being a recruiter for a door-to-door magazine company when I was in college! These kids live in hotels, are berated by the crew leaders, are given small cash draws daily (while the owners "save" your money for you). They push for cash so that you can't cancel on them. People rarely actually even get the magazines.

  4. I did door to door sales for about 8 months did the traveling and thought it was going to be a great expierience. we got paid daily and had free travel and yes I admit at first it was fun the people were nice. After awhile of traveling I came to realize it was not as fun as it seemed, having to go out and make sales in freezing weather and for at least 9 hours until quota was made, was not my oppinion on fun . to make along story short I got pregnant by one of my co workers got sent home and recieved no information on my babys daddys ware abouts. it is not worth it the only thing I can say that I got out of this expierience was a little baby girl who I thank god for every day……….
    so think about it before you do it!!! Is it really worth it??????

    1. I you got a beautiful baby….. count your blessings you were not raped or worse!!! I try and help these kids out as best I can…. but no one actually trys to help the kids(usually girls under 20)… Those are the real help me cases!!!

  5. Dude I totally agree with Shannon and Candellla I worked door to door. The only good thing about it was the traveling THey work you 6 days a week from 7 in the morning to as late as 9 at night every week. Is it rainning? " OH well rainny days are high days" Is it dark in a not so great neighborhood? TO BAD You go and acheat honest people out if there money for something the wont get and all so you wont get yelled at God forbid you didn't make any sales that day.

  6. Oh, I can definitely relate to the mag sales people as well as anyone else coming to my door to sell me something… except for my friends little kids from around our neighborhood because I know it helps their class and school. The thing about sales people and though, is WHY don't they read the little metal sign I have placed by the door which says "no solicitation". One time I admit I pointed to the sign after they started giving the spill, and the person said "oh, but I'm not selling anything, really I'm not!". But then he proceeded with his sales pitch. They are ALWAYS selling something. rant rant 😉

  7. Just to let you know they teach the mag kids that no solociting means my husband or wife would kill me if they were here but hey…. they aren't

  8. I worked for a couple of door to door companies. The first one was magazines. Yeah, it was fun for a while….I went to Mexico for Christmas Vacation, that was a whole lot of fun. But when I got to Seattle, WA, man, was that bad!! It rained almost everyday, plus it was freezing and snowing. I got sick the last 2 weeks I was there because of working 7 days a week instead of 6 because if you didn't get 25 or more a week, you had to work at least a half a day on sundays. The night that I left, I almost got raped and the company didn't do anything about it. 👿 At least they paid for my way home. 🙂 I also sold Advange The Wonder Cleaner, that was fun, I did that for almost a year. I made a little money there. 🙂

    1. You got off lucky!!! I try and give the kids cash and put the bug in their ear that they should take the money and go home!!!! I have friends and family willing to help them…. minus the religion! Most of the time they set girls in parking lots acting like hookers! Glad you got away safe!

    2. Nicholas Cassels

      Ive also worked for multiple sales krews i too have been to mexico rosarito actually ive seen some messed up stuff been involved in some messed up stuff and some things really messed with my head i dont necessarily recommend this type of employment. Who did you work for and what year did you go to mexico get a bunch

  9. Stephanie,

    You and other commentators have made this post an excellent resource of inside information into the door-to-door magazine sales people industry. Thanks so much for adding to the post with your own experience.

  10. some guys came to my house last night, he was 23. when we said no he was very rude and basically refused to leave. i was so disgusted after he left.

    1. Most towns and cities require a seller to show that they have permission to solicit in that town…. usually a ID card worn around there neck. If they don’t have it and are rude 911 does the trick!!! But keep in mind most of these kids are pressured hard to sell, or face ridicule…etc.

  11. A door-to-door magazine guy just left my house. It was some company American Dreams Rewards Program or something. There were at least 3 guys in my neighborhood. Knowing a little about how this works, I asked him if I needed cash. He indicated cash or check. When I told him I had no cash, he said "You could go to the ATM." When I indicated I left my checkbook at my sister's house, he replied "Don't you have starter checks?" This guy seemed suspicious to me. He even lied and said the woman across the street bought a magazine for a children's hospital. I called her, she didn't. I felt as though these guys are canvassing the neighborhood to see who is home during the day, especially moms with children. It's creepy. I tried to look the company up online, since there was a website address on his flier. I asked if he had a salesman number and I could do it online and he said no. I don't understand how the company has a website but you can't buy a subscrition online. Too much of a paper trail maybe??? That would seem ideal, at least this way, you don't have to stand at the door. You could check out the website and look over the magazines instead of making a decision under pressure. If each salesman had a number, then his points could be credited to him. I'm thinking of calling the police just to have them question the legitimacy of these guys walking around the neighborhood.

  12. Ok, well i go door to door selling magazines. People do not have to be assholes when some one knocks on your door! are you guys assholes to the little girl scouts that come to your door. I am doing it for the expierince and i have been doing this for 2 years now. yes we really do win the prizes that we tell you about and yes we do get a cash draw every night…wtf how else are we suppose to buy food and stuff. If you guys had any idea of how much shit we all put up with you would respect us alot more. Its pathetic how people can be so rude. you know we are people too we eat, laugh, cry, and have feelings like the rest of you people. Do you have any idea how much confidence it takes to go door to door not knowing whats behind each one? walk a mile in our shoes maybe you might earn a little respect for us.

    1. @ Heidi
      “If you guys had any idea of how much crap we all put up with you would respect us alot more.”

      Well, I for one felt you guys – the salesmen – were rude. They offer their points, and as soon as I politely declined, they suddenly said, “FINE WHATEVER” and leave with an extremely disgusted face.

      You guys are.

      1. I can relate i spent over 10 yrs on the road doors slammed in my face the weather walking all day long ive seen people win the contests ive seen people fail horribly. To those who say oh get a regular job join the military you know what fuck you!!! You dont know us our past where we come from some of us dont have family or support or lucky enough to have gotten a formal education except for what we learn from the psychology of knocking doors yeah there are a lot of bad crews and bad people but there is a lot of good too there’s been times if it wasn’t for that sales crew i would have died on the streets and many others so dont go judging unless youve been there

    2. I can tell by the way you write that you are not a very intelligent person. Instead of wasting your time peddling magazines, you should get a regular job, go to college, or join the military. But, to do that you need to clean up your language and get some real professional skills.

      Your crude reply to the post is exactly why we are often “rude.” We work hard for our money and we do not want some naive kid that has been duped by some mid 20’s age sales guy knocking on our door trying to scam us out of our money.

      You would do well to leave the magazine sales business and spend your time doing something worthwhile.

    3. Respect LOL it’s my house my door my peace and your bugging me by trying to sale me something I don’t need. Knock on my door I will make you regret it. Ill tell you I want 7 mags to help you and take an hour to pick them out. I will then tell you I don’t have checks with my check book sitting right in front of you. Mean while I have called the cops and they are waiting out side for you.

  13. I wasn’t rude to the guy that came to my door…I let him say what he needed and then gently declined. 3 of them were in my neighborhood on that day, and two of them ended up waiting for their ride on my street corner in 90 degree weather. I went out and gave them water and chatted a while. I also explained why I don’t buy magazines….I don’t read them. Why buy magazines when everything you need or would want to know is online. Heck, I even explained to the two guys that after they gave their sales pitch, and still got declined, they should have a last resort and offer them a way to order online and use a salesman ID number to identify the sales person that came to the door so they could still get their points. I would be more apt to order online if I had a chance to browse through the titles at my leisure and not feel pressured to make a decision right then. You guys get the “experience” you spoke of and your points in the end. We all have our stories about our worst jobs. I’m very well aware of how these “traveling magazine sales” shows are run. You chose to do this, so if it is as bad as you say, you could quit. This day in age, there should be no “door-to-door” sales. In fact the girl scouts don’t even go door to door anymore, well at least they are told not to. You guys take your life into your hands by going door to door. There is other more safe ways to get sales “experience”.

    1. The kids at your door may not have necesarrily chosen to take the job or keep it. For many kids doing this it is their only hope. I used to sell magazines myself and i hated it. I was good at it but I hated it just the same and i had to leave in the middle of the night, but just know that the next kid standing at your door may need to call home so they too can escape this form of self prostitution

  14. I also had a guy come to my door last night selling magazines. I’m so sick of solicitors coming to my house. It’s a law in my city for any solicitor to register w/the police department and obtain a solicitors photo license ID from them. From here on out I’m asking anyone that comes to my house if they have this license, if they don’t I’m calling the cops after I slam my door.

    I don’t care what rewards they could get, I don’t care if they hate their job, go work at McDonalds if you hate it so much.

    1. You are just thinking about yourself. Many kids dont choose this, they are tricked. People like you just make it harder for them. I’ve had many doors slammed in my face when all i was trying to do was not get beat when i get back “home” as we had to call the cheap motel we stayed at. you think so selfishly. these kids need your help. calling the police just gets them fined like $500 dollars which they dont have, and theyre not even the ones that get the money from soliciting to you! it all goes back to the boss. so if someone comes to your door, the least you can do is be polite, im not asking you to buy anything, atleast give them these two numbers incase they need it, Thanks. 1-888-3737-888 NATIONAL HUMAN TRAFFICKING HOTLINE
      1 917-579-4641 PARENT WATCH and if you really want to know more about what these kids go through check out

    2. Im Nick im a old head i can say from personal experience there are good and bad crews same with people. I have worked for several crews under pccs or Pacific Coast clearing services mainly superstar sales 1 im not going to try to convince anyone make any kind of judgment but just remember to have an open mind and remember not everyones situation is the same. Anyways any of you mag kids want to hit me up feel free i hope i know some of you and im sure i do txt me or email me 817-902-5892 or

  15. I was ripped off by some guys selling magazines when I was just beginning to attend college (easy prey). I recently gave another magazine seller a chance and just received my magazine in the mail a few days ago. She gave me all the important information, and I checked out the website right away so I could cancel my check if it seemed suspicious. Sometimes one person ruins it for everyone else, but this will definitely be the last time I buy something from a solicitor. It’s too risky.

  16. This winter a 20-something guy came to my door saying he was with some school program and selling magazines to win a trip to England. My fiance let him in and we listened and gave him a drink and let him sit down for a little while (it was freezing outside). We were going to buy a subscription but, when we looked, the cheapest one was $50 for a year! The same mag sells for $11 for the year online 😯 We declined and he was nice enough and went on his way. Just now, 2 20-something guys came to the door with the same story. These guys said they were trying to win a trip to Australia though and they didn’t come in because I have people over (we were eating) and I was holding my dog back in the door. As soon as they showed me they were selling the magazines, I recalled the guy in the winter remembering how expensive they were, so I told them “sorry, but no thank you…I don’t read magazines” (which I really don’t). At that point the one guy says that I don’t have to read I can just look at the pictures, and again I said “sorry, no thank you.” Then they both looked angry and just stood there staring at me. Then the other guy said that they’d been walking around in 90 degree heat and could I at least give them something to drink. I gave them bottled waters and then they left. It was awkward and felt imposing and rude. BTW, I have “No Solicitors” painted across the window of my apartment front & back door and that never stops anyone:/

  17. I know someone who was involved in a mag scam. They made a lot of promises to her. The company used the mag money to buy drugs and mostly for the sellers. Why are people so desperate and naive that they would sign up for something so fishy? I can’t help but think that all the door-to-door mag sellers out there are not doing b/c they want to anymore and they are being pressured to perform against their will. I wish I could help.

    1. You can, in some cases Colleges(mostly juniors) have counselors that are on these owners pay lists!!! And they recommend here is a way to make money for college???? Offer them a chance to call their parents! Let them know that you would be willing to help…. if nothing else, a ride to the train station….. or call the cops! Yes the cops! Many police stations have psychologists etc. that can and do help… so long as the person helps them bust the bigger fish!

  18. If you don’t want your precious time to be wasted by door-to-door salespeople, don’t buy their services. It’s that simple.

    Don’t even let them go on with their sales spiel – just firmly ask them to get off your property and close the door.

    Magazine sales is lame, non-productive way to make a living and I don’t have any compunction about turning them away.

  19. I was approached by a door-to-door magazine sales person today as a matter of fact. After asking me what I do for a living and me explaining the difficulty I have had lately finding a job…he was quick to offer me a position with his company. He made it sound GREAT. I bummed him a cigarette and bs’d with him for a good 15 or 20 minutes. I told him I wanted some time to think about it. He attempted to pressure me into accepting the offer by stating that they were leaving the next day. I hate being pressured into anything, it just pisses me off when people think I’m weak-willed enough to be pressured into something I’m not sure about. After googling “door-to-door magazine sales” I found there is not one positive thing anyone has to say about these people or the companies they work for. Many of the things the salesperson promised me about the job were the EXACT promises I discovered(via internet) were made to many naive young people in an effort to get them involved in said company. Personally, I’d rather be broke for a while than become involved in some scam. These people prey on desperate individuals; people that are down on their luck and are just looking for a way out of their current situation.

  20. I sell magazines and i have been doing it for 3 years. Last year i made 89,000 something. The crew i work for is drug free and we are all just a bunch of kids having fun we work 5 days a week. And i know for a fact that the magazines i sell actually get sent out. You really do win a 1,000 and if you sell the most magazines in 6months you really do win a trip. now there are scam crews out there just some advice to any of you who buy magazines. MAKE SURE YOUR RECEIPT IS NOT PINK,BLUE, OR GREEN. it needs to be WHITE, that means it is feduraly bonded and garentees that you will recieve you magazines. NEVER buy from somebody that takes credit cards that is a huge no no. I love my job we are in vegas for christmas right now, but i will tell you this after doing this if anybody ever comes to my door selling something i will buy it from them because this is one of the hardest jobs out there.It challenges you mentally. I agree with Heidis comment to the fullest consent. people should not be so rude to us ya I am sure we get annoying but keep in mind its not what we are selling its why we are doing it. to win a trip and a grand. give them a chance and think in the long run how much you could really be helping somebody out. We go thru SO MUCH every day, think how many no’s we go thru each day. It gets hard and it can be a challenge all i ask you guys is give them a chance just because you dont want the magazines do it just to help somebody out and think in the long run how much you really helped them, not just helping them win a trip and all that shit but the little boost in confidence you can give them when they go to the next door. maybe some of you have been screwed in the past thats why you only buy from people with the white reciepts, try it one more time see what happens think of it this way if you had two dogs and one pissed on you carpet would you kick them both?

