“Hi! I’m (insert random, weird name here). I’m from (insert high school, college, or organization name here) and I’m trying to earn a trip to (insert geographical area, country, or city name here). The way I earn my trip is by selling magazine subscriptions. Everyone likes a certain magazine, so you’ll be able to sign up for a subscription and help me out in the process.”

Magazine sales people puzzle me. They try to sell me a magazine subscription that I don’t need. They then try to sell me on the fact that me subscribing will help them out because they could earn a trip.

If I really wanted a magazine subscription, I would just subscribe using the magazine’s website. And if I have gone so many years without a certain magazine, something tells me I can probably live without it.

“Oh, but you’re not helping anybody earn a trip.”

OK, so why does that person get to go on a trip on my behalf? I don’t know that person. I could care less if he/she earns their trip to London, Paris, or Las Vegas. If anything, I can save my money on the subscription and take a trip of my own.

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