Dominos Pizza Doesn't Trust Me After 8 p.m.

It was about 10 p.m. last night when I had a common human feeling: I was hungry. And lazy. So naturally I just wanted to order in.

I was over at a friend’s place and found the number to the neighborhood Dominos.

After waiting on hold for about five minutes, a human finally answered.

“Thanks for calling Dominos.” the lady’s voice said.

“Hi, I’d like delivery.”

“Phone number?” the lady asked.

“256-555-5555.” I responded.

The lady gave a slight sigh on her end and asked, “Do you have a different phone number?”

Confused by the question, I replied, “No.”

“I’m sorry sir. We don’t have a record of you as a customer.”

“Okay?” I wasn’t too worried at this point because they could just take down my information over the phone.

“Sir, we don’t deliver to customers after 8 p.m. unless they have done business with us in the past.”

The lady continued, “You can pick up your order if you wish sir.”

“No thanks.” I said hanging up the phone. My laziness was much to high to actually go out and pick up my pizza.

After hanging up with Dominos, I called a place called Donatos.

After absolutely no waiting time, someone answered, “Thank you for calling Donatos. Will this be for take out or delivery?”

“Delivery. By the way, do you have a stupid policy of not delivering to un-registered customers after 8 p.m.?”

The guy laughed, “No sir.”

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  1. Well, I can certainly understand their policy. I’m sure this is an company wide practice for them and not just some store to store thing. Where I grew up in New York the Domino’s guys were constantly getting robbed. Even though it clearly stated that they carry less than $20. But for a crackhead… $20 is enough to get that next hit.

    There have been many cases on the news of asian delivery guys getting murdered, so yes I can definitely understand their policy and wanting to protect the life of their employees.

    Maybe this kind of thing doesn’t happen where you live/lived… I’m glad for that….

    but it does happen.

    and trust that the minute something happens to a delivery guy at Donatos, that will change his policies as well.

  2. Probably just as well. Domino’s has really went down hill in the last few years, at least where we live. We now order from Papa Johns or there are 2 small family owned pizzarea’s (sp?) near us that will deliver…if they have a delivery person on staff. Apparently it’s getting harder and harder to keep delivery people.

    One is only 5 minutes away…so if I must get out of my chair…I can. 😆


  3. @Hoodgrown,

    I can definitely relate. I’ve lived in some neighborhoods where I definitely wouldn’t want to be a delivery person. But then again, I did go door-to-door as a kid for trick-or-treating and am still here, so who knows.

    I don’t know enough about Domino’s policy to say if it’s location-based or chain-wide, but the area I live in is hardly shady. I also was prepared to pay with my credit card, which would’ve significantly minimized the risk of delivering the pizza. I just think it should be applied on a case-by-case and location-by-location basis. But then it might be interpreted as discrimination or racism.

    Lately it seems I’ve been doing more carry-out. *sigh*

  4. That’s amazing! Even though there is a little bit of logic in their thinking the policy is absurd. I wonder how many customers they’ve lost by making 8 PM deliveries unacceptable. I wouldn’t call them – they lost me for life.

    There has to be a way to keep their employees safe without turning down business.

  5. @Jason – I would never call again as well!! But you are lucky if you have a chance to call some other guys and they will treat you really nice.

    In suburbs where I live (ghetto, really) you can be beaten for no reason, not even money that matter. Drunk fights are really common here, same as junkies. Sometimes taxi drivers refuse to bring you back home and for sure no one will deliver anything here!

    It is difficult to be lazy at my place, Ronald)) Anyway, such Dominos policy is stupid, I agree!

  6. Wow, now that’s the kind of irritating thing that would make me want to tell everyone in town how rude Domino’s was. The phone number thing is a little weird, too. You’d think they could go by name or address if necessary, given the fact that some people change their numbers or have roommates that might have ordered.

  7. Well to start out, I have worked for dominos pizza for 12 years and not all dominos are the same. I have never heard such a thing so maybe you should let people know which dominos it is instead of giving them all a bad name. the ones i worked for are in riverside, ca and they are very loyal to there customers. new customers or repeat customers all get treated with the utmost respect….


  9. No. Dominos is a company. And whether you like it or not, when I’m treated badly by one person at one Dominos, it reflects badly on all Dominos.

    Comparing this to drunk driving is ludicrous. And I’m sorry, your point is not taken any better by using all caps.


  11. Having worked for Dominos many years (more than 20), I understand why they won’t deliver to you after 8:00. The Huntsville franchize won’t because delivering to new customers after 8 is a security risk, just like delivering to certain neighborhoods is a security risk. It’s not you, specifically. It’s that 1% or so out there who has other intentions in mind. Limiting late deliveries to existing customers eliminates the risk.

    And if Donatos or Poppa Johns will deliver to you then you should order from them. They either don’t understand the risk or more likely, they don’t care about their delivery drivers.

    There have been less Domino’s drivers than Poppa Johns drivers robbed in Huntsville over the past few years even though there are more Domino’s drivers on the road and no Dominos drivers have been killed during a robery in North Alabama. Poppa Johns did have a driver killed a number of years back and they still deliver to the neighborhood. Domino’s does not.