    1. hey thinks to the people that bought mags off me and sorry to the ones who got ripped off i work for gtsales and we send out our subscriptions i hate scam crews may they all burn n hell cuz they ruin it for the rest of us

  21. So like you, I find that every article about the magazine sales industry is negative, so I am here to put a positive spin on it. Have you ever been in a situation where you had no job, no place to live, no family or support system, no role models? This is the situation I was in when I joined a magazine sales crew. Having grown up in foster care all of my life, once I reached the age of 18 I was on my own. After numerous jobs, attempts at living with people, I was on my last leg and about to be homeless. The very same day that I was getting ready to go to a shelter, I was hired by the manager of a sales crew. I instantly had a place to stay and a job. The work was hard, and at first I was very skeptical about going door to door, but once I got used to it, I found it to be very fun, I love people and get to meet new ones everyday! As for the people who come to your door saying that they are working to earn something, you should know better, these are not school kids. Just because they lie doesnt mean that that is what they are being taught to do. If a Mcdonalds employee spits on your burger, would you assume that all Mcdonald’s teach this? I am defending this practice also because even when I had made no sales, no money for myself, I still had money to eat with, a place to stay, a job and people who would stand up for me if needed. Everyone needs a second chance sometimes, are you going to give it? I think it is very superficial and judgemental of people who have responded to this blog. I am assuming you all are white and therefore have not had to deal with some of the struggles that minorities do. Now we have to knock on your door, if door to door sales teaches on thing it is self-confidence, courage and the ability to brush off the opinions of assholes like most of the people on here. I hope that none of you or your children are ever in a difficult spot and if they are don’t knock them for trying something out to sustain themselves, at least its not drugs.

    1. First you preach that people shouldn’t assume that all door-to-door salespeople are taught to lie and then go on to assume that everyone who’s been posting on here is white, and additionally, that white inherently have no struggles. Nice.

      While I do sympathize with the struggles of door-to-door salespeople, that comment was eyebrow-raising.

    2. WHITE???? Now thats just wrong!!! I help people I know regardless, and if I wass mean to everyone in my family not white…. there goes Christmas and turkey day! I have stood up for people regardless of there looks!!! If your asking for food and I give you food and you say no thanks…. I wanted money! Then you aren’t hungry!!! I’m glad they gave you a home and food, but my sister went to a shelter and got her life straight! All they do is offer a job with no career! Think about it…. what are you doing now???

  22. One of these hyper teens came to my door yesterday and was soooo enthusisatic about her being about to win a trip. When I asked her what was in it for me, she looked blank and then said, “You get a subscription!”

    You should have seen the look on her face when I told her that in selling, it’s not about what she wants, it’s about what I (the buyer) wants.

    If indeed these kids are homeless or runaways or have no place else to go, there are lots of other ways for them to earn money rather than hustling things door to door.

    Besides the line of “I get a trip” is real turn off. Get these kids back in school and get them REAL part time jobs so they can have something like a normal life.

  23. Honesly I usto sell Magazinez and Mag Crew Sucks… There is nothing good about it… it is very rear that u find a company that really sends u on that trip… Mag Crew is a job that sells u dreams… Dreams that never come true… Honeslty the only way of u moving up in a company is by takeing alot of shit… and pretty much being someones Bi**H… Fuc* that.. They leave u stranded… Honestly I wuz no weak as* i wrote buissness… But they got this system called Books that is money that the company owns u… but i had a 1% cancallation rate and from none of the company’s i worked for… I neva got da money from my books and i never got the magazines i bought for my sista either thats how u kno if ur crew is lagite or not…

  24. I worked for a mag crew for about 9 months. I have never been a great sales person, but I was young and cute, so they had me hire people instead. After everything I experienced on crew I felt horrible for bringing anyone else into it. Drugs, sex and energy pills. I lost so much weight never eating and taking drugs. Luckly I got pregnant and relized that I had someone to take care of. I literally had to sneak away cause they wouldn’t let me leave. The police in Alabama had to help me get home to California. I hate that life.

  25. well reading this site takes me back i started selling mags when iwas 21 lokking back i can almost say it was the best time of my life iwasnt no weak agent or w.o.b (without buisness)my high day was 29 and my high week was 112 so i got to be pretty good and made real good money and i just wanted to let anyone who reads this to know most of what u read is true the selling dreams part especially i sold mags till iwas 23 when a tragedy struck in santa fe crews stay out of santa fe cause we ruined it anyway i was put in prison for 19 months with no priors and now im in college live on my own gotta job and allysa ruiz if u read this call me 321-208-3566 i miss u crews arent all bad it depends whos running them and the agent but look at it like this life goes on wuts 40 bux

  26. janet janet janet why should we get the kids back in school and give them part time jobs so they can live a mediocre life???? 40 – 50k a year salary and nothing to look forward to in life??? im sorry but to me that sucks ive been on a drug free mag crew for a year now we dont do drugs we dont steal the customers get their magazines. last year i made 78k this year im on track for 150k. this is the most fun ive ever had in my life dont believe what u hear from some weak ass kid who told u it sucked. well of course it sucks if u arent selling anything and arent making any money. im sorry are we supposed to hold your hand an d hand u money???? i know this is the america of the wellfare but get a better mentality actually get motivated to go out there and be successful. i havent met one millionare who had it handed to him ever. they worked their asses off. we arent homeless or runaways as u state we are salesmen and women who want to be wealthy and retire at a young age i dont want to have to save up my whole life for a corvette. my boss just bought me an audi S6 (incase your low income brain doesnt know what that is its an 90k dollar vehicle with a gallardo engine in it.) and if your in sales u should know that we dont “hustle” things door to door we sell them same way u sell whatever it is that u sell….. we just make more money

    1. I make that kind of money…. Funny, I don’t live in hotels, I don’t beg for sales…. I don’t give hard luck stories(ie…lie to the customer) and I live the American dream! I have a regular Job… a business I built myself! I don’t go door to door….. I don’t ask for hand outs… AND I DON’T TAKE ADVANTAGE OF BARELY LEGAL TEENS!!! Who realy gets rich off of this? Ask yourself that, and when you realize you don’t need them…. put your talents to real use!!! Be you own boss, make real money, be self employed! That’s America BABY!!!!

  27. OKay tonight I had a young man at my door and my wife had talked to him before me. So she came to me and said hey this guy is from New Orleans and is selling magazines, and says he is a Katrina Victim. I immediately turned on my defenses as I am a Marketing Manager for a $200 Million a year company. I immediately went to the door and asked what Parrish in New Orleans are you from he responded Orleans, I said where did you live he sai in the Ninth Ward off of XXXX street. I asked him what was on the corner and he told me so either he had done his homework or he was. I knew at that point he was telling the truth. Being cold outside I told him come in. He stopped 1 step inside the door. I said okay we will take the Pre-School Playroom $58.00 for 2 years this included a $10 S&H fee. Okay I know it was overpriced and I know I can get it from best magazines online for $20. we talked for over an hour come to find out he and his wife and 2 year old daughter had set on the roof of there home after Katrina for 2 days in 90 degree weather he was telling me how his child cried for hours at a time in pain from the heat. He trolled through dead bodies and feces to get water for his family and the neighbor’s. what’s the point of the story all this was after I wrote the check and he gave me a receipt he was tramatized by it all and you could tell. I never have bought from these solicitor’s but this guy was sincere. Wether he makes 100K or 80K more power to him and his family. I will probably never do it again as long as I live but I was compelled with this one not by what he said but something else do not know what but I was.

    By the way I gave him dinner and he was telling me bless you sir bless you I have never had anyone since I have been doing this treat me as humble as you and your family have. God Bless you God Bless you he repeated and that he was blessed. I guess he found religion and was changin his life.

    I guess I could have when I went to the door used the tear drop tattoo under the right eye as a reason to call a black man a criminal and liar but I did not as we all change good or bad we change.

    I then went to my office printed the state website for tattoo removal and said for your 6 year old daughter call them and have the tatt removed he just got all excited and said Sir Sir this is great folded it up and put it in his jackets inner pocket. Then he left.

  28. If you have been contacted by these people please understand that most of them are victims themselves simply trying to make ends meet to some higher up reaping the benefits of their hard work. They work on slave wages under brutal conditions and avoid most labor wage laws under the guise of calling their workers independent contractors instead of employees. In many cases these young, motivated, and usually well spoken individuals are often brainwashed with a sales pitch they are forced to use, because no other tactics work with the average semi-intelligent individual. They pawn themselves off as college kids trying to earn tuition, college bonds, even trips to exotic locations. All part of their sales pitch, usually approaching you as if they are in their last week of competition and they are trying to accumulate the last of their points to win their trip. In most cases their treatment is based on their sales production, which means if you sell you are glorified, if not you may incur the wrath of someones verbal and even physical abuse. Drug use is very common with this type of work, and may even be used by superiors in place of actual pay. Managers will use the addictions of these kids against them, addictions usually started by the managers themselves during the first few weeks of working. Partying and promiscuousness is encouraged and with up to 30,000 young individuals hawking magazines on the streets a day ( a number that continues to grow with recruiting occurring anywhere from over the phone to local teen hang outs) the risk of violence, sexual harassment, rape, the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies continue to grow.
    IF you know anyone considering joining this profession PLEASE strongly advise them against it. Teens are often lured in with the opportunity to travel for free and are promised the world as far as wages go. The reality in most cases is quite the opposite. I recently had an encounter with an individual who’s name i wont state. Having known the dangers of these types of jobs I offered to listen to the persons pitch ( something i do not recommend, especially letting these people in your home, in many cases there many criminals on the run seeking these type of jobs as refuge). After realizing he was only on his second week of work i took him on the internet and revealed to him the dangers of the work. He quickly related to the stories of the hundreds of other people online and became very scared for his well being. I was able to help him by getting him through to an agent at
    if you would like to read stories and find out more information you can either go to that site or
    this industry is growing like a cult and is very dangerous work, many parents have lost children and many children have lost their lives to this type of work.
    9/10 unless a product is physically in front of you it is a scam, and in the cases of some it isnt even a company scam, it is the last resort of an individual trapped in work with their pay being held against them with no means to get home fighting to survive starvation or physical abuse of their superiors.

    hope this was informative.

    1. jason. you are a saint. we need more people like you. ive actually coordinated some rescues with parent watch and a human trafficking agency, and hopefully in the near future will be able to put together a non profit orninization to rescue and restore victims of this disgusting door to door mag crews. ive actually collected evidence from working undercover on a mag crew and that specific mag company is under investigation with the fbi and the owner and manager will be serving ALOT of jail time. helll ya!! this is just the beginning of what i plan to do to rescue more kids and shut down these companies. with the owner going to jail, that wipes out FIFTEEN crews!!!! if you are interested in joining my movement let me know!!

  29. I understand alot about how many people feel about the magazine industry and door to door solicitation by teenagers all over the country. I have a newspaper subscription business in california and hire teenagers for door to door sales. Now before you start screaming at me please read.
    I started doing this when i was 14 and have done it for over ten years, i went door to door several years and still do at times to show people how to sell.
    One of the many concerns of people are if this is a legitimate company or if we really do give out scholarships. We do and I won several of them when i was younger.
    Keep in mind that this is not candy sales or magazines, we sell strictly subscriptions to local newspapers, we do not accept donations and welcome parents to come take a look at what their children are doing.
    When the children are dropped off it is with a partner and all of them work a certain area. We do not let them do gas stations or stores, I hire adults to do exactly that. We don’t travel to different states or go further than where the paper can be delivered (ussually 30 miles or so).
    Also as soon as the last person is dropped off, their supervisor starts checking up on the first kids and continues to do so all through the night.
    They work only after school and cannot work for us if they do not have atleast a “C” average in their grades.
    Since in california there are gang issues and things of the sort, we ask the students not to bring gang affiliated colors or clothing.

    Concerning pay this is a commision only job, and I am the highest paying contractor in all of california. (i believe!) I pay my students anywhere from $14.00 to $ 20.00 a sale (which cost in the range of 15 dollars or so)
    (customers save over 100 dollars every time they sign up)While every other contractor pays like 10 dollars an order. I take care of my students just like my boss took care of me when i was younger and also help them when they are in need.
    These kids can call me at any time if they ever are in danger, while working or not!!!! Because on top of being their boss I am their friend. Their parents all know me and have my number to call for anything.
    I hire students mostly to keep them away from trouble and joining gangs just like this job did for me when i was younger, it kept me away from trouble. Keep in mind that I also hire adults.
    Even though they are working on the street they are not in any more danger than anyone going to the corner liquor store, or you and I walking to the local market.

    This job has alot of benefits for the students. On top of making alot more money than working for a fast food restaurant (most students make like 300 dollars a week and some over 600 a week! in a part time job) it teaches them communication skills, how to overcome an objection and how to convince people and these are just some of the skills. most of which we use on many other jobs as adults.

    Also I read lots of your comments and questions about students carrying permits or licences. In the state of california solicitors permits are only required if you are a non profit organization. Meaning that if you are a profitable organization you don’t. That’s how you have many other companies which are allowed to knock on doors.

    I believe that I am doing something good to help these kids, I don’t know maybe I am wrong, but I certainly don’t believe so. There are alot of companies out there scamming people, and they unfortunately ruin it for all of us. I hope this sheds some light to you guys and some of you see that there are good people doing these kinds of jobs.

    For those who believe we get rich or make money of these kids, well we dont get rich but we do earn a living. But then so does the owner of all the fast food restaurants that hire students. But most people think those are better jobs for some reason when these kids make less money there.

    thanks To all who take the time to read this and please do reply, i would like to see what you guys think.

    Oh also the reason why you cannot purchase magazine subscriptions for these kids on the internet, is due to the fact that the magazine companies prohibit them from selling them on the internet, that is one of the rules from the magazine companies. Also these subcriptions are sold to you for like 20 to 50 dollars when they only cost them like 2 to 5 dollars a year. So in reallity thats where the money is but not the field i’d like to work in, i rather just sell a legitimate newspaper….lol

    Take care guys and God Bless.


  30. @All,

    This is a general comment. I sincerely and genuinely appreciate all of your comments. My post was just an off-rant. Your comments have turned this post into a RESOURCE. Thank you for sharing both sides of the story.

  31. Listen.

    There is a significant difference between a young urban american coming to my door and peddling candy and the idiot who cant hold down a real job because they love smoking weed all the time.

    Kids: Dont ever be a door to door salesman / woman. It is hands down the lowest job in the world. Its common place for those people to be scouting your house/apartment for B&E. It is also, maybe not so common, to put yourself in danger knocking on some serial killer/rapists door and guess what? Your the next victim.

    Post Closed. Game Over.

