Devry – Term Six

A lot of Devry students will tell you that the fourth semester is the hardest. Or maybe they’ll tell you the fifth semester is the hardest. I just have the feeling that the semesters get harder and harder and harder until you graduate. The sixth semester has been the hardest one academically for me. Maybe that’s because I’ve lost my willpower… motivation maybe? This term I felt there was no need to stress myself out just over school.

I had some hard classes this semester. College physics sucked. The damn professor couldn’t make up his mind how he wanted to teach his class. We had four very different testing formats, which kinda screwed with my mind in that class. I ended up getting an A out of it, but that’s only cause I’m good at that kind of stuff. ASP was hard to grasp because I failed to see an application for it. Communications class was the class I struggled in. I couldn’t get a handle on the guy’s testing. I got an A on his homework and quizzes, but couldn’t really get used to the way he tested. Speech requires another paragraph, so bare with me.

I hated speech class. I can get used to speaking in public, but man our speech teacher sucked. I’m not naming names here, but anybody who’s had this guy will agree he’s a big butthole. He wasn’t open to new ideas, he was extremely biased, and he didn’t really go into too deep of an explanation on how he wanted his speeches done. As a result, I went into a speech only to get ridiculed afterwards for something I didn’t know I shoudn’t have done. So I had a deep disrespect for this guy and did anything and everything to have him hate me. I think it worked too.

This semester was also full of good things. Our senior project seems to be going okay. We’re way ahead, and we just have to get our stuff together. I went to a Blink 182 and Greenday concert. I’m helping kids in summer school with their math. Once again financial aid tried to screw me over. Do they ever give up? So to sum it up, this semester kinda sucked because of the teachers I had. I have two of the same professors next semester, but only one of them sucks. So hopefully I’ll have better luck next term. Thanks for reading.


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