  12. Where I live, Papa John’s and Domino’s are the definition of screw-up. I’ve actually been standing in my doorway with the money, and watched the delivery person hand my pizza to someone else a few yards away. LOL. That’s just where it starts. I was a longtime Domino’s customer until this week, when they suddenly decided that I had a “private number”, and wouldn’t take my order anymore. That same phone with the same number has worked for a least six years when ordering from Domino’s. Then, today, the phone rang, and the caller was identified as “anonymous”. I let them leave a message. It was a Domino’s recording, notifying me of this week’s specials. So, I had to drive there, and ask them to remove my name and number from their list. I told them what had happened, and of course, I got the look that says, “you’re crazy”. That’s OK—I’ll take my crazy money somewhere else. Since I’ve lived in the same apartment for 12 years, you’d think there would be some record of my purchases. However, over the years, Domino’s has sometimes questioned the validity of my order due to the fact that I live in an apartment. I’ve even had them take my order but never deliver it, and when I called about it, they told me they thought I was a prank caller. Then, my local Domino’s started asking if I was going to pay by check, and if so, to have my driver’s license ready to show to the delivery person. So, suffice it to say that I’m done with these people.

  13. Huntsville like most other medium – large towns has some bad neighborhoods. And like any other bad neighborhood, it’s only 1% – 2% residents that are an issue. You are likely part of the 98% that are good people but we can’t tell over the phone. The local franchise took the position to limit deliveries to these neighborhoods for driver safety. Sure, it costs business but is business at any cost a good business to be in? We let Poppa Johns have those neighborhoods. They don’t seem to have issues with putting their drivers at risk.

  14. I ordered from them tonight and they made a lot of mistakes. 2 trips to the door. Recall the store to resubmit my cc number after cancelling the remainder of the order that did not make it in the first 2 trips.

    I would have forgiven all of that as human mistakes but i did not get an itemized bill and it did not seem right. when i asked for the prices it still did not add up and only then was i informed about the 1.99 delivery fee.

    It was not disclosed and i tipped extra because of the fuel. ($5 on $18 for a store that is 1.5 miles from me).

    I am done with them. Just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. i would not have cared if they had just disclosed it.

  15. I just saw this post in your Popular Posts list. Crazy! I’ve never heard of a pizza place with a policy like this. Incredibly weird.

    I’ll bet Papa John’s would’ve taken care of you. 🙂

  16. hello,
    i am a franchisee of dominos and we deliver a fantastic product to our customers within 30minutes i do not know which dominos you guys go to we deliver up to 5 minutes before closing time and if anyone is not happy with their pizza we will refund the money and give another pizza free of charge.
    my business employes 20 drivers who are busy at all times.come on people dominos is number one

  17. I re-read some of the posts and can’t believe that some people would not consider safety as an issue. One even stated that “Poppa Johns will deliver”. And yes they do deliver to some Huntsville addresses that the local Dominos franchize will not deliver to. They also get robbed every once in a while and they had a driver murdered a few years back. He was delivering to a bad neighborhood & was clubbed to death for his car!

    If you were to work for a franchize, would you want to work for a company that put your safety at risk or one who was concerned enough to not let you deliver to bad neighborhoods?


  18. I to have read the articles above and i am very concerned with the judgement that many of you are using.

    The point my father (tom) is trying to make is simple that no one should have to worry about losing there life over a pizza. i was a manager of a local dominos and one of my drivers was robbed and this wasn’t in a “bad” neighborhood. If that driver was killed i would be devistated.

    these drivers are trying to provide for there families by making an honest living. and you expect them to go into a proven bad area and risk there life to give you a pizza. yea and when they do and they are killed then i want you to call there family and explain to them that your extravaganza deep dish was more important there kids growing up with out a father.

    yea it seems a little over the edge but when we are talking about some ones life it can never be “over the edge”. i assure you that if you were working for me and there was a less than 1% chance that you wouldnt make it back from a run then you would not be making that delivery.

    thank you i think i have made my point

  19. Michael Ferreira

    I am a delivery driver for a Dominos in Surprise,AZ. We deliver up to midnite and 1 on the weekends. I have been working for Dominos for 4 months, I love the compnay. I am in the construction industry and the second job they have given me has been a lifesaver. Dominos delivers a great product for the price…………………

  20. Michael,

    Finally some sanity. Like any other business, Dominos has good & bad stores and good & bad emplyees. The franchize in the Huntsville area really is one of the good ones but I know of others that have issues. I eat something from one of the Huntsville stores at least once a week and not just because I work for the company. It looks like from your post that you also work for a good franchize. My wife works in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and we don’t order Dominos when I’m up here. They just don’t deliver the same quality as the Huntsville area stores. The toppings and sauce were light every time we ordered.


  21. Tom you seem to have your head on straight keep up the man handling. LOL

    come on guys is a pizza worth a life … if im delivering your pie and there is a chance i am going to go to be shot or hurt … sorry pal your going hungry tonight

  22. We are based in Nottingham, UK and have a dominos Pizza delivery service nearby. Many of our customers use the storage centre to run their businesses and have a need for Pizzas, so as a result we have a great relationship with guys at Dominos.

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