  32. bitr,

    I understand your concern and yes there are some dangers to knocking on someones door (even maybe yours),i’ve knocked on doors for a long time and the worst i’ve gotten is a pissed off person ranting about us knocking on their door….but your comment is like telling kids NOT to listen to their mother’s when they are asked to walk to the corner store liquor for a gallon of milk, cause they might be shot or kidnapped! I mean don’t get me wrong these things sometimes can happen they get their money stolen by some idiot who thinks it’s funny to take money from a kid. But ussually they are not going to especially when these kids are supervised all night.

    CALIFORNIA LAW: states that a teenager needs to be within a supervisors ear sight every fifteen minutes and pretty much supervised all night and may only work in partners each on one side of the street.

    We spend over 400 dollars a week on Gas just to supervise these kids. I guess maybe it is one of the reasons why we have been in bussiness a long time, and always have students that wanna work with us cause we take care of them and pay them better.

    Also maybe by some peoples theory’s or bad experience with door to door sales it is the lowest job in the world.

    Well, I would have liked to become a doctor, but I’m really good at what I do, and really find it hard to believe that a doctor makes atleast 250k a year….lol

  33. I had a group of magazine sellers stay at my campground a few years ago and I had to have the police come to evict them. The managers were providing the underage youngsters with booze and drugs, not giving some their daily money for food, forcing girls to sleep with managers and other sellers. I was able to get one young man back home to Florida and even as this was being accompllished, the manager was trying to say he could not leave because he owed them too much for his upkeep and all they had done for him. (Yet, they had promised him that they would send him home if he did not want to stay with them, then stated that would happen only if he gave them a full six weeks of work.) They tipped over my full dumpsters, left many of their possessions at the camp site and then called the police and accused the young man we helped get away of stealing the stuff they left behind. Luckily we had turned it all over to the police.

    There were several young people who told me terrible stories about their life with this group and yet, they would not leave, they felt that these were the only people who cared about them.

    Many were covered with bruises and some were very skiddish if you came upon them from behind. I wrote to many magazine publishing companies about these sellers of their magazines and received no response to my e-mails. I will never buy a magazine again as these publishers could care less.

  34. I was on a crew for 7 months. The crew was AHP (Always Helping People). The first 4 weeks were amazing, I had a great time, partied alot, and made TONS of friends. I thought it was the best thing to ever happen to me.

    But then the 7 day work weeks started, and the verbal abuse. I also was slowly becoming an alcoholic (I’m only 20), but it was the only way I could find happiness. I was an average seller, it always depended on my mood.

    We moved my bosses from Texas to Colorado in 3 days and only got payed $40 in those three days. I then found out I was pregnant, and they tried to get me to get an Abortion, so I could continue selling magazines, but I decided to leave.

    I have talked to many people who haven’t received any of there magazines. And I even sent some home to my mom, and we havent seen a single one. Its a sad reality that they are scamming people, and that I myself was part of it. I regret it everyday, and the only good things to come out of it were my daughter, and seeing the ball drop in Times Square.

    There were good times, but the verbal abuse, the exercise punishments, the drugs, and my drinking problems were just to much.

    I hope this helps some people.

  35. Im sorry to see that so many people are actually scammed by alot of these sales groups. I have noticed though, that there are only problems with selling magazine subscriptions. I agree even though i run a local newspaper subscription group, that you should always becareful who you work for.Guys if your tryintg to get a job with a sales crew please dont get one with one that travels from state to state. I have been doing this for about 11 years or 10 or so, and have always done this in the same area. we go and work areas where people always remember me and buy from our group for the discounted prices.

    Amanda, Im sorry to hear about what you have been through, and hope that you and your daughter have a beautiful life. take good care.

  36. Ran into two of these creatures tonight. After the recent murder of an elderly couple by solicitors in Albuquerque, stories of casing a home for later theft, reading these stories of substance abuse and the like – these businesses should be banned and the leaders prosecuted.

    On a personal note – after a long day at work I do not want anyone banging on my door be it for magazines or some public interest group. My home, however meager, is my castle, a fortress of privacy and these visits are complete intrusions.

    It is also a wonderful way to have your identity stolen. Your name, address, information off a personal check – which includes a Drivers License for many of us, is easy pickings. When you are home and when your mail box is available to be riffled through is easy knowledge. Heaven forbid you pay with a credit or debit card!

    It is a SCAM, and by supporting the participants you are supporting the abusive situation they endure. I applaud all of you who have reached out to help them out of this cult. I am appalled at the number of pregnancy stories I’ve read in such a short list of examples.

  37. Perturbed,

    I understand where you come from, i have been reading several stories of these kids that come specifically from state to state traveling sales crews, and i really can’t believe all of the stuff i’ve been reading. Well one of the things that i can tell you is that you can’t judge everyone in that type of business by what SOME of them have done.

    They are all not bad kids and some are very bright and hard working teenagers that do people no harm what so ever. Now one of the things that you have to also consider about what people claim in these threads such as being in parties and getting drunk and all, girls getting pregnant and so forth. You cant blame all the responsability on the supervisor or managers, although they should be more professional in performing their duties, they are these kids parents and cannot force them to not drink no beer or be intimate with their boyfriend or girlfriend. Most of these ladies that have stated that got pregnant while working in those type of jobs were actually having consentual sex with their partner at the time,so if these girls did not want to get pregnant well they should have used proper protection or use just plain abstenance.

    Now please don’t get me wrong my view of this does not include people that claim to be raped or were in fact raped, for those people my heart goes out to them. I just think that everyone should quit trying to blame everyone else but the people who are infact responsible for their own actions The kids themselves. If they drink its because they wanted to, no one has forced a gun to their heads and said u have to drink.So just as alot of the magazine sales crew managers should be more responsible when they perform their job, so should the kids that work for them, who are usually in the ages of 18-25 and not at all kids anymore.

  38. My husband just got suckered into buying a subscription tonight. He thought he was doing something nice for the girl. He is always nice and boy was she lucky. I was not aware of it until later when we were sitting down to dinner. I had seen her earlier in the day canvasing the neighborhood which has signs that clearly say no soliciting. The scary part is that my husband wrote a check. I now that it sounds funny but I feel worried now about identity theft. Would any of you be worried about this? Should I have our checks etc…changed? I am going to call the bank to have the check canceled. I hate all of these door to door people. Get a life and a really job. I am sick of hearing all of the sob stories. I could go on and on and give you some really f”ing sad story about my life but I won’t. And as far as comparing yourself to a Girl Scout or Boy Scout…give me a break. There is no comparison. Get a job at McDonald’s like most of us did and leave us the f alone!

  39. Gina,

    as difficult as it may be for alot of you guys to understand, that is a real job, and one that makes those kids alot more money than you would make at mcdonalds or any other fast food restaurant. You really dont have to worry about your identity being stolen cause you wrote a check to these kids. I don’t know what exactly it was that you purchased or your husband did. By the way congratulation for having such a nice husband. If you would really understand what it takes to be able to steal an identity, you would really have no worries.The worst things that these kids would be able to do is bleach the checks and increase the amount, but most of these kids are honest kids just trying to earn a buck.

    If you are really worried about identity theft, maybe you would like to know that there is 75% more of a chance that your identity would be stolen while being on the internet that by a door to door salesman.Thats why it is always recommended that you have an antivirus,firewall and an antispyware program and always keep it up to date.

    I dont understand where your hatred for door to door salesman comes from,but it seems to be that your taking your anger out on these kids for no reason. Or atleast thats what it seems.

    Well i hope that these words put you at ease but if you dont want the items that you purchased anymore, im sure that you should be able to see on your receipt some sort of money back guarantee, call them and get your money back.

  40. Gina,

    About a year ago, I foolishly bought a subscription from one of these crews using a personal check (knowing NOTHING of this magazine crew scam). About 3 months later, a Sprint cell phone account was fraudulently opened up – in another state – using our checking account number. I have no proof that it was the solicitors but I rarely pay by check unless it’s local so I’m pretty sure they are the culprits.

  41. Well, I went ahead and canceled the subscription, which entailed a lengthy process of a written denial of wanting the magazine, along with a return reciept that HAD TO BE POSTED no more than three business days from the day of purchase. I guess they are trying everything they can to prevent you from cancelling. I also, had that particular check cancelled.

    I know that I sounded rude and mad and I still am. I definately am not one to cuss either, I just had had it with these door to door sales people claiming to change your life overnight by providing them with some monetary help and sending them off to the Carribean. Telling my husband how good he would feel if he helped them out!!!! Of course I am mad and righfully so. This subscription was for 48 dollars! Good grief! Any way, for all of you that are suckered like we were, make sure to buy your subscription through the magazine and not with these “Yahoo’s”. Also, if you do buy something from them, make sure to have their telephone number, and information about cancelling! Usually all of this information is in very tiny type on the back of the “reciept”. God forbid you couldn’t see. I have great vision but I had to struggle with this text!

    It’s been a thorn in our side and for now it is taken care of. One can only hope!


  42. To Luis,

    I am sure that they could make tons of money doing what they are doing, however what I am trying to say is make an HONEST living. The world would be a much nicer place if we could ALL treat each other with respect, privacy and kindness.

    These people are snakes. I know this practice has been around since the begginning of time. My only comfort in this whole thing is “What goes around comes around”!

  43. To gina,

    I can understand where your coming from but lets look at a few details to clear things up. Well see it’s how you would like to view things. One thing is that your husband purchased a subscription on his own free will wanting to help whoever came to your door. So he purchased it on his own and he was not forced to do so. So you cannot rightfully call them thieves (although i’m sure some must be)because they did not steal anything from you. They are also making an honest living as long as they are correctly informing you what the product is that you are purchasing. Look some people are good at doing other types of jobs and some people are good in sales.It really takes great communication skills to be able to do that for a living.

    When purchasing anything from any door to door salesman, make sure to get a receipt, and also if u make a check make sure its to a company, and be aware of the things that you need to do to cancel in case you no longer want the product or the subscription.

    I know at some points it may be dificult to understand why some of us do these types of jobs. I look at it as keeping kids away from trouble by providing them jobs and teaching them skills they will use the rest of their lifes. Personally i would never sell magazines, i do newspaper sales and have crews that do this and i also go door to door but now its been on rare occassions. Its good money where i dont have to kill myself or work a full 8 hour shift and i never have had a problem sleeping at night cause i know that what i do is a legal honest living.

    But trust me there are snakes in all types of jobs. They just come in different forms.God bless and take good care, hope it all works out how you want it to.


  44. First off i sold magazines and i hate hearing people say it is just a scam. because its not! everyone that orders a magazine from the company that i worked for they got them. it is true there are some companies that are scams but you don’t judge everything the same. so just because one company is doesnt mean every other company is. everyone might not think it is a perfect job but it is a job and for some people its better than being homeless. so next time you guys see a magazine person stop thinking it is a scam and think of it as a person who is just trying to move up in the world and this is how they want to do it. and you might not buy a magazine but plenty of other people will.

  45. Well, here is another disappointment. This in my opinion is a boundary issue. It is so annoying when these guys/gals come knocking on your door, when there are 3 big signs clearly stating NO SOLICITING! Well, out of the kindness of my heart, I’ve had salespeople come to my door (magazine, lawn-care etc) and I tell them, we do not allow soliciting in our neighborhood? I ask, “did you not see the sign when you walked into the development.” Well of course they did and still want to be pushy. I’ve even had these people continue to try and sell to me even though I’ve just told them they are not allowed in our neighborhood! YIKES!

    I politely say, “look, sooner or later you are going to knock on one of the board members door and they are going to get pissed! I suggest you leave, before he/she calls the police!” Sometimes this works yet sometimes I see them shimmy a couple doors down and keep on keeping! However, one day we did have a door to door solicitor escorted out by the county police department. That was awesome! It was like trapping a mouse! POUNCE!

    I guess I have to give them credit for being so tenacious. It seems they don’t understand that when someone tells them to stop, they don’t! That to me is so bothersome. There just isn’t any room left in this world for those kinds of people. Legit magazine reps, or not. Legit lawn care people or not. It’s just so unfair…..but than again, who said life was fair.

    But if you are one of those “legit salespeople” please respect others privacy. Don’t go knocking if you know that the neighborhood has signs posted!

    Just do us a favor in the future, and if someone answers their door, and they ask you to please leave….just do it! Go to another neighborhood where someone else (many people as you say) will buy your “stuff”!

  46. gina,
    first of all people knocking on your door is always going to happen and always will. no amount of complaining is going to change that. and i have knocked on managers doors and they have bought from me,because there are always ways around stuff whether it be a sign or not. but sells people can not help where the car handlers drop them of at if they tell you to work it then you do. and if a sales person were to just stop when someone told them to that wouldnt make them a sales person that would make them you. in the mag world we call people wabs if they cant make it, and not everyone can its a fact of life. now if i were knocking a neighborhood and a house said no soliciting then i would respect that and not knock. but if you live in a apartment complex your out of luck and alot of sales people know how to get away from the cops and just because you think that they left they didnt. door to door sales is a part of life and a great way to make money. if you dont like it move to the country. lol

  47. Dear Manda,

    Point well taken. However, I must say that it would behoove you to go back to school and work on your grammar and spelling. Obviously it is lacking from your last post. Maybe you are spending too much time drifting around state to state and street to street. I think that it could only help you with your career as a door to door saleswoman!

    I wish you all the best and thanks for your advice.

    Yours truly,


  48. Gina,
    so first off i might not have good grammar but i can sell anything put in front of me. i dont see why if you can when the debate like your not why you have to find some thing else to critique like my grammar this isnt about my grammar this is about door to door sales stay on topic

  49. Manda,

    I agree one hundred percent with you. I am sure you are great at selling magazines. I wasn’t critiquing you, just making an observation. I just wanted to tell you that if you want to really go places, it would be great if you could write and spell a little better.

    As I am sure you know, education is one of the most important things in life. I just find that it would be a waste for you to not pursue your dreams being a saleswoman. Supplement your tenacity with education. I’m telling you, you’d be dynamite! One day when you look back on this maybe you’ll understand where I am coming from.

    Yours truly,


  50. Gina,
    i do understand where you are coming from but when im on the computer i dont feel the need to use proper grammar cuz it is the one place i dont have to. Also, i am going to school (college). but to go places you dont have to be able to spell or write great. let alone talk right i mean look at the president of the united states if he can get elected i can do anything i put my mind to and that is what being a salesperson is its the law of attraction. if you think you cant do something or this person will not buy then you cant and they wont but if you think you can then you will. you attract everything that happens to you. if you get the chance you should read “the secret” it is a really good book and you may be able to understand where i am coming from a little more. because we both have good thoughts and i have been the person who messes with people who knock on my door and i have been the person doing the knocking. you have been bugged by us i understand and i am sorry but this is a way of life and it always will happen. let me know if you get a chance to read the book

  51. Thank you all so much. It seems all sides have had a chance to weigh in on this topic.

    This post started off as a rant, but has grown into a wonderful resource for those willing to delve into the comments.

    @Manda, Gina,

    I’ve been following your conversation of late and appreciate the objectiveness you both present. Spelling/grammar isn’t too important, although I will admit that a well formed comment helps with the overall point and is less distracting.

    I do ask to please allow the topic to continue on, and not delve too off-topic.

    Thank you all. This post is almost two years old and still highly active. Please feel free to share your experiences.

  52. Just a quick comment for gina. When you say that education is important I whole heartedly agree with you. I have a political science degree from the university of Iowa. I was going to become a lawyer but rather than pursue that career I chose to start selling magazines. That was a year and a half ago now I own my own sales crew. I make on average 8-10 thousand a week and I’m 22. I just bought my second bmw 745li and working on a bentley. However my education hasn’t helped me out any in my sales career. Did you know that 43% of the millionaires in America never went to college and that 24% never graduated high school? And did you know that those 43% started out not owing money for college a.k.a. Student loans that take forever to pay off? Therefore and thus having all profit rather than paying half of what they make to their education that they are most likely not even using. Just a thought. Luckily I come from a wealthy background so my parents paid for my college and I have never been in debt a day in my life. But most college graduates take between ten and thirty years of their working life paying off their debt. Btw manda are you from Texas?

  53. Hey everyone its ME again! I’m the girl who has been talking about Always Helping People LLC! I thought I would let everyone know that I finally got my FIRST magazine from them (after 10 months)! But ONE of them did come, so I owe a big apology to the company! Were still waiting to see if the other magazines come…but its still good that we at least got one of them.

    I am really sorry about everything I have said. I still don’t like the way the company is ran, and the way some agents are treated, but Kevin and Crystal are still good people!! And you should give the kids a chance!

    1. amanda. kevin and crystal are not good people. they changed thier companies name twice because they are a scam. companies always helping people, lrumar publications, and lucretius phocylides llc is all a scam. they are abusive to thier agents. kevin actually recently made his own crew hold down a guy and he ripped out his TOOTH with PLYERS! i was also on one of his crews, it was horrible seeing what they do to these young kids. kevin is going to jail and i hope he stays there for a long long time. human trafficking is repulsive and immoral and i hope kevin and crystal get their karma.

      1. Oh my god… he did that? That is horrible… that poor poor kid. How long were you on crew… If you are interested I would love to talk to you about it!!!

      2. ya, definately amanda, i would love to. i’m actually going to college to earn a degree in non profit management to start my own organization that rescues kids and shuts down mag crews. email me at and i can give u my number, i’d love to talk about it. by the way, im a girl, i was the ONLY girl on kevins personal crew….ya it was tough with 15 hormonal guys always making sleezy comments. i just use this name to protect myself. i have quite the story! lets chat.

  54. Today we salute you, whining-ignorant-annoyed-homeowner, for it is your over-the-top rants and obscene actions at the door that make our world as door-to-door sales people so enjoyable. Without you, our nights would be full of happy people that enjoy helping kids. We look forward to your door slamming, and juvenile temper tantrums… they provide a comic relief. So, you keep on keeping on, and continue to yell at young kids starting their first job, complain about their level of education, and how much that ink from the paper makes your hands dirty, we hope that little bubble you live in keeps you safe and sound!

    To those of you who are going door-to-door, albeit sales people, managers, or business owners… I commend you for your efforts, focus on the process and the result takes care of itself!


  55. I think that most of the people that really just yell when someone comes to their door and tell kids to leave getting all upset over nothing are just PLAIN IGNORANT! instead of congratulating a 14 year old when he comes trying hard to sell you a newspaper or magazine you brush him off. It’s sad to think that if you treat a kid that way, how do you treat your kids and what values you teach them.
    The reason why our country is the way it is NOW, is because of people like you, I remember back in the days where people used to help each other, now it seems like that was too far in the past for us to remember. Now don’t tell me it’s so hard for you to recycle a paper or a magazine, cuz if you really think and it was your kids selling them youd be the first one to buy one.

    It’s sad to see a person tells a kid he doesn’t have 20 dollars to help him out by buying the paper,but he has a two story house and a new BMW parked outside.

    I’ve been doing this for 11 years, and the people who are the poorest help more than people who have money or are atleast doing well. (maybe they have more of a helping heart I don’t know)

    Look at it this way, if it was your kid doing this (doesnt matter if you would ever let them do this or not), would you like other people slamming the door on his face and telling him all the things you say here about door to door sales people to his face? I think not.

    For those who think this is not a real job, or a decent job or an HONEST job. Well what makes you think your job or what you do is any better or more decent in anyway. A job is a job, and most people dont like to work anyways no matter what they do. If i could make good money by staying home i would and im sure you would too.

    Next time you have a kid knock on your door, be a human being and treat the kid like one, remember that your kids learn from what they see you do and the way you are. Help people because you never know when you might need the help too….

    TO: Gina;

    did you know that all the books that are sold world wide have incorrect grammar???? Because grammar is not essential when writing a book, but the writers who seem to not be able to write them using proper grammar make millions writing them the way they do.

    On another note, I would love to hear what your preacher would have to say if he knew you guys treat kids in this manner…..with most of us here being such good christians and all….lol


    1. The point isn’t “helping others” though – it’s the fact that they’re presenting us with a product that we might not need or even want. If we don’t, then we don’t pay – it’s as simple as that. I agree with you in that people shouldn’t be complete asshats to door-to-door salespeople, but we shouldn’t feel the obligation to dish out money to buy a product that we don’t need for the sake of the seller’s wellbeing – that’s just illogical. And if we do decide that we don’t want/need the product, it’s not like the seller would magically convince us that we somehow HAVE to have the product despite it being overpriced most of the time. That’s fairly naive, and probably the basis for many of the arguments against the whole “persistent salesperson” stereotype.

  56. Well said Luis!

    I love it when a person with 2 brand new Mercedes, or lexus’, bmw… whatever it be… tell the kid that they cannot afford 20$, what a joke. To those who mention the effects of Karma… you are completely correct, it does come back around! So next time you see a nice kid on your doorstep with enough courage to knock on your door and ask that you help him/her, by purchasing a product at a very low cost… think about Karma, and how it might effect YOU!

    On a side note regarding grammar and spelling:

    Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.

    This is not really about spelling, this is not really about door to door sales, this entire blog response is about people having a bad day, thus looking for something to take it out on… it just so happened to be the kid with more courage then the customer. To walk around a strange development, talk to strange people (if you are reading this, that strange person is most likely you… sitting at your computer reading internet blogs on how “dishonest” 15yr old sales people are) and give a presentation prior to asking for your help, not as easy as you might think, perhaps it is that you are all just envious that a cool job like this was not available to you in your formative years.

    Regardless… these young sales people, boys and girls, are out working hard for their money, learning exceptional conversation and presentation skills, all while focusing on school, athletics, and being a kid… because deep down, that’s all they are, kids. Personally, I (being a manager) feel that we need your temper-tantrums, and slamming of doors! Lets face it, the real world is not easy, and the more practice adversity these kids can face while growing up, the more prepared they are.

    So let me be the first to thank you! Thank you for helping prepare this kid to be a much more successful individual then he would have been, had things always gone his way, without ever facing adversity. Without you, we would all grow up to own huge houses with luxury SUV’s and hate solicitors 😀

    Enjy ur wknd evry1

  57. Thanks Matt for your insight…have a blessed day!

    I will keep on keeping on and I appreciate all you’ve said. Enjoy your life!

  58. Thanks for the post. It is unfortunate that the kids selling magazines get such a small amount of money from each subscription. I would prefer to give them the whole amount rather than buy a magazine that I don’t want. At least that way the child/cause/school would benefit more.

  59. well thank you everybody who agrees that grammar and education doesnt always matter because when you are talking to some one at the door they arent reading what you are saying they are listening. what i was taught when i sold mags was that they arent just buying the mag they are buying you in a since you are selling yourself to these people.i worked for a crew called 5 star they treated us well yes we did work long hours and didnt do much other then sell travel and sleep but thats life not everything is perfect. you have to think these people are not our parents they are there for the same reasons we are to make money! Of course they aren’t going to try and make your life great you have to do that for yourself. Everyone starts out the same selling the mags but you move yourself up by the progress that you make when you are knocking at the doors. Just like you would in any other job. You learn many life lessons and experiance alot of new things when selling mags. Im glad i had the privliage of being able to sell mags it is something you can never forget.
    No i am from missouri and thats cool that it only took you a year and a half to get that far. What is the name of your company.

  60. to all of the traveling sales people out there, I understand that you may be from bad neighborhoods, and had a bad life, but I still don’t think living like a gypsy and not being held accountable for your actions is okay. I was minding my own business going to get some dinner with my family and got rear ended by a Suburban filled with you guys. the driver took off but didn’t get far because the moron turned into my neighborhood and got lost so I quit following him and called 911, I knew since he wasn’t from around here he would get lost because the only way out is the way you come in and he was up into the back where it looks like you can go anywhere but you can only come back the same way you go in, so I let 911 know that he was driving all retarted in the neighborhood and they just sat at the entrance and waited, turns out that the kids he had jsut picked up were pissed and pulled him out of the car and beat him up because he almost killed them and my family. Another police officer happened to see this and thats how they got caught! KARMA rules! To make a long story short the crew had no choice but to get into a van with a drunk driver behind the wheel and then almost died because of it. How can you guys be so stupid? You may end up left in a state you are not from but at least the state wont be calling your parents to tell them you were stupid driving around with a drunk and he killed you. The driver was arrested but out of fear he won’t give up the name of the company and I am now out the medical bills for my daughter who was hurt and the money to fix my car. The driver is facing several years in jail but I know he will just leave the state if he gets out and I will never get the satisfaction of telling him that he almost killed my baby. thank GOD some of you end up knocked up and getting out since that seems like the only way to end the “slavery” you talk about! I just needed to get this off my chest and if you are ever in Nebraska make sure not to come knocking on my door because I will be looking for your permits and having you arrested, I have bought magazines from these kids and always got them, but I will now be calling the police everytime I see one of you because of the actions of one group here In the Cornhusker state, you are not welcome and get the hell out! The company you work for won’t even return my calls and the driver they hired is in jail so I can’t really go after him. Thanks a lot to any of you who knock on my door I will make sure I have you arrested and prosecuted because the company you work for is crooked!!!!!! Oh and just to let you know I have been broke and had no where to go and got off my ass got a college education and a great job, not robbed people of the safety they feel in there own homes, so get out while you still can.

  61. I recently purchased a subscription from a young lady in a contest trying to win $1,000 Cash award and a trip to Hawaii.
    Wow! What enthusiasm and confidence. I couldn’t resist. She was very charming and clean cut. Whoever her associates (crew members) may be are really fortunate.
    Imagine that! An eighteen year old kid traveling all fifty states with a chaperoned group of kids her own age. She showed me some of the places (pictures) she’s been to already; California, Colorado, Illinois, New York and Florida (my home.
    She said that she was trying for 1st place. I told her if she was shy a few points, I’d be only too happy to recommend her to a few medical offices that I am a patient with.
    What a delightful and exciting experience.
    Sorry some of you old farts aren’t as lucky. Or is it a God Thing?

  62. Spiper,

    I am sorry to hear what happened to you and your family, i can understand your anger toward the driver who was transporting the kids. But you really cannot be that ignorant and take it out on every kid you see on the street trying to make a buck. First off you are calling the company crooked, but then contradict yourself by saying that you have bought magazines from the kids before and “have always got them”.

    First off what the kids are doing by knocking on your door is NOT illegal and does not require permits! so they actually don’t have to show you anything when you ask them for permits that they do not need to go door to door.

    Second, what you should’ve done is make sure that the drivers pays the money to get your car fixed, courts can always ask him not to leave the state or he will suffer more severe penalties and more time if he were to do any.

    It could’ve been anyone who hit you, unfortunately it was an idiot who shouldnt have been behind the wheel in that state (drunk) anyways (and i hope he gets what he deserves!)So dont take it out on kids who didnt do anything to you.

    Well i hope you end up getting what is owed to you and am glad that your daughter was ok.Good luck with everything.

  63. I have personally worked for two of these organizations and I can say that they are very predatory. The first time I was hanging out in a mall (I was barely 18 at the time) and I was approached by someone trying to sell me a subscription. I told him I didn’t have any money and that I was simply hanging out at the mall. I was dirty and drugged out and you can obviously tell I had nothing going for me at the time. I was then approached by his manager and offered a job traveling state to state. He said he thought I would make a great sales person and I could make a ton of money. He told me that I needed to make my decision quick because they were leaving to California in a few hours. Since I was on drugs at the time and down and out, I figured I had nothing to lose. I brought along my tiny backpack and an 8 ball of meth. We met up at some shady hotel and there were four large white vans outside. I met everyone and as soon as they found out I had that 8 ball, it vanished in about 10 minutes because everyone did it with me. On the trip to California we drank beer, smoked weed and ate mushrooms. I thought this was the coolest thing ever! (The things you think when you are young, stupid and on drugs right?)

    We arrived in California and met with the other half of the group that was there. They stuck us in hotel rooms and gave us all about 20 dollars a day for cigarettes, drugs and food. I immediately started working going door-to door from about 9am-10pm EVERY DAY, with the sales pitch that I was trying to earn money for a school trip. When I got back, I usually wound up getting messed up on drugs and waking up to do the same thing day in and day out 6 days a week. I was lucky. I was great at sales. I became “Agent” within a week. When I had over 10 sales a day I was GOD. I had no problem maintaining that because it felt good to be treated and esteemed so highly.

    I saw some verbal abuse from the managers towards other people but never to me. That is, until I didn’t make enough sales one week. I was then accused of stealing money from subscriptions and forced to work overtime. I was verbally abused, locked out of my room, ridiculed and called a druggie. One of the top sales girls even became physical towards me. I left a few days later after being dropped off at an apartment complex… amazingly I still had some semblance of self respect and I called family for a bus ticket. Other people had it worse than I did and I never saw any money other than the 20 bucks a day. I didn’t care though… I just wanted to leave.

    The second time was MUCH WORSE.

    Like before, I was still on drugs. I needed to get away from meth (I had finally had it with the drug at the time) and I saw an ad in the paper looking for people to travel selling magazines. I figured it was a great way to escape as I had no money. I knew they would provide shelter and food, at least for a little while. I made sure it was a different company and they sounded very professional on the phone. They bought me a greyhound bus ticket from AZ to Detroit MI. Immediately I did well and made great sales (I guess I just have a gift) and used the same “Hi I’m blah blah from this school, trying to get a trip and maybe win a scholarship.”

    We all worked 12+ hours a day (6am-sundown) and on the only day off we traveled to another state, so it really wasn’t a day off. We weren’t allowed to go anywhere unless a manager was with us. We got the usual 10-20 bucks a day (20 if you were good, 10 if you were terrible)

    We were kept up very late, and forced awake very early. I was lucky if I got 5 hours of sleep. We were forced to work rain or shine. Rainy days were high days because people were all inside.

    I eventually became very sleep deprived and felt bad for a lot of the other kids. When they did bad, they were pulled as a group into the managers room and came out with red faces and glossy eyes. I never knew all that happened in those rooms, but I knew it was bad. The others told me that they got “punished” and one actually confided in me that they got beat. I was pretty scared and determined to do well, so I didn’t have to find out exactly what these punishments were all about.

    One day when going door to door, I met a nice lady who told me that there was a story on 20/20 about the magazine sales job, and that it was like a cult. I immediately became scared because I knew it was true and only a matter of time before I became one of those abused kids. I realized that it had all of the red flags of a cult…. Fear, sleep deprivation, control….

    Shortly thereafter I got lucky. I met a man who offered me a chance to work in his clothing store in Atlanta. This was on one of my typical apartment complex drop-offs. He said he would hook me up with an apartment and even gave me 600 dollars in good faith. I was already in a bad situation so I figured what could go wrong. He arranged a cab to get my stuff and when I tried to collect my belongings, the main manager started screaming in my face and threatening to kick my *** She said I cant have any money (Even though in the beginning the “company” promised me a return bus ticket) to leave. I didn’t let her in on the fact that I had my own money just in case she tried to pull something.

    I managed to get away when hotel security came around. I never looked back. I did get that job in Atlanta until I got back on my feet and moved back to where I reside now. I have since been off of drugs, gotten married, and am totally responsible for my own life. It is beyond me how I even got into that situation knowing where I am in life right now, but I did. Drugs make people stupid. Desperation makes people stupid. I am just very, very, very lucky.

    I never knew it was a scam when I worked for these companies, but when I got a hold of the net… there is no documentation for them. There is no website. Nothing.

    Now I can’t say that all of these people are bad, but please, to protect yourself, do not let them in your house. Check out the information on the internet. Verify through the BBB. Protect yourself. They won’t die if you leave them outside and don’t let them in. And NEVER EVER let them use your bathroom. It is a common ploy.

    Just use common sense. Give these kids some insight. Most of them are victims stuck in a bad situation. They don’t even realize it. Just don’t jeopardize yourself. Call the police. A lot of these kids aren’t even 18!

    I know this stuff shouldn’t happen in America, but it does people. It does.
    This is a true story, as crazy as it sounds. There really are some bad people in the world, ready to take advantage of desperate people. I know this post was long, but I thought it was my job to say something.

    Thank you.

  64. I just had a magazine salesman come to my door. I had that moment after looking through the peephole of indecision: whether to oblige the person standing on the other side or to pretend like I didn’t exist. For some reason, I chose to open the door. It was a guy who looked to be in his mid-late twenties. Poorly dressed. Shaking. He talked about trying to get points to help out other kids with scholarships. He wanted people to help him out by helping them out because that’s what he was all about LOL. It took awhile but he finally got to the part where he was peddling magazines. When I let him know that I didn’t need any magazines, he said I could write a check and then cancel and he would still get his points. He seemed extremely uncomfortable and made little eye contact. He used the same lines several times to try and convince me (something about bathroom aids or helping solve toilet bowl dilemmas that may have been funny if he knew about sarcasm). He asked for my information and if he could come inside to write this stuff down. I thought of vampires and how they had to be invited in before they could come and suck your blood–and that metaphor was working. This vampire was not going to suck my wallet dry. He talked about traveling alot and how there were other groups of kids who weren’t as good and how I could get a bug off sticker if I bought magazines. Then he talked about how the other groups of kids were bad and crazy–how they did crack all the time. And it became quite obvious at a certain point that he was projecting an image of himself. A shaky, tired, man who just wanted some cash so he could get his next fix. I did start to feel guilty at some point for letting this drag on for so long knowing full well that I wasn’t buying what he was selling. But those are the breaks. I didn’t ask for him to knock on my door and I couldn’t justify helping out someone I just met whose intentions were shady at best. I have plenty of less shady cases within my friends and family that I could and would help out. So next time, I will not open the door. And I’m OK with that.

  65. These people are all over Tulsa and Norman, OK. One came to my door at 9:45 P.M. ! It was dark and like an idiot I opened the door because I couldn’t see very well and thought it might be a guy my husband had worked with. No. He talked and talked and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Even used my next door neighbor’s name and asked me who the other neighbor is. I wouldn’t tell him. He wanted me to write a little message in the book he was carrying. Said my neighbor had written ‘WWJD’. I didn’t. After way too long being “nice” I finally said NO and closed the door. I found out a couple of weeks ago this same group showed up in Norman and came into contact with my grandchildren who were in a home that allowed them in. Maybe they are harmless but it’s not good. I wish I had not opened the door, no. 1. No. 2, wish I had called the police. People don’t need to be soliciting after dark.

  66. I don’t know what the cut off hour is in other states here in california it’s at 8:30 PM. Any time after that you can call the police and they will make sure theyre not knocking on more doors after cut off hours. It does feel good to help people guys and more of you should put yourself in the kids shoes and think about how would you like to be treated if that was your first job. and I dont think you guys would have liked an impression of nocking on peoples doors and the only people that come out are a bunch of pricks.

    🙂 don’t take it personal, but i dont think you guys would react the same way if it was a neighbor knocking on your door just asking to borrow a tire iron.

  67. Luis,
    Let me clarify. This guy was not a kid. He was 35 to 40 years old. I still don’t know what he wanted. He didn’t ask me to subscribe or give money, just talked, talked, talked – something about doing good for people. Didn’t make any sense at all. In Norman, they came in pairs.

  68. Loved that girlie

    I loved the magazine sales girls.

    I lived in Charleston, SC – Mt. Pleasant to be exact – and one of those young girls came to our apartment door when we were in college.

    I got laid out of it.

    Sweet-talked her for 15 minutes and the next thing I knew we were havin’ sex.

    Was she hot? not really, but middle of the afternoon, stranger sex, is just cool.

    Thank you mag girls.

  69. Sue,

    I can understand your concern in that case, sorry didnt quite have those datails when i posted. Look if you ever feel threatened or think its a true scam not just some kid asking for help, then yeah call the police worst they will do if theyre legit is ask them to work in another area. I have had the police called on us many times , people didnt know who we were, all they did was verified that we were legit and went on their way, so if people are legit it shouldnt bother them comes with the territory….lol

  70. I have a “no soliciting” sign up on my door. I can’t speak for those who respect it, but those who don’t get the following:

    1) With as little speaking as possible, I point to the sign
    2) If they still don’t leave:
    a) Guy, I just tell him to f-off my property
    b) Girl, I break her (I’m sexist that way)

    When I was younger and before I read this and other articles about how these people are treated, my goal was to wipe the smile off Miss Super Happy Salesperson who refused to honor my sign. I always won. My results were anything from a girl backing off she was so scared to a girl coming inside and asking me while she was completely naked if I would buy a subscription (a deal is a deal, and she got her subscription…so I guess she actually broke me in a way since that silly smile never disappeared).

    Now that I have read up on it, I treat the people who are obviously members of a wandering crew with a bit more sympathy. I spell out their lives for them and offer them help getting home. Some lose the smile and get extremely angry and offended that I would judge them. Some tell me that it is not all that bad and quickly leave. One 22-year-old told me that I was the third person to say something similar to her that day, broke into tears, and asked me for help. She didn’t even want to pick up any of her stuff. I just drove her the 300 miles home, dropped her off with her folks (who were grateful to hear from their daughter after 10 months) and visited some friends I had in town I needed to visit anyhow. I gave her my EMail that day, and she wrote me not too long ago from her community college address where she is in nursing classes.

    So anyhow, for all those people in here who talk about how hard those sales people work and how you should buy something from them, the heck with that. My house says no soliciting. You come to my house, and I will break you. I’m showing all my friends how to break you. I’m going to train the elderly in my neighborhood you pick on with your fast spin how to break you too. Just leave my “no soliciting” house alone!

  71. a little background…from an insider…first, let me say i worked in this industry in its “halcyon” years, when robert pennington, joe edge and the likes of russel wood were beginning to amass their very large fortunes…if you don’t know these names…they are the guys who honed the ‘magcrew’ to its present-day configuration. at least two of them are still very much in the money…but spend less time in the field…they will always have control of a crew somewhere, someplace…50,000 a week CASH is alot of incentive, is it not? i came up with another manager named vinnie pitts…another prominent crew overlord. i got out…and now devote many hours trying to convince folks about the perils of this blight on americas young workforce. for every thousand posts via the web…you will find a few well-indoctrinated “youths” who will espouse the attributes of making a manager wealthy beyond most peoples’ dreams…becoming a manager in this byzanntine industry is a holy grail of cash…let me explain…the managers’/clearinghouses…are one in the same…if you are lucky enough to have encountered an agent with a crewleader who even submits the subscriptions…you may be surprised to learn the publishers PROVIDE these periodicals to them FREE of charge…a closely guarded secret on the magcrews…because the magazines have already SOLD the adspace with a guaranteed minimum circulation count…and thay DO NOT want to refund millions in ad revenue when the numbers fall below the figures they’ve promised advertisors…so…they dump thousands of scripts in the laps of the clearinghouse…got it? the kids are NEVER, ever told the miniscule commision cut is is grossly disproportionate to the amount they have checked into the managers at night. average kid…7 sales for 150 they call it…and this is AVERAGE…heres a breakdown…total after mailins…320.00. 20 bucks for the indentured kid…10 bucks handling…this is merely a cut given to whatever manager promoted YOU to manager…and it adds up quick, folks. 4 kids to a room that was group discounted…20 bucks at the MOST…this leaves the boss…who has been in the hotel all day….270 dollars from one very AVERAGE seller…now multiply by 30 days…8100 a month…most crews maintain 25 kids minimum…thats TWO HUNDRED grand a month readers…and much of this is in CASH>>>CASH!! you can see why the young folks do not stand a chance collecting monies owed them when they do burn out and head for home…these crewmanagers have the VERY best legal eagles money can buy. they are, however, not indestructible…in a sad irony…robert spruiell…overlord of integritysales was recently stabbed to death trying to inflict a beating on a guest at the golden nugget hotel who wasn’t affiliated with his crew…and one of his henchmen who went into the room as his ‘backup’ is now facing charges in that crime…the guest…rightfully…has not been charged. so even the mighty managers’ can find justice prevails…eventually. what started as an industry right after world war 2, for injured vets who tried to glean an income from americas porches…has culminated into todays very profitable and dangerous door to door business…please do not buy from the kids…they do NOT get ahead…the only thing they will realize is a whopping 1099 tax bill when they are burned out…on monies they never even saw…visit my site…getabunch.

  72. OK OK OK
    i sell mags!!!!
    and im not doing it for college or any kind of charity!!!
    i do it to travel the country
    and i love the travel
    i get paid to make people like me
    people dont buy mags cuz they want them
    nobody wants, needs, or reads them…
    people buys them cuz they like my PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)
    they love my charm and personality
    im not a solicitor!!!!
    we are door to door and couch to couch entertainment
    in other words we make money by making people and ourselves do
    crazy things at the door
    we make the sad laugh
    we make the lazy wake up
    we make granny’s smile more than what thur own family does
    so all that negitivity you people talk can just stop
    not all mag. agents are scandalizes!!!!!
    its people like u that make us all look bad

  73. Damn it! A sales girl came to my door tonight and gave me the whole sales pitch, she talked fast and something was off. I politely declined and then she became totally irate! She started swearing and yelling at me being very rude and combative.

    She walked to my neighbor’s house and I told her to get out of my neighbor hood. She went crazy. I followed her and along with two other neighbors removed her by force. It was a gated community in northern California.

    She said that she will get her revenge on me. So now I am worried about this group of psychos coming after me. What should I expect?

  74. My wife bought some mags from a door to door sales guy. well it turns out that the guy used her info to sign her up for about 50 differant mags and then when she tried to contact the companies they said it wasn’t there problem and she needed to contact the person who sold her the subscriptions. they even sent collections after her. finally they stopped sending them and she was cleared of everything. and the kind ended up getting expelled. he got caught doing it to some one else i guess.

  75. Hi Samantha,

    Good for you! Run them out of town! From what I have heard, most of these kids are bussed from one town to the other. Chances are, the girl who said she would get you is long gone and will never return to your neighborhood or maybe even your city. Maybe someone else has a different opinion?

  76. Hello,

    My Name is Allen. I was just kinda surfin net and found this little forum thingy. I read each and everyone of the posts. So I guess i will give a little input of my own. I am about 19 years old and I use to work for a bank. the economy going down and all I was unfortanely let go. But before my banking experience, I got to experience the crazy world of selling door to door, and selling magazines at that. I had just moved out of my parents home in Hawaii and moved to the good ol’ state of Washington. Thinking i could find a job no problem. I had been to college early… so there was no way id have problems. I was unlucky and found myself looking for work when High School year had just ended and they were looking for jobs. I was overqualfied for everything competeing against hundreds of first time workers in a minimal wage city. I was walking distint away from things like burger king and subway, and they all passed me pay for a teeny poppers who didnt know which way was up. So i turned to search on the web, found a job promising 400 dollars a week mininum. thats pretty great! so i sent in a application, next day i get a phone call, saying they pay for a ticket to nebraska and pay for all my food everything. I’m thinking lucky kid on the freakin planet. Im saying to myself if they pay for my ticket this must be some high class stuff. though it wasnt an airplane ticket, it was a bus ticket, and that ride was the worst thing ever, well until i made into nebraska. made it to my destination, and a skinny little red neck was waiting for me and this other chica. i had talked to her before, we had the same last bus to nebraska. she was in a retail store were she lived making fifty grand a year, but had an abusive boyfriend who she had a couple kids with, and she was literally running away. To say the least she was attractive, and thinking back to what she said “fifty thousand” she didnt have to move to a complete state, she was smart i could tell by talking to her. this job must have been something special. keep in mind those whom are reading this, no where in my conversations on the phone, or on teh website did they ever specify door to door sales. so the redneck picks both of us up, gives each of us 20 bucks for food, and asks where we want to go, we get in his car that smells horrible, i had never smelled something thsi foul that looked so clean. The smart girl and I head to the supermarket and spend about 10 on sandwhich meat and bread, food that would last a week. where set, both of us are smiling we got food, we get to the hotel. its nice…i mean its sweet, and we head to the door and he says no not that one, and we walk across the street to the just beaten up old, probably was a place were a brothal is. and we get to our rooms. great we get our own rooms! ahahahah what a joke, i am sharing a room with another guy, that fine, nope, three guys. okay, this if fine. i meet my trainer. this seven foot benemoth. strong handshake talks like an emo kid in hawaii. the smell… u remember the smell in the car right. i detect it. then a bunch of kids come out of the woodwork out of all the rooms, looked like a bad movie. and cram into one. All of them yelling numbers, telling jokes, they hand there money to a fat guy and he hands them back whatever tehy ask for. It looks great. everyone happy, we all get ready to go out to the bowling ally. okay this seems great. i start to mingle with the girls like any guy would. and soon find there stories to be almost identical to the first girl i met, some of them werent very bright at all though.and the guys…i avoid. they look like as if they were slapped with a ugly shovel. we hangout and about to leave we walk out to the vans that brought us there and i notice something very important that should be there that isnt… the license plates arent there. okay…weird. i dont ask about it though, everyones drunk. we get back to the hotel..its not a hotel its a shack. we get back in and my trainer(the bememoth) and he says something id rather not repeat to a girl and she punches him and straight ko’s him. then he just complains about how much of a bitch she is blah blah blah. he falls asleep on his bed and i go to sleep on mine. the next morning i get up before anyone, and go down stairs and eat the continatal breakfest get ready for the day. when everyone wakes up there a meeting and in this meeting they take bets on how much they will sell. and you have to bet, you must spend money and place bet. there is no not doing it. wtf? then we all go outside and stand in a circle. and these people start to sing, i mean chant in a very cult like mannor and i refuse to partake. then we recieve this packages that hold our recipts and such and pack into our unmarked vans. and we drive to a community looks privatized and i ask as i see the signs “are we allowed to do this here it looks like private housing” the reply being only i should shut my mouth and follow my trainer. so i follow him, watch as he does his speil. over and over, trying to trick his victims. after he gets denied i ask him…why dont you just lie and say your from aroudn the neighborhood, people are more likely to sell to a neighbor. and he says that “we dont lie!” what a good policy. and soon after he becomes very curt as his victims turn him down, he gest more and more upset, and begins to rant and pulls out a pipe! and take a puff of weed…that smell it was weed in the redneck’s car! after a few more houses and more questions i ask on how we get paid answers he couldnt answer, literally he looked confused trying to fake his answers. we take a break and set down at the park he pulls out a wiskey bottle drinks it all down an tosses it. soon after a cop pulls us pedestrains over saying she got a car from several individuals in the area. she seems to knwo whats going on she asks us where we supposed to be picked up, my trainer says some bs, im ignoring it cuz im kinda laughing at the predicament and the fact that i could at anytime get my trainer arrested just by telling the cop about the weed, and that he was indeed harrasing people, this one lady and just gotten home and had a kid in her car about to go inside and he just harasses the hell out of her and wont let her go inside. so the cop she asks for both of our id she grabs his and i show my mititary privelages card, cuz my divers license is a hawaii one. she looks puzzled… and asks for my drivers licence anyways and goes back to her car, i assume to redflag us in case my trainer harasses some more people. and she comes back and gives us them back and askes me, she really asks me this are you retired or active duty…hahahaha. im like 17 bless your heart lady. so after our driver aviods picking us up cuz the cop just kinda stays with us for half an hr. we walk to a walmart and then my trainer asks me to call the driver, okay why dont you call him. he doesnt have a cell phone thats why. why doesnt my trainer who supposed to make 400 a week have a simple electronic device. so blah blah we get picked up i get a new trainer and repeat the same shit. so we get to this one big mutha trucka someone who holding back his masstif from tearing us apart. and after he declines my trainer proceeds to threaten him_ “well the girls are coming by dont help them if i find out you did i’ll burn you house down.” this dude throws his masstif down walks out of the house toward is truck. im thinking sawed off shot gone i run the other kid doesnt. but the guy pulls out a policy badge and instead threatens the kid. i cant control myself i pust out laughing, im leaving im out of here im done. we get back, the girls have done well for themslves, us guys havent. not one sell. laughing i cant stop. i get serious, the girl i met on the bus is asking the same questions i was about getting paid. not getting any answers. i ask the girl who i thought had the most green. and asked to see her “books” and looked over them and i asked her how much she thought she was making. she said about 500 a week. i looked at her and i hugged her…(the same weed invested smell kills my taste buds) and said you dont make 500 a week. i didnt have he he
    art to tell her that her “books” told her she was owing them money everyweek they had hotel fees, draw fee(you pay for the money they pay you). so i talked the redneck he seemed to be the big kaoona around and told him that i wanted to leave. didnt say that i had found the expired license to sell, didnt ask him why were driving in unmarked vans or tell him that i knew he was cheating these poor kids. druggie kids, girls who were abused. just said i wanted to leave politely. and he threatened my life told me i couldnt leave until i paid them back and told my first trainer (the bememoth) that i was not to leave the room. and he took out a knife sat on his bed and that was that. he fell asleep and at like 3am i snuck out of the hotel and walked to the nearest gas station in the rain turning a tornado warnig storm crying my eyes out looking for anyone to take me to the greyhound station. in summary this “crew” had no licence, no permits, unmarked vans, and no money envolved. ha. ha. ha. well. from my experience the crew members are not bad, just brainwashed. the managers those are some evil F******. not all the crews and companies i are like this at least i hope not. but that was a huge scam on both ends, some people recognize the flier thing and said that they had bought from them and never got their magazines. what an ordeal to say the least!

    1. Well I’ve never humored negative blogs with a comment before however there is positive responses in this one and i need to at least comment on an owners point of view.
      First something about the “door to door” industry-
      The direct sales industry has been an american staple since the 1930s when the farmers alamanac was sold door to door. Many of the worlds most successful have gone door to door. It is a self motivated time honored business which if treated with loyalty and respect can give a lot of success.I’ve been in the industry for 10 years this November. i’m a second generation mag agent i knocked doors for 4 of those 10. Sometimes i did knock weeks without a day off, in the rain, snow, heat and in the dark as well. I’ve never made excuses or complained because i feel that in this business you get paid what your worth. An honest days work equals and honest days pay. And yes i can say honest because as i sit here typing i have a new agent handbook by my side and nowhere in it does it teach people to lie, in fact it promotes honesty, pride, positive attitude and responsibility. In my opinion it is the agents with low moral character who lie and teach others to lie that create this “scam” reputation. if someone told you lie would you do it? i hope not, i have never told nor trained anyone to lie on my behalf. To address the kids stranded at the bus station stories, yes i have stranded thieves liars and cheats the same ones that write so negative about me in this blog. i will not buy someone a bus ticket that rips off or lies to my customers. (i.e alters checks, takes donations, says they’re with the bbc, or any other lie) i will also admit to being physical with agents who i catch doing drugs or stealing. As far as the financial aspect of our industry it is very lucrative for both the agent and manager i’ve seen agents make in excess of 50k annually and managers 10 times as much. however this is the type of business that in the beginning you do a dollars worth of work and only get a penny but then through loyaty and integrity your doing a pennies work and making dollars alot of them. most agents have a grass is greener philosophy and jump from company to company and never accumulate much or they spend foolishly. if an agent is motivated loyal and consistent they move up quickly and produce a good income. We live on the road in a dormroom atmosphere (hotels and such) of course we have ridiculous antics going on after a hard days work. i did in fact shoot an agent with a crossbow, he offered to let me do it for 20 dollars i still think he was stupid and i think anyone is stupid for agreeing to perform a stupid stunt but i still offer to watch them do it. (shots of hot sauce, cinnamon, hands in ant beds) this is the day we live in, these agents grew up on jackass tv.i enjoy my career and am relieved that a lot of the agents that i’ve hired have made fortunes in this industry. (some of which i have literally hired from behind dumpsters) this industry has provided an alternative life for unfortunate individuals who would otherwise be homeless or drug addicts. the mag crew experience is what you make of it just like anything else you get back what you put in. And i’ll be the first to admit there are scumbags in our business however i believe they were scumbags before they got into our business and would be just as big of a scumbag if they worked at walmart. i wont respond back to this blog again but will read it often, so anyone that wants to contact me can do so through myspace. i’m sure i wont get very many positive responses and theres alot of negative things i can be accused of but this is just my point of the way thanks to those of you who blogged positive truths about the industry

      1. Ashton, I am really considering a career in magazine sales. I respect your positive outlook and “real talk” about this profession. I would like to be an agent for a responsible, hard working individual such as yourself. I would really like to get in touch with you and possibly talk about my options. I am a hard working, sharp, well spoken fella who needs a career change. I have no problems following orders and respect authority figures. thanks for your time.

  77. Fuck the guy that came to my door and could not answer fully simple questions of how the system actually works….fuck him for trying to hassle me…fuck him for being a prick when nothing that he said matched up on the system….fuck his shitty points….like always i was gonna be his last sell to make his trip…well you know what…fuck his trip…i dont get a trip and i know i work my goddamn ass off and go to college…and most of all fuck him for his lame scripted sob story for me when i said no…fuck him for asking if i believe in karma…just because i dont want some girlscout cookies doesnt mean the little girl will give me a guilt trip….so in turn i guess that makes you a little girl….

  78. Solicit Hate,

    Just to make it clear on here, your a prick!…you know what let it be your kid that one days needs the help and goes knocking on a door of another idiot like you…so someone can tell him and you…F… you too.
    There is a difference in telling someone no, and being a dick about it, because of the way that you are and treat people, probably all them kids see how much of a piece of shit you are…and are dicks to you too.

  79. @All,
    I realize this is a controversial topic and I appreciate hearing both sides.

    On that note, if you can’t remain objective and keep the comment free of profanity, please do not bother leaving a comment.

    Please keep the conversation intelligent and objective, and try to avoid personal attacks.

    Ronald –

  80. Had a girl come by today, from one of these crews. Have seen the van that picks them up. Will be walking the complex property every day, for awhile, with my phone and mace. This girl was so jacked up, it was sad. I can’t believe anyone would think they should fund a stranger’s trip to Australia (or wherever). I’ve alerted management and the local police. Love the comparisons to the Girl Scouts, who don’t go door-to-door, anymore; they are usually out front of the local Sam’s Club. Boggles the brain to think there are so many young people out there getting sucked into rackets like this.

  81. So i use to work for a magazine company called worldwide readers service back in 2002. I did not know it was a magazine crew, the guy Corey that interviewed me siad it was a job for black enterprise magazine. I was very shocked when she said i can start the next day in Plymouth, MN.
    I was so excited until i met him at the office and he handed me a bus ticket. luckily there was two other kids with me and we were excited!
    When we arrived the boss Michael Whitely gave us $10 each to get something to eat, it was like this is cool.
    The next morning our meeting was at 10am, i didn’t think anything if it until we went into these vans and i was give a magazine list and a script. i was dropped with my trainer for the day and watched how she canvassed. basically I was working to earn 10,000 to receive my bonus of 1,000 to attend college.
    we worked mon-sat form 10-sometimes 11pm. u weren’t allowed to be sick or anything.
    a lot of beatings and drug use was on this crew. basically beatings of couples, and when we “jumped? from state to state a lot of drugs and alcohol was purchased.
    I was not making any money and was always in the read from because if cancellations. the highest item to sell was an encyclopedia which earned me 750 pts, ( which is basically your money) and i received 50%, i met a lady in Washington who was really sincere and wanted to help me get home. I bought the books from me and the check cleared that GOD! I then decided to take my payout and leave.
    The life on crew is for someone with no life. These people do not care about you. FYI to those who are still selling please dont for get to save all ur receipts and payroll sheets so u can file ur taxes at the end of the year because u will end up owing the IRS like I did. The company does use you as write-off.

  82. Well I was in the Military for 4 years then got bored of the normal job thing and thought I would try this out without any research I could say I kind of knew what I was getting myself into so I wasn’t to suprised right away, Now having said that I didn’t think it would be as bad as I thought I distinctively remember this time in San Diego Cal. outside of a howard johnson hotel it was me and several other mag agents and the owner of the company Ashton Dukes, kind of a cool guy but a really big punk but anyway just my opinion. there was this new guy that they had just gotten. Now I wasn’t in that company I was with a company called Fit for Life inc. owned by Jess Covey it was a fairly new company just getting on it’s feet. There must have been about 5 companies all together in So. Cal. Oh yeah there was this little B***H of a GM Toby or some shit like that I don’t remember if he was to read this he knows who he is anyway he was Ashtons right hand man pretty much. back to my story, This new kid was like on his first week of being on his own and he I guess needed to be initiated in or something so his initiation was to be shot by a crossbow at point blank range now I don’t know about you but that is the worst Idea ever, EVER! Well needless to say I am pretty sure he was a little out of it with the weird combo and induction of meth and speed and I am pretty sure some unknown household chemicals agreed and took it he go a arrow right thru the nut sack and into his leg. I also witnessed the assault of severall others and homeless people abuse of family pets and all kinds of bullshit so my suggestion to you don’t help these kids out you aren’t helping them you are inhibiting them to stay there I know have a lucrative job writing computer software and have a family and everything to lose and nothing left to gain I have my happiness and if you think you are happy cheating people out of money and lieing to them I know what it is you people say at the door so don’t tell me that you are telling the truth with the lack of the truth you are still lieing just cause you don’t come out and say it doesn’t mean it is ok.

    P.S. Luis I don’t understand why you keep referring to these adults as kids because of all the people that I know that do this and I know alot of them they are far from Kids they average around the age of 24 so don’t feed these people with the idea of Kids, by law a kid (under the age of 16) cannot cross state lines with out parental consent or a legal guardian with them. And since once you hit sixteen and if you come from a bad home I am sorry deal with it move out get a normal job and education I understand have your knowledge of how life works I have been broke and homeless now I have all that I can imagine and more just have to work a little harder for it so don’t defend these allegations Luis your not helping the situation. Yes, I do agree with you that some people where made for this everyone is good at something but not that it isn’t a game you are putting this young adults (I dare call them that) in un-needed situations.

  83. justin is that you? Quit crying because you got fired. The “kid” we shot was Steve-o. He was a jackass wannabe and the crossbow was his idea

  84. Well tim no this isn’t Justin I know who you are talking about tho, and as I recall it he didn’t get fired he had to go back for the military to get recalled. Anyway I don’t know what you have against him but whatever. And I don’t know why someone like you does what they do??? I know who you are Tim and you just always seemed like you could do alot of other things but whatever I guess as long as you do what you love then that is all that matters right?

  85. looking for a son who left to do this mag sale thing – bus fm MD to CA Dec 26 – last heard was in Colorado Springs and left there on/about 11 Jan – not sure where went – just want to make sure he is OK – I wish all you well – remember…your life is what you make it……sons first name is Will. Again…family just wants to see if he is OK – no cell, etc.

  86. to: A Griff…i may be able to assist you, however more information on who he is with would be required. do you know his managers’ name? the name or road number they use for the crew he is on? i glean from the post that your sons name is will griff. crews are itinerent by design. they work an area for 1-2 wks to avoid becoming “hot”…the managers know the sellers are going to be picked up from time to time…occupational hazard…but after a protracted stay the heat eventually can get to the hotel…and managers do not like to join the ranks behind bars. not that they haven’t…but they avoid it at all costs. if a seller is a regular/fruitful producer, they will post bail for them…if they are not…they can be left to their own devices. managers are ALWAYS present (or a trusted party) at check-in…its the daily bonanza for them…anyway, your son will NOT be paid commisions owed when he burns out…and he WILL have a 1099 tax burden…and NO reciepts to offer up to the taxman…however there are remedies for this to help the agent while making a manager somewhere, someplace a little uncomfortable. but first find your son. if he calls, ask if he can talk freely…if he says no…believe him…and remember…the magcrew mindset is designed to keep these agents in the fold…i know…i used to “work the agents”…and if a former insider can’t tell you what this is…they never got very far off the porches in the magbiz, no matter WHAT they say they know. right now your son WANTS to be there…he will travel, sell mags, work long hours, witness beatings, suffer verbal abuse, and come home with no monies. anyone who paints ANY other picture of life on crew is still in it…still indoctrinated…or hasn’t come to terms with what they really experienced. getabunch.

  87. Heard from son last nite – appears OK…no complaints AT THIS TIME – I will put all this to rest for now – tks…..the Mom

  88. i am happy to hear he is okay…i monitor this and most sites that track magcrew interests…and if there is anything i can do in the future, let me know. someday he will need some help with i.r.s. issues and i will respond to requests with help for that. getabunch.

  89. I worked for a very short time doing this magazine sales job. The pays sucks, the job sucks, you end up sharing a hotel room with 3 other females. they tell you to go to the doors that have “no soliciting” because that person has a spending problem and are suckers. the females I worked with always made there quota, I found out why, they were willing to have sex with anyone to get magazine sales. Most of these people are fleons, convicts or are just running from the law. Now, when I see these people in parking lots, apartment buildings or what not, I go directly up to them, let them know they have 10 seconds to remove themselves from the property because I WILL call 911. when they come to my door, I do not give them an opportunity to speak, I answer the door with my phone and 911 dialed into it, I let them know I have a plate number and what they look like(even if I don’t)I tell them they can leave or I can have my troopers assist them. They ALWAYS leave fast.My husband is soo proud of this that he helps point them out in public places.

  90. Manda srry I just read your post if your still checking this my company is paramount marketing. And for the last post, why would you run those kids off like that? Don’t be rude to people that just shows the kind of class that these kids are trying to get away from by joining crew. I admit some companies are shitty in how they treat their agents but don’t judge all the kids by a few bad ones. If you bit into a bad apple would you call the cops on the company and swear off apples forever? No you would go get new ones it was just a batch of bad apples. It’s the same way in any industry, some people are just bad people but that doesn’t make the industry as a whole bad. Try being nice to the next one that comes by. I garantee that if your civilized with him or her they will brighten your day at least make you laugh. You don’t have to buy a mag to have fun for 5 min with a kid out having fun collecting pts.

  91. I worked as a magazine salesman and I have had a hard time finding anything about it online. I was recruited from a crappy job and then thrown into a cramped van with a bunch of people. Things were going fine and were even kind of fun for awhile, that is if I had enough sales. The day was set up in a way that put a lot of pressure on the body. We would wake up at 6, eat by 7, go to a crew meeting where we sang ridiculous songs and practiced our spiels. After that we piled into vans and went out into different neighborhoods to prey on housewifes and other unsuspected “slams” as we called them. We’d be dropped off for about one and a half two and sometimes three hours. when we got picked up we would have to say how many sales we got and how much money we made. if we didn’t pick up we were treated like shit and if we did we were “the man”. We would eat lunch at mcdonalds and then it was back to work until about nine. We had to have a minimum of five sales a day. most new people would never get five sales a day and would be treated terribly and would get screamed at. If you got six or better you were treated fine and those that got eight to ten and better were treated like kings, would get way more money and wouldnt have to work as much the next day. sometimes we wouldn’t get home until ten or eleven and we would always have to share a bed with another guy. I came down with a flu and was still forced to go out and sell magazines which gave me pneumonia. I was able to convince the crew leader to take me to the hospital but not without a great deal of complaining to his wife who said that I really needed too. After I got medicine and a day off I had to go back to work the next day. I was not better and I did drugs to keep me going, which was encouraged. The crew and myself all became so paranoid and so sick of it all that we started plotting to leave. I asked to leave and they’d say that all of the days that I didn’t make money they were paying for me and that I were in debt to them. They made it seem like I owed them tons of money and that once we paid them back they would let me go home.It wasn’t until I went out and purposely “blanked” a day which was when you don’t sell any magazines that they offered me a trip home. I was yelled at, attacked by one of the “senior” sales guy, called a faggot and was totally beaten down and then rebuilt as they started being real nice to me and offering me grand things for my future. I felt like an abused wife. After that happened one to many times I was over it! Thhey Dropped me off at a bus station in Boston with 20 dollars to eat (I was going to west coast, something like a 5 day trip…20 frickin dollars to eat?). I was given a code to get my ticket that was phony. When I called to get ahold of my crew leaders (I spent a dollar of my 20) and they tried to convince me to come back yet again (I must have been an assest). I refused and they gave me the right code and I was able to go home.
    Sometimes I run into these kids selling magazines and I try to talk some sense but they are brainwashed as I was. I tell them that I use to do it and they say why aren’t you? because you’re a WAB as they call it a weak ass bitch. That’s sad what a bleak future there is in this job and how much time young people waste. I now have gone to college and have an exciting job that I love to do and a very rich and wonderful life ahead of me.
    It was a very crazy experience for me, sometimes good but not without the cost of emotional abuse . I made a lot of friends along the way but I also feel sorry for all of them. I’m still not sure whether or not people get their magazines but even if they do, this way of life exploits young people and makes them believe that they are getting to see the country which is a lie because all of their time is spent making someone else rich by scamming people and walking the suburbs of cities you never get to see except for from the back window of a white van.

  92. I joined a magazine crew in the summer of 1967. I guess it was a litlle cleaner then, but I will never forget that year and the memories. I am still in touch with my manager from that crew. When I got bored with the college speil, ( I really did want to go to college), and I could see the Joneses were tired of the same old, same old, I made up a story about selling “Fur Lined Bath Tubs” just to get in the door, the rest was easy! My favorite routes were college dorms, and Washington, DC high rises. I ended up with a pretty normal life and a lust for traveling.

    1. Was in a mag crew in Europe…..mostly in France…..around same time as you i967 for about 8 years…..had a lot of fun and the travel was incredible….now living in Vancouver Canada.

  93. I used to sell magazines door to door. Alot of people get caught up in these companies and honestly don’t know how to find their way back out. It’s truly almost cult-like! My advice for anyone that has someone knock on their door is to give them something to drink, BE NICE, “donate” a cheap magazine (it’s only like $20 which goes a looong way when that is how that person will eat that night), tell them to go home, offer them help, just don’t slam the door in their faces! They are people just like me and all they know in their heads (well most of them anyways) is that they want to make money so they can live. The actual person at your door isn’t always the one that knows what is behind these companies and scams. I really believed that you could win a trip if you were top salesperson! I went for days without food, bumming, and getting by however I could. Why didn’t I go home you asked? Well, I was 19, living how I wanted to, doing as I please, and partying it up. I did it for 8 months and NEVER saw the money I was promised. I was treated like a child at times and sometimes treated like an animal. The things that I experienced were both good and bad but I left when the bad out weighed the good. Thank Goodness! I want so badly to get in touch with some of the people I worked with like Trisha Newell, Travis Folks, Adam Youngblood, Alisha King…anyone that worked for New River Subscription Service!

    1. I found that if you “donate a cheap magazine” as has been suggested, you get scammed. Altered check and $350 I have to spend a lot of time recovering from the bank. No reply from the company, and no magazine.I will never consider buying from these guys again. We will simply not answer the door.

  94. debbie

    did you buy a subscription a few weeks back from me (and my trainer)?
    if so, that was real cool of you.

    i did this, they sent me packing for writing 1s, 2s and 3s on my first few days out. my boss bought my ticket home. ah well, should’ve saved all the draws.

    the crew i was on was ok, a bunch of kids.

    some of these comments are fucked up. be cool, once they’re out of sight they should be out of mind, don’t involve the police.

    this nation of fear and paranoia (justly or unjustly) needs to realize all we’ve got is each other. and that all the hands in power arent necessarily working in our favor.


  95. So I was just “entertained” by one of these door to door salesmen. Young black man who was extremely nice and a great salesman. I almost felt bad telling him I wasn’t going to buy anything after listening to his 15min sales pitch. Thanks to this thread I can sleep a little easier tonight. 🙂

  96. Well I’ve never humored negative blogs with a comment before however there is positive responses in this one and i need to at least comment on an owners point of view.
    First something about the “door to door” industry-
    The direct sales industry has been an american staple since the 1930s when the farmers alamanac was sold door to door. Many of the worlds most successful have gone door to door. It is a self motivated time honored business which if treated with loyalty and respect can give a lot of success.

    I’ve been in the industry for 10 years this November. i’m a second generation mag agent i knocked doors for 4 of those 10. Sometimes i did knock weeks without a day off, in the rain, snow, heat and in the dark as well. I’ve never made excuses or complained because i feel that in this business you get paid what your worth. An honest days work equals and honest days pay. And yes i can say honest because as i sit here typing i have a new agent handbook by my side and nowhere in it does it teach people to lie, in fact it promotes honesty, pride, positive attitude and responsibility. In my opinion it is the agents with low moral character who lie and teach others to lie that create this “scam” reputation. if someone told you lie would you do it? i hope not, i have never told nor trained anyone to lie on my behalf. To address the kids stranded at the bus station stories, yes i have stranded thieves liars and cheats the same ones that write so negative about me in this blog. i will not buy someone a bus ticket that rips off or lies to my customers. (i.e alters checks, takes donations, says they’re with the bbc, or any other lie) i will also admit to being physical with agents who i catch doing drugs or stealing. As far as the financial aspect of our industry it is very lucrative for both the agent and manager i’ve seen agents make in excess of 50k annually and managers 10 times as much. however this is the type of business that in the beginning you do a dollars worth of work and only get a penny but then through loyaty and integrity your doing a pennies work and making dollars alot of them. most agents have a grass is greener philosophy and jump from company to company and never accumulate much or they spend foolishly. if an agent is motivated loyal and consistent they move up quickly and produce a good income. We live on the road in a dormroom atmosphere (hotels and such) of course we have ridiculous antics going on after a hard days work. i did in fact shoot an agent with a crossbow, he offered to let me do it for 20 dollars i still think he was stupid and i think anyone is stupid for agreeing to perform a stupid stunt but i still offer to watch them do it. (shots of hot sauce, cinnamon, hands in ant beds) this is the day we live in, these agents grew up on jackass tv.

    i enjoy my career and am relieved that a lot of the agents that i’ve hired have made fortunes in this industry. (some of which i have literally hired from behind dumpsters) this industry has provided an alternative life for unfortunate individuals who would otherwise be homeless or drug addicts. the mag crew experience is what you make of it just like anything else you get back what you put in. And i’ll be the first to admit there are scumbags in our business however i believe they were scumbags before they got into our business and would be just as big of a scumbag if they worked at walmart. i wont respond back to this blog again but will read it often, so anyone that wants to contact me can do so through myspace. i’m sure i wont get very many positive responses and theres alot of negative things i can be accused of but this is just my point of view.

    by the way thanks to those of you who blogged positive truths about the industry

  97. OK, as a member of our neighborhood homes association board I get calls on this topic a lot. I say if it is someone you know, like the little cub scout next door, and you want to help them then go for it. If it’s someone unknown who looks like they’ve been bussed in and they have a lookout following along, either don’t answer the door or feel free to call the police. They could be casing the neighborhood.

    On a side note, yesterday some poor kid working for a siding company came to my door. It’s 20 degrees outside and we have a foot of snow on the ground. Exterior remodel projects are not on my list of thinks I’m thinking about right now. I felt so sorry for the guy that I took a flier. Who knows. Come spring I might look them up. I admire his work ethic. 🙂

  98. I will never buy a mag from one of theses guys … i know there are some honest people out there doing a legitimate job. but here is a little story

    my wife bought one that is 1 the number before 2 and after zero yes ONE mag subscription. well weeks went buy and she received 127 (no joke, actually 127) and when she called the companies they said sorry but the subscriptions are final. blah blah blah … they tried to take her to court for not paying she one and the kid was charged with fraud.

  99. Yeah, Someone sold me a subscription for a vacation packages magazine, but they didn’t inform me on the fine print which stated, I have to keep the subscription 5 years. WTF?!?!

  100. So, one of these guys just left my house. Now after reading this blog, I feel awful for him. I wish that I would have offered him some food or something to drink. I had no idea that he could possibly have been involved in such a lifestyle.

  101. What a stupid idea, why not just knock on the door and ask for a donation for your trip? I just dont understand why anyone would subscribe to a mag that you dont want, it is just waisting paper and putting more junk in your house.


  102. I once got sold by a girl that claimed she did it for a class that was designed to build social interaction. I got Seventeen magazine for 2 years…whoopi

    1. It’s a lie. The lady in the Best Buy parking lot (see post below) said the same thing. But I saw her doing this 2 years ago. That solicitor was just trying to convince you they were a college student so you would be more willing to buy their crap.

  103. Hi, i was recently involved with a sales representative for a company that sells magazines. He gave me his company’s number and made a lot of promises to me that if i joined his crew, we could be together. He was very attracive, so it seemed like a good idea. Later on, i called the company, and did some research on him specifically. it turns out hes had 8 drug offenses in the last year and his name appeared in a fraud rip off report for selling a magasine subscription that was not legitimate. i also read a lot of horror stories with that particular company. thank god i didnt agree to work with him even when i was desperate for a job and to get away. these people are criminals, and if your not careful, they will find you at your most vulnerable moment. i could have been sucked into this. but luckily i did research. some may not be so lucky…be careful. this is devastating

  104. I had one of these salespeople show up at my apartment door a few months ago. I had never read anything about door-to-door magazine sales companies, but I knew immediately something was fishy about the guy’s spiel. I wasn’t about to buy an over-priced magazine subscription from a total stranger using high-pressure tactics, but I humored him and listened anyway.

    After a few pleasantries, he started in with an upbeat explanation about how he was a college student involved in a competition with other students trying to earn money for a trip. He was was a little younger than me, probably in his early to mid-twenties, and looked the part. He had a well-worn laminated brochure which he only allowed me to look at briefly. It was his only copy, he said, and he didn’t have anything with information on the offer or the company that I could keep. Potential purchases were tied to an incredibly confusing point system (probably confusing by design, I imagined). He said a purchase would get me a hand-made sticker to be placed on my door that would exempt me from further solicitation by the “hundreds” of other sellers that were sure to be knocking on my door later that week (none of whom showed up). He explained it all very quickly. He said they were from out of town, but I still thought it was odd he had no idea what city he was in.

    I decided seconds into his introduction that I wouldn’t be buying anything he was selling. When I told him I had no money to spend on magazines in the middle of a recession, he asked if I could put a little money down towards a subscription instead. Purchased from someone who would give me no hard copy identification info about himself or the company he worked for? No. At that point he became indignant and insulting. “Not even a few bucks?” I said no, told him I didn’t know my neighbors well enough to make suggestions about where to go next and I closed the door. I told my roommate something shady was going on (little did I know…) and to turn away anyone else hawking magazines.

    The guy was obviously well trained in what he was doing, adept in manipulation and flattery. I imagine now his enthusiasm came either from being new at the job or from being experienced and desperate. Having read some of the awful stories posted here, I’m disturbing but also fascinated. How can an industry so shady and often abusive be thriving without it being common knowledge?

    1. louis, i was wondering if you remember the compays name or the name of the mag agent. but fyi. NO he wasnt in a contest and No the points mean nothing, it is all a scam. i should know, im part of a movement to shut down mag crews. i was recently on one and your description sounded very similar to the specific company i was on. i was wondering if you had any further information. you are right. it is all a scam. it was very wise of you to not buy. however, i joined a crew not to end the scam, but to rescue crew members, because it IS human trafficking and it IS a federal crime against the company. if it is that specific company,, they ARE getting shut down as we speak. anyways. if someone else comes to your door, you should offer them help, give them this number: 1 917 579 4641. it is the parent watch number. Parent watch is an organization that helps exploited young adults escape from mag crews, you can look it up at in my experience on mag crew as the only girl with 15 boys, it was a life of degradation, and forced labor through intimidation. it is a form of prostitution. please help the next person that knocks on your door. they are a victim! no, im not some wierd ex mag agent chick, im just an abolisionist trying to fight against slavery that still exists in the u.s. today.

      1. This is the most ignorant post ever I don’t even know where to begin. First there is a contest I have won it fyi second the points do mean something third its not human trafficing lolthats just absurd. Its called traveling sales. Next ur going to say that a traveling skate team is human trafficing because they are forced to skate and are pushed to be better at it.

      2. calling me ignorant? why dont you take a look at your words. First of all, just you being in a mag crew to begin with puts you in no position to talk down on anyone. thank you very much. AND I have worked directly with Anti-Human Trafficking Organizations, Parent Watch AND the Federal Bureau of Investigation so, pal so YOU are the ignorant one. If you knew ANYTHING about human trafficking you would know that mag crews fall right into that category: definition of human trafficking: the RECRUITMENT, TRANSPORTATION, transfer, HARBORING or receipt of persons:
        by the threat or use of kidnapping, force, FRAUD and DECEPTION or coercion, or by the giving or receiving of UNLAWFUL PAYMENTS or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having CONTROL over another person, and for the purpose of SEXUAL EXPLOITATION or FORCED LABOR. Do I really have to spell it out for you? Maybe on YOUR crew points were real but from a legal standpoint MAJORITY of mag crews are FRAUDULANT to their employees and to their consumers. AND mag crews violate THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS: “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman, degrading treatment or punishment.” So Tim, you can take your weak arguement up with the Federal District Attourney in Washington DC about Human Trafficking on Mag Crews. Oh, and do you have a college education to back up your statements? didn’t think so. So next time you should educate yourself on the Justice Administration before making any incompetant statements. PS. Human Trafficking is still a FEDERAL CRIME. thank you.

      3. I understand nyour delema Maggie, But lets remember that the owners of these groups also have people argueing for them on these forums…. So don’t argue! I try and help these girls when I can…. I tell them that I will give, then I give cash and ask for no resiept! I then Give them numbers they can call to contact me and then help to contact families…. and offer legite work! But I Can’t help everyone, and I refuse to set up another organization! I just like to help those that seem like they want to help others! Unfortunately even democratic countries like ours has problems…. All we can do is offer free self defense and help…. they have to walk through the door!!! AND NO I AM NOT A CHRISTIAN OUTREACH PRIGRAM!!!!! I am a buddhist!!!!!!!!!

  105. I encounter one of these solicitors in the Best Buy parking lot. She laid some story on me and lied about a couple of details. I told her I wasn’t interested and then she tried to lay a guilt trip on me. So, I left then later called Best Buy to tell them they had an annoying magazine solicitor in their parking lot. I wouldn’t have done that if she didn’t lie to me and try to make me feel low after I said no. There’s no reason for that no matter what your job is.

    I’m always wary about these offers. How can you verify that these are legit offerings? Even the solicitors may not know (or care) that they are legit and are giving their customers what they advertise.

  106. I worked for this company for 4 months an didnt realize it. But its a scam straight up! The trip is real though. But its a minimum of $40.00 for a year. You wont get your mags if you go threw them.

  107. LMAO @ the comments on this blog, which primarily consists of “experiences” of a cult-like hierarchy of drug dealers masquerading as a magazine door-to-door organization, which kidnaps impoverished teenagers off the streets, coupled with ritualistic verbal/physical beatings that inevitably occur if one doesn’t hoodwink enough people into buying overpriced copies of Seventeen magazine, poetically wrapped up by a sex-filled escapade of jumping on the back of a truck to escape financial turmoil. *facepalm* And then we have those who “claim” to have seen bloodshot-eyed, meth-faced teenage salespeople “shimmying” on buildings or jacking cars and beating people to death while giving the whole “OMG I need a free trip to Europe!!” spiel, you know, ’cause I’m SURE that’s the norm around wherever y’all live.

      1. I understand sarcasm doesn’t translate well across the internet. My post was almost entirely sarcastic. I’m not sure about your comment though.

  108. The interesting thing is as it is with the majority of sales pitches exist firstly they sell to you in a way which you wouldn’t normally have to in order to have you subscribe. Typically people will subscribe via a website if they wanted the service. Especially since this is typically the easiest and most convenient method.

    At the end of the day, if people want a service they want to pay for then they will get it themselves.

  109. If you’re prepared to speak to a sales person, insist on seeing some identification first. Request a valid company ID. Ask them who they represent and how you can verify their identification. If you feel uncertain about what you’re seeing, ask them to leave immediately. There a several things unscrupulous sales people often say in order to “close the deal”. Look out for claims that prices are expected to rise dramatically. Another common trick is to represent themselves as your current service provider and to suggest that the transaction they are proposing is mandatory. It’s not! Once you are convinced they are legitimate representatives, ask a handful of basic questions before you listen to their pitch. Sales people should have no problem answering basic questions about the company they represent, such as how long they’ve been in business and how many customers they have.

  110. Door-to-door sales may be annoying, but a lot of people depend on door-to-door sales to make a living. If you don’t like the idea of someone slamming a door in your face, door-to-door salespeople wouldn’t appreciate it, either. If you’re not interested in the products a door-to-door sales representative offers, then a polite but firm “No” is all a sales agent needs to get the hint.

  111. I had a young man approach me tonight in walmart. His name was jason. He was a very sweet guy in his 20. He gave me the story about doing this for a class and then trying to gain the scholarshi and trip. I felt bad for him at first and started givig him my information for an order. Then I found ouut the pricesand did not have that kind of money on me. I wanted to change my mind and he said I could use the mac machine in the store. I told him I wanted to go to my bank across the st. He wanted to come in my car or follow me. I told him I would be back. I walked out to my c@ar thinking about this. I went back into walmart and asked if they knew people were selling subscriptions in their store. At this point I was concerned because he had my address so I waited to get my info back from him. 15 or so mins later he came up to me I demanded my whole reciept. He told me that he could not give it to me. I said it is my information you can give it to me or I will be calling the police. He tore my info off the bottom of this ticket. Walmart then asked them to leave. I wad escorted to my car. I came home and read thisd…I feel horrible for that guy but I am a 30 yhear old woman. On myh own with student loans and barely make ends m/eet myself. Anyway thanks for all the posts on both sides. If he wasn’t so pushy about the sale it wojuldnt have thrown my red flags. Thanks

  112. None of this is even that relevant anymore. Door-to-door salespeople are a dying breed, and they’ve mostly been replaced by more efficient sources, such as the internet and its delivery system. That’s why there are less people making door-to-door sales, and it’s harder to make a living off of it. People don’t really need other people knocking on their doors to get information or products, and frankly, in our high-paced information society, it’s become an irritation. I guess these “incidents” that keep popping up in this thread are consequences of people trying to make a living off of something that just isn’t that profitable or in-style anymore.

    1. On the subject of this being an industry of the ‘past’…you could NOT be more mis-informed…I offer up industry veteran names as Russell Wood from Pilot Pointe, Tx, Vinnie Pitts from Coral Gables, Fla to name just two. They have multiple crews working the porches of the Americas 6 days a week…the ‘take’ is in excess of 100 grand a week YEAR ROUND…cash.

      They are going anywhere.

      Except to your house.

  113. You think they enjoy doing that, I’m sure they are doing it only for money so they could have the possibility of buying a piece of bread. I know they all are annoying but like this they are trained to be.

  114. As a friendly gesture, offer them a light snack or something to drink if they look tired, or if they’re still walking around past lunch time. You don’t need to buy anything from them, but you can ease the burden of the work. Remember that this is not a gesture of pity; it’s more like that while you may not buy anything from them today, they’re welcome to do business in your neighborhood and knock on your door when you feel that you need to buy something from them. Door-to-door salespeople have had a bad rap over the years because of their persistent marketing strategies. While you may not like the idea of door-to-door sales representatives knocking on your door while you’re preparing lunch, you can always deal with them civilly and respectfully.

  115. Most people are reasonable animals and someone who is trying to convey that they are not interested will be listened to. A, “Sorry, I’m not interested in your vacuum cleaners/moldy chocolate/Pastafarianism” can be all the hint they need that you aren’t interested and nothing they say will cause this to change. Start by being nice; if you’re new to the neighborhood, you don’t know if you’ll be meeting these people at your next block party, so it pays to start with kindness.

  116. Hi, Im joe.. Im 22 and From minnesota, I responded to a sales job were the co flew me out to L.A. and told me i would be doin sales with two weeks of paid training and then i could decide if i wanted to stay on board with them and if not they would fly me back home. when i arived there it took a matter of a day for me to realise this is not the type of work they described to me over the phone.. I was to go door to door selling magaizines. and they train us to use the line that were students usually a close college nearby and were on a intermerial sports team trying to make money to go on a trip.. We would go as far as getting school apparel to help make us look more convincing.. I did this job for six months not bc i liked it but bc i needed the money. Many of my co workers didnt have a choice they left there home to get away from drugs, bad family issuses needing jobs young adults dont have much of a choice.. I ask if you encounter these young adults do not by from them.. they only make 7 dollars of 48 you spend on a magazine prescription.. These kids do need your help to survive. a ten dollar donation would be so much more appreciated..

  117. I remember an Indian sales person who knocked on our door and told us that if we do not sign on the paper from our electricity company, we would be cut off. By signing on the paper, we will get cheaper rate, and some other bonus. The form was confusing and we barely understood what he said. Then we called his company and got someone to explain what the hell this is. The fact is: it was a service transfer agreement; we need to sign if we agree to switch to their company. The sales person was simply bluffing…

  118. A “No Solicitations” sign board is usually enough for door-to-door sales representatives to stay away from your home. Make sure that this sign is large, visible, and legible so that the salesperson can see it from the driveway or the sidewalk. You can hang the sign on your property gate if you have one. You can also paint a sign on a piece of board, attach it to a stake, and stake it on the corner of your lawn nearest the sidewalk.

  119. I had an experience on this door-to-door magazine. I applied a job online, I was so shocked cos the description of the job doesn’t fit on what i applied. They wanted me to have this door-door subscription worst is i had to meet their desired quota. I don’t like the job cos i felt like deceiving people – that’s what they wanted me to do, i guess.

  120. Fit For Life, Inc. PO Box 1058, Kittredge, Co is a big scam. I was taken for $48.00 Jan 20 2014 on a magazine subscription. Here it is April 17 2014 and I have not received my order. I had call them in late Feb and after 2 attempts they returned my all and stated that they didn’t have my mailing address and it was corrected and I would receive my order in a few days. This week I have made four calls and left messages and they haven’t responded…. My loss….

  121. I have a mugshot and the address of Kevin Davis if anyone needs to get in contact with him over some scam issues :). He really screwed over a friend of mine. I would love to bring him to justice

  122. I was involved with a magazine sales crew back in 1984. They use “cult-like” techniques to keep their young sales crew employees. Everybody that I worked with on these crews were not allowed very much sleep & very little food. You only got to eat if you had sold magazines that day with a very little money allowance for meals. If you didn’t sell any magazines that day then they made you stay up late for sales meetings to learn how to sell more & how to give sales pitches & spiels better. That was their way to make sure employees didn’t get much sleep cause employees have to be at another sales meeting at 7:30 a.m. & then on the road to their neighborhood destination by 8:00 a.m. Employees were required to work long hours walking all day long knocking on doors without any breaks during the day. Most days crew members only got to eat once a day & some of the crew didn’t get to eat at all for that day if they didn’t have any magazine sales for that day. They discouraged crew members from calling home to family & friends. I had to call my parents from pay phones & hotel lobby phones.
    The only way I was able to leave this type of terrible employment (basically slavery) was that my mom sent the police to the hotel where the crews were staying at to find me. The officers told me that my mom had a plane ticket waiting for me at the closest airport. I packed my things the next morning & bugged the manager for the little money that was “on the books” for me, I called a taxi & left for the airport the next morning to fly home. I’m so very thankful that my mom was able to get me out of that “cult-like” slavery of a so called job! There were a lot of drugs that sales crew members used after their long day of walking the pavement! I’m so thankful that I stayed away from partaking in these drugs & I was not physically hurt or raped as I’ve heard stories that have happened to other young women in these sales crews. I would advise any young member of these sales crews to leave! There are so many other jobs & better working conditions out there where a person actually gets lunch breaks & other breaks during the work day!